AGT MAGIC!! Is it GOOD or BAD for Magicians?!

AGT MAGIC!! Is it GOOD or BAD for Magicians?!

Yo, what’s going on guys Chris Ramsay here, welcome back! today I wanted to quickly interject my thoughts on the whole AGT, BGT, Fool us all these TV shows that are incorporating and that are Showcasing magic and sort of my thoughts on them and where I stand now before I get into anything I just want to say that a lot of my friends really close friends of mine Have been on all these shows or are going to be on these shows and I’m super proud of them And I’m really happy for their success And I want them to keep growing and I want them to have a healthy and sustainable career in Magic And this is kind of why I made this video a lot of my viewers have asked me will I ever go on a gT Or will I ever go on fool us? I’m going to tell you why I I won’t and this is uh This is why some of you may know I was on A ped and teller show called Wizard Wars a Few years ago that video can’t be found on YouTube I don’t think that you searching on itunes or whatever um But that kind of gave me a taste of what TV magic is like and what these shows actually do for magicians but the problem I have with Contests or talent shows is just that is that we’re looking at a contest, and we’re we’re competing I believe that Magic can be an art form I don’t believe that It always is and I don’t believe that you know I just believe that it can be and I don’t think that these platforms showcase magic in a way that lends itself to an art form I think that because it becomes more of a competitive nature which is very westernized There’s this very big competitive field within the arts. Who’s better Who’s a better magician and if you if you are performing in a working magician? You’ll get this 9 times out of 10 to be like oh my God you’re amazing Do you know criss angel? He’s incredible, or you see that dude on a gt with the coins? I’ve gotten that recently so many times will I actually no will not personally we’ve chatted online a few times and Since his video went up like everywhere I go. It’s the new thing to ask me It’s like did you see this thing right? Which is incredible? Which is awesome to me like to think that his performance just traveled the globe ten times over and everybody knows about it That’s a really cool thing the downside is that in my opinion is that? You know the faster you go up and faster You come down and not saying that this will happen, and I’m not wishing it in any way I’m will or on anyone else than any of the other contestants, but what I’m saying Is that naturally there is only one sort of winner, right? This is only the first place and let me ask you four years ago who won sixth place on you Gt? Right without googling it who won third place two years ago again We’re left with I don’t know I’d have to I’d have to look into it. There’s so much out there There’s so many competing magicians on this platform now that it’s become this crazy Sort of Frenzy for which act which Magician is the greatest that’s that’s sort of one reservation And I have with it. Is that you know we’re all fighting for like the first place. Who’s the best magician although? We’re not TV Producers and the TV networks are making it seem that way that which is that there’s a better magician, right? You know when it comes to when it comes to art and performance Art you can’t say that someone is better than another right his vision might be completely different is You know you’re putting two people in a category where what they’re performing is completely different so unless they’re performing the exact same act you can’t really say one is better than the other the second the second sort of reservation that I have with it is that Steve Martin said this and this is a really smart thing. He said Magic is the only talent you can buy It’s to a certain extent that is very true You can go to a magic shop by self working tricks Performance as someone who’s never seen Magic before and they will swear you’re the greatest magician They’ve ever seen because you’re the only magician they’ve ever seen so Again which leaves me in a place where? You know you see these acts on a gt and vG teams and some of them You know have worked Super hard on their performance and their acting and the tricks and they’ve created this original piece of magic Which is really great to watch and then other people are just literally you’re like really really dude it’s like really and then they get to standing out and you get the video went viral a lot of Magicians would be like will you just Use the thumb Or you just used this and that right which is not my place to say You know he had the balls to go out there and perform it in front of millions of people That takes a lot of guts in itself so hats off I don’t care if you’re doing Ambitious card or anything else hats off to you for putting yourself out there one of the problems with putting yourself out? There is that you have no control what these TV production companies do with your name or your image, and so for myself I’d like to think that I’ve been carefully curating my content and sort of building a brand if you can say that around myself for these past few years and to put all that into a production company’s hands who knows nothing about me who doesn’t care about my Ambition doesn’t care about my goals who only care about ratings for a TV show it’s very scary for me And I’m very apprehensive about who I leave in charge and who I let manage my image, right? I’ll tell you bit of a story I get TV producers Especially for adt contact me about half a dozen times a year Every single year about half a dozen times at least I’ve get different producers on the show, hit me up So you would be great and they tried it they really try to lay it on thick like we know you can win and that’s their job to try and convince me you know that I’m going to win right because But they’re also pitching this to a thousand other magicians And they just you know they’re throwing them into the meat grinder right you may not Canadian, