AK-47 Underwater at 27,450 frames per second (Part 2) – Smarter Every Day 97

AK-47 Underwater at 27,450 frames per second (Part 2) – Smarter Every Day 97

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “AK-47 Underwater at 27,450 frames per second (Part 2) – Smarter Every Day 97

  1. Waugy 370z says:

    That collapse and pulse of the bubble is pretty cool looking.

  2. ciaostrada says:

    i would add to your good insight another phenomenon here and propose an explanation. Perhaps both my observation and explanation are incorrect. However, it seems that the glass bubble collapses before the fuzzy bubble (perhaps in spite that the latter had more time for expansion and collapse). The glass bubble should be mostly vacuum – caused by the bullet edges breaking through the surface tension and pushing the liquid water out and forming a void. By thermodynamics, indeed there should be vapor inside, but I posit that there is insufficient time to come to vapor-liquid equilibrium. The fuzzy bubble, on the other hand, was created by water vapor from in front of the bullet, not behind it, and it is more in tune with vapor liquid equilibria. Therefore, the glass bubble has less vapor and thus less internal pressure than the fuzzy bubble. The external pressure (liquid) is roughly the same on both bubbles, and assuming that the both bubbles are roughly similar in area, the overall collapsing force is higher on the glass bubble and it will collapse before the fuzzy bubble, which it does.

  3. The Pied Piper of Appalachia says:

    Bible verse at the end ruined the vid….

  4. Anthony Trupia says:

    Has anybody seen the episode of Mythbusters when they a shot the 50 caliber in the pool and
    the bullet didn't go no more than 5 feet in the water

  5. mazin alharthy says:

    Can you please try it in the dark and see if there is illumination from the bobble?

  6. Shannon Neely says:

    Really cool video with great explanations thank you! Great job! Would love to see this same test done in the dark or very low light conditions. Might help solve the question of flash?

  7. kevin Roberts says:

    Front surface mirrors.

  8. Jon Cocks says:

    I bet you went full auto off camera.
    Love the channel

  9. onehit pick says:

    The multiple cavitation echos after the firing is a really great capture.

  10. kathy taylor says:

    If you were to tape off the end of the barrel and chamber a round first before submerging the AK then their would not be any water in the barrel for the built to push out so the bullet would me traveling faster and would go a bit father and make a bigger blast cloud at the end of the barrel.  A fun video Thanks

  11. Johnny says:

    How far does the bullet travel? Looks like after just some 50cm, the bullet would be so slow it can't puncture paper.

  12. Prashant Mohan says:

    I'm sorry but I couldn't comprehend all this with my inferior brain I was just here coz of the slo mo guys.

  13. Ace of Spades says:

    Just me that can't find part 3?

  14. Cade Perkins says:

    At the point of implosion when there is a flash of light (and Destin considers sonar luminescence), notice that the image of the muzzle (and the rest of the frame for that matter) jostles back and forth. I would guess that about the same time it takes for the first bubble implosion is when the most energetic wave reaches the mirror box. It would be no coincidence that the bubble oscillation would then be in phase with the waves reaching the mirror. So Destin is likely correct that it is not sonar luminescence and likely a "reflection of the sunlight", but more specifically the change in apparent brightness is due to variation in angle of combined refraction/reflection through the mirror box. If the camera were moved or the box manually vibrated, one might also see a change in the apparent brightness of the overall image. The effect is just more pronounced when it occurs in sync with the bubbles.

  15. Cade Perkins says:

    Also, remember that pressure is very much directional. It is simply an average force over an area… and the force in a liquid or gas can be directed so that more of the average motion of the particles are in a certain direction and hence the average force exerted is also higher in that direction. In static equilibrium, pressure is essentially equal in all directions over a small surface area at the same depth. But while flowing the pressure is generally only lower at the boundaries orthogonal to the flow. The pressure is actually higher along and in the direction of the flow than against the boundaries of the flow (i.e. tube walls). If the pressure were also lower in the direction of the flow, it would be lower than the water outside the barrel and so it would not escape the barrel, rather it would be pushed back further inside the barrel by the higher-pressure water outside! But that's not what happens. I mention this because like so many other subtle–but often repeated–incomplete ideas in science can spread misconception later on.

  16. 周慧 says:

    It is awesome ! I like it !

  17. MagnificentZGamer says:

    4:33 here is rare photage of Trump's AK-47 making a black hole

  18. Chernov Gaming says:

    2:16 What’s with the left hand. Just hold it normally.

  19. Kelly Wilkinson says:

    between 2:02 and 2:16 Wooahhh did you see the shockwave rippling toward the camera; and how the rifle wobbles up and down like a piece of rubber?
    Wowww it's so cool how around 4:45–4:50 the air which was initially pushed radially from the the bullet then is pulled into the channel created by the bullet through the water.
    Thanks for explaining the Rayliegh-Plesset equation.

  20. chip599XX says:

    VGR Triad and VGR GSF are teaching to shoot a AK-47 in Underwater

  21. Joshua Wilson says:

    Hey Destin, I have a quick question for you. Well maybe two, the first is, is there a way to message you on YouTube without messaging in a random video? And the second, and real question, is do the sounds that come from your throat sound different than the sounds that come out of your mouth? I was listening to an audiobook, and it mentioned a sticker that goes inside of your mouth that acts as a communication device. It's a fictional book and it's like a future technology that's been made up and I was curious if the sound that came from your throat into your mouth would sound the same as the sounds that come out of your mouth when you talk. I didn't know if the sounds were generated by your vocal cords and your lips and jaw inside of your mouth the same as they sound when they come out.

  22. Richard says:

    Fantastic video as always. The bullet exiting the muzzle resembles a bullet impact into ballistic gelatin. My question is, what is in the temporary cavity? I understand that the water is pushed apart as in the ballistic gel, but where does the (what looks like) air come from? Soon after the temporary cavity is created, it collapses/implodes in on itself, but no air rises to the surface. What is in the temporary cavity? Thanks

  23. Sharkbyte1000 says:

    does about the same thing happen if you shoot 2 feet above water into water? does the water slow it down so that it only travels about 4 feet in the water?

  24. Bret Bacon says:

    I just got stupider duh hatethis channel troll

  25. BadHombre says:

    Exactly how my farts look, except for bigger bubbles.

  26. DisGuyBeGaming says:

    Unless your from Alabama


  27. Bubblezov Love says:

    I'd quite like to see those beautiful collapsing bubbles happen through a column of dyes or inks in the water.. Destin. get the wet suit!

  28. life of slav says:

    I want this ak

  29. vanhelvn games says:

    Ô chú làm hay lắm việt nam vietnam

  30. Justin Newman says:

    The bullet does not start tumbling until it exits the cavitation that preceded it

  31. Hmpppf says:

    Your AK is ugly with it's plastic furniture, upgrade to cool communist wood. Ohh and death to communism.

  32. Salty_Mex27 says:

    Unless you are from alabama😂

  33. Mockturtlesoup1 says:

    it would be interesting to see this repeated in a pitch black environment to determine whether it is truly sonoluminescence, or just reflected light like you hypothesized.
    that has been an ongoing debate on so many ballistics gel videos I've watched.

  34. Steve Wheeler says:

    In your footage and the slowmo guys, I noticed something. The snub nose revolver projectile seem to travel straighter and didn't tumble as much. Is this possibly due to the shorter barrel not housing as much water volume, in turn lowering the hydraulic affect? Which would allow the bullet to gather more spin and less pressure to have to push thru?

  35. alsmith20000 says:

    Would you consider firing more than one shot in as automatic fire in this context?
    I'm thinking about the effect of the compound shock waves, but also if the second round is traveling in the cavity left by the first, the round may travel further and more elegantly.

  36. Ammad Ali says:

    we have to shoot slow mo….. lets call slow mo guys!

