AIRSOFT | WAR | TBC | Bike attack ( ENGLISH SUBS )

AIRSOFT | WAR | TBC | Bike attack ( ENGLISH SUBS )

M2on: Hey twisteub, I found something to play with! Me: Oooooh! Is the chain still on it? M2on: If somebody had a Gopro, I swear I would have pushed you on the bike! Me: Oh, I lost my pistol! Me: Nobody shots me… Me: It must be somewhere here. Me: Thank you! Me (to the ennemies around me): I’m still playing guys! Me: Do they even try to shoot me? Me: I found a way to avoid BBs. Me: Hit! Well done! Great shot! Me: cycling on the field works great, isn’t it? Player: We were watching you cycling between BBs, it was really funny! Player: Some of them came very close to you. Me: Yeah, I don’t understand why I didn’t get shot before… M2on (to our teamates): thanks a lot for following us in our assault! Me: Well, that’s because you didn’t have the bike.

Dereck Turner

11 thoughts on “AIRSOFT | WAR | TBC | Bike attack ( ENGLISH SUBS )

  1. Etienne says:

    Ceci est une leçon d'airsoft les enfants prenez un vélo dans votre sac comme ça le poids sera semblable au vrai Meuwines et en plus vous serez invincible

  2. TacticalBlackCats says:

    Et rappelez-vous : l'airsoft, c'est très sérieux 😛

  3. SeñorGusanoRosa92 says:

    this motoriced division its so brokend jajaja

  4. Aztec Airsoft says:

    Une petite touche détente entre chaque partie 😉
    Ça fait du bien

  5. Ronald Johnson says:

    I dig the silent hill sound effect with rock music. You boys are fun!!

  6. Frustration Zone says:

    love you guys keep doing what your doing


    je retiens l'idée du vélo :p

  8. OMEGA U12 says:

    TOP video!!! eheheh

  9. James Airsoft says:

    superbe vidéo! et j'ai fait joujou avec le vélo aussi mdr !

  10. Dane Nakasone says:

    green, yellow, purple firecrackers

  11. Dane Nakasone says:

    中文, françias, pyccn, 生ゼンパイ

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