OK good is it rolling? move other side ok, perfect Thank you for following us, there are more of you everyday Two years ago, we announced a third director on the channel We are now 5 directors Maybe more soon, it’s not sure yet The channel is doing fine, thanks to you, and thanks to a global effort We thank our partners, especially Wild Trigger for letting us making videos on its fields Some people say we do more and more reviews and less and less gameplay It’s right and wrong At the beginning we made one or two videos per month, only gameplay For a year, we are also making review videos, additionnaly to gameplay videos We carry on making gameplay, and thanks to our partners we also add reviews More content, way more review, no less gameplay We just have additional content to offer Hi, it’s about a year I have not posted a video I’m back I will post new gameplay ASAP I’ll add immersion to those videos (maps…) I’ll also share the feeling we have playing with the TBC I’ll post some OFF footage, showing we are are a real team, not just youtubers (It’s good, we keep it) (we are a real team) Yes, I’ll show you we are a real team that play and not only does videos Thank you for following us I’ll post more content soon Hi, I’m Twisteub, I am posting for two years on this channel You’ve seen gameplays and reviews And the new format “Twisteub’s workshop” You’ll see reviews of GBBs and customs as well as upgrade parts and advice for maintenance You have seen this custom in the last episode Thank you for your feedbacks Your feedbacks are welcome, don’t hesitate to post them Thank you again for your feedbacks, see you soon Hi kittens, I’m Jongloman and you know me thanks to Bas les Pattes Today it’s mainly about reviews with our partner JB Airsoft But we can extend the content, suggestions are welcome It’s not only about one partnership Thank you for your feedbacks It helps a lot See you soon I’m Mick, the last one who joined the team You may have seen me in reviews or games videos that I upload in my own channel Link in video description I’ll carry on working with our partners for reviews I’m working on a new format to show you my equipment Customs, advice… anything that helps for upgrades See you soon My gun is my go pro TBCs only do videos My gun is my gopro TBCs only do videos

Dereck Turner

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