  37. Desmond Penrose says:

    Following the recent shootings in the US don’t you feel you should stop glorifying guns of any kind as a nation you can’t cope wither the responsibility

  38. Hope Edwards says:

    This is why I love YouTube. Great video man. You won me over with this video and now just made me a subscriber.

  39. Elite Engineer says:

    Did he said sweet home Alabama

  40. Invictus Sin says:

    Can't find part 3

  41. Nikhil VJ says:

    You made this before the era of SJWs getting triggered over anything related to guns. Kudos!

  42. † Wilhelm Liebehenschel † says:

    i need video shoot RPG 7 in water

  43. Canadian Airsoft says:

    Lol you got the slo mo guys

  44. Bolu2392 says:

    I appreciate the demonstrated verbal communication for gun safety in this video.

  45. Qhajajs Shsks says:

    Lol, that is not an ak47 🤦🏼‍♂️

  46. FPL Finesse says:

    Is it possible to fire a gun fast enough to get bullets to travel through the cavitation bubble of the previous bullet and would this then make the bullet travel further?

    I know this is 6 years old but I think you should do it again but mount the gun and go full auto

  47. Carl Basky says:

    I didn't kniw destin are friends with Jake Gyllenhaal and Brian Quinn?

  48. MotoCzar says:

    Sitting a $200,000 camera beside a pool….. ballsy move

  49. gk10002000 says:

    still my favorite myth busters show where they fired various guns into water. Amazing how NOT far the bullets went. Unlike all the old hollywood movies that showed bullets streaking down past the heroes. Even the 50 caliber disintegrated

  50. gk10002000 says:

    so much force on the front of the bullet. Not hard to now see why the bullet quickly turns off center instead of pointing straight ahead. Then once the bullet gets not pointed straight in the direction of the velocity vector, side forces are huge and the bullet can't go much further or disintegrates into pieces

  51. Marcellus says:

    can you shoot a gun in an enclosed water filled container? would it just burst? and what would happen in the inside?
    Since Water cant be compressed, how would an explosion look like?

  52. yogendra singh says:

    Awesome vedio

  53. Russelheim says:

    I know it's hard to see, and I hate to be that guy, but, that isn't an AK-47. It's a 74.

  54. Chris Hernandez says:

    6:30 There's no pressure in a cavitation with no gases or air in it. Some of the "bubbles" from a gunshot are cartridge exhaust bubbles, some are cavitations with no gas inside, especially surrounding the projectile. There was a video somewhere about a fluid in a glass vacuum tube, and the fluid would slam against the glass almost like a solid because there was no resistance or gas in the way.

  55. gkarjala says:

    Mad respect for anyone who has cajones to do this.

  56. riuphane says:

    I just love seeing slo mo guys collabs

  57. Lars Murdoch Kalsta says:

    You see sonoluminescence in ballistics gel a lot so I can't imagine why it wouldn't happen here

  58. oudskii says:

    I would have never seen this in my life

  59. fun with jiyad says:

    This is called akm Chinese ak47 you should have to test on Russian ak47

  60. miggy rob says:

    I just learned that ak rounds tumble like a tornado.

  61. Zero Two says:

    I really want the camera to play CS GO

  62. Dimitar Donev says:

    I don't think the gas from the piston cycles the weapon – it is just enough to unlock the bolt. The pressure inside the barrel is what does the main job. The same pressure that pushes the bullet forwards is what pushes now the empty shell from the cartridge and the bolt backwards. If the bolt is not locked the bolt would go back way to soon and a lot of the gasses and the energy will simply be lost. The reason we have those gas operated rifles is so we give maximum inertia to the bullet possible but not wait to much because if the bolt is unlocked too late then the gases will escape the barrel after the bullet has come out and there won't be any pressure left to cycle the bolt. That's why the position of the small hole on the barrel that takes small part of the gas pressure to unlock the bolt is so important – too close to the end of the barrel – you risk experiencing a jam, too close to the entrance – the bolt will unlock and the pressure will escape way too soon before the bullet gets is maximum speed.

