ALEGRIA: A Wind Of Change – The Beginning / Official Series

When a show is created at
a certain moment in time, that show is created within
that moment in time. If we were going to bring
back a show, well, let’s try to retell that story
from today’s perspective. One, two. If we want it to be true to
Cirque du Soleil’s mission, to just copy and paste
a show as it was, was not necessarily
the thing to do. One of the things that we’ve
done in the last few weeks is have a phone call
with Franco Dragone. He basically said, if you’re going put
Alegríaback on the road, 25 years later, you may as well take it
from today’s perspective. So, Franco was very much
on board with this idea. AtCirque du Soleil,
this is what we do. We look ahead, we try to innovate,
we try to push our boundaries, and if we were going
to bring back a show, well why not try to do that,
do a re-reading of it. I think what’s interesting aboutAlegríais
that its theme has always been relevant. It’s about social uprising,
the winds of change, the willingness to change things up
and push things forward, to create something new and
upset the established order. We’ll be following Mr. Fleur who, at the loss of this
kingdom and in perdition, believes that he should be the next
in line to govern that kingdom. So, welcome. Today, we’re gonna see auditions for
the Alegría show’s main character, Mr. Fleur. We have three candidates. So, we’re gonna do
some exercises. We’re gonna do some
roleplaying with them. We’re looking for three things: how they get into the role
physically, how they move, how they can break
down their movements, and whether they can
spark imagination and make us see things
we’re not seeing. Create your freak,
all three together. We’ve found what we were
looking for and more. It depends on which direction
you were going for. Because they’re all different. For instance,
I think that Eric and Éloi have the best handle
on the character. Absolutely. And from a creative standpoint, I think Eric has more experience.
It shows. You know, he doesn’t do much
and he makes you laugh, so there’s something
about him that’s… That’s right. We know who we want to work with right
now and what we want to develop. We’re hoping this works out,
because nothing’s been signed yet. We have 25 artists that
arrived in Montreal. We are really at the first
glimpse, basically, of putting those acts together. We are in the research
and development mode. We are looking into, “Okay, what can we do with
this kind of apparatus? How can we work with it?” Front side too with the box. Yes, good job. An original artist ofAlegría, who is now our acrobatic
content designer, Émilie Therrien, and she had the chance to go to
a creation with Franco Dragone, to be there when the show was
coming to life and all that. And now she’s looking at it
from a different perspective, but still carrying that
whole soul of the show. So we’re bringing back
some of the disciplines that we had inAlegríain ‘94 and we’re bringing some
new stuff as well. And some of the new things are things that are inspired
from an original act, but that we evolved
with other disciplines, created hybrids and
things like that. So what we’re trying
to do is push it further. We’re really
elaborating right now all the ideas we
had in our heads and see if it works. And then after we can move
further into the process and really bring
those acts together. I’m pretty tough
with the artists. I ask them to give it all. I ask them to get really involved
with their work as well. But I think it’s for
a great cause too, to really bring that passion on
stage and to really live the stage. This is my first time on this. It’s very high. I’m sweating, the heart
is pumping a lot. I’ve been like,
I’m shaking so much. And it doesn’t look so high
from down here, but when you’re up there, oh boy. And then can you
imagine just standing as you’re getting used to this, but you also have to do skills
and throw yourself off it. The guys are really
comfortable up there because they’ve been training
since like June or July. So they’re many
steps ahead of me and that’s something I have
to remember too is that, they were probably in my
position a few months ago. So they’re trying to help me
too because they understand. But today I was definitely,
like, more aware that, of how high it really is, I think.
I don’t know. Hello my friends.
Hello. Welcome. Nice to see you guys. I wanted to meet you guys because a director with
no one on stage is nothing. So what’s the DNA of the show? This show is about humans. It’s about us. We’re bringing it back to the meaning of fighting
for something. People go to circus.
Why? For two hours, the most important thing
in their lives is to look at what you guys
want to tell them. It’s always important that you feel
that what you’re doing, artistically, it’s important. So anytime you have questions, you don’t know what you’re doing
and why you’re doing it for, you’ve got Émilie, you’ve
got Yves, you’ve got me all the time. There you go. We want to make it easy, right?
We want to make it easy. Alright. Being part of this creation, the new generation of
Alegría, is amazing. Welcome to your playground. Everyone experiencing
it together will bring us, will make a very strong team,
a strong cast and a strong show.

Dereck Turner

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