Airplane Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Airplane Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

This is the triple hoop loop-d-loop coming at you Code. Ready! It looks good, it feels good! Ha ha! Plane to the chest. What’s up guys? We’re dude perfect welcome to airplane trickshots Here we go! This is the limbo lander. Loop and land. That, is awesome. Pilot ty coming at you from the top level of DP-HQ2 – as you can see I have fastened an extra sharp pointy device to the nose of my plane. Because I’ve got a blind balloon downstairs in the kitchen, and this is the blind balloon buster. Here we go boy. BAMMM. Yeah. This shot right here is about to be so lit fam. I’m just kidding. Supposedly that’s what the kids say these days anyways, this is just pure savage Feel like Cody, and Ty get a lot of credit for doing the trust shots I have done some trust shots I’m a little nervous about it. I have a plane with a death device on the front of it to pop this balloon I hope there are no bloopers on this if you get this one people are gonna like they’ll like the video if you get this Shot. I appreciate that guys. We all did this is the no-look and looper I survived I mean come on This is your captain speaking. Oh, we no longer have any wings Got our modified plane a couple wingtip adjustments, and we’re gonna go for a barrel roll. This is the barrel roll bomber. That was amazing. Mad cat this is speed bird, I’ve been hit need immediate evac going in enemy territory. My hook’s deployed, pull your chute and I’ll save you. Truth is, that went a lot differently in our minds It crashed again. It was so much safer floating down in his parachute. This the airplane boomerang…. yikes! Ladies and gentlemen here at DP, you might just want to start referring to us as rocket scientists because we have had another breakthrough in technology Number two pencils on the wings, ready to bust bottles, here we go! This is the double bottle busting laser shot. We are bringing you innovations that have never been seen before This is the Banking Gonger. This is the Twin Spin. here we go Cor’. Let’s go! Headed to the top. And when you need something delivered to you quick and fast you call the Dude Perfect Express International Swisher. It’s go time. Get in! Yeeeeeeeaaaaah!!! Yeeeeaaah! The International Swisher. What’s up guys, hope you enjoyed the video before we go to our normal outro as many of you know Hurricane Harvey has hit our home state of Texas and while being in Dallas. We’re not directly affected We’ve got plenty of friends and family that are so we wanted to encourage you guys to join us and not only praying but also Donating by clicking here to the red cross be a huge help for the people involved. Thank you guys very much appreciate it What’s up guys? Thanks for watching if you’re not already a dude perfect subscriber make sure you click down here So you don’t miss out on any awesome new videos also our brand new Merch Just drop backpacks shorts hats tees all kinds of new stuff makes you click down here Go check out the store also if you want to see the last video click right here signing out for now pound it, noggin see ya.

Dereck Turner

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