  63. Safton says:

    Lethal Weapon 4 brought me here.

  64. Ibnu Syahrani says:

    Wow , thanks to add subtitle bahasa

  65. Robert Garland says:

    I am curious as to what the effect would be if you were to plug the end of the barrel so it would not fill with water, perhaps you’d get different results?

  66. marty mcfly says:

    I’m not trying to be controversial when I say this, but with all your knowledge, how do you convince yourself that that there is an almighty creator? Again I’m not trying to start a beef, I as an atheist am honestly curious. It’s just that all research I’ve done proves evolution to be true! I would love to believe in an all knowing, all loving, perfect God, but I can’t based on what I know.

  67. Marcus says:

    The big bang

  68. Vladimir Harkonnen says:

    We should ban this gun, and ban this video.

  69. Ben Clark says:

    Something akin to laminar flow following the bullet there? Very glassy and smooth…

  70. A Bit Of A Pickel says:

    I understand this is science, but I LOVE my ak. That's really cool what you did, and I think people should at least try firearms out for them seleves SAFLEY.

  71. Nozome_ Ushiro says:

    Vim pelo vídeo do BaroneLab

  72. feelthepayne88 says:

    You guys should colab more often.

  73. Beqa shekiladze says:

    Hey, why the bullet is tumbling while it's being shot. I observed the same in Slo Mo Guys video, but the pistol did tumbling, not revolver.

  74. Zanou says:

    0:50 wow that was gav from slomoguys

  75. Douglas Radzanowski says:

    so, that bow shock glassy appearance, is that almost like the inverse of laminar flow?

  76. Soulaimane El Flihi says:

    The question is how can that makes me smart ??

  77. Minecraft Is still good says:

    You should try this with only the tip of the gun in the water lmao it will just explode

  78. it's gaming time says:

    At 5:44 to 6:00 the bullet skip above the water

  79. it's gaming time says:

    I mean 5:44 to 5:56 the bullet skipped above the water

  80. Brian wroblewski says:

    Dustin, I’d like to ask you an aeronautical question as it relates to fluid dynamics.

  81. Crusifix Jesus says:

    the camera is only worth $9863572580683-63406753684 let's put it by the water

  82. josh smith says:

    Did the Ak cycle ?

  83. monksally says:

    Remember that time Mel Gibson killed Jet Li with an AK-47 underwater? Good times.

  84. Jason Adkins says:

    I am curious about the sound it makes under water.

  85. Wesley Beans says:

    what happened to part 3? i cannot find the video after this one.

  86. Ana Ortiz says:

    happy Russin noises

  87. deku_ trochee says:

    Slow mo guys fans me from the first😆😆😆😆

  88. ikram khan ikky says:

    Amazing, well exposing

  89. Srikar Kandikonda says:

    Mom, the neighbors are playing with guns in the pool again!

  90. trialnterror says:

    I tried to find your video about Russian frog man gun…… can’t find it! Arrggggg

  91. Richard says:

    Heres a idea try putting the bullet back in the cartage I will bet it not a tight fit because……?

  92. Cyber Gaming says:

    in our country,the fire gun very illegal…

  93. Mr Putman says:

    Friction! Cooks the water around it, in the same way a submarine or prop in water creates cavitation, freakin awesome vid!!! Imagine trying to make that cavitation silent for submarines…:)

  94. Corey Steed says:

    Very epic

  95. RoadKillzine says:

    Americans their fing guns… sooo boring

  96. PyroJasonExplodes says:

    How about that recoil control?

  97. Polack Wizerd says:

    You realize how close you are to committing a felony here?? Any rifle under 26 inches must be registered by the ATF and you need a special tax stamp..

  98. Buckwild Screening says:

    What if aks weren’t waterproof

  99. Pale Zombie says:

    I’m shocked some people from Alabama that have five working brain cells. That’s incredible!

  100. Myungkyun Yi says:

    No guns. No wars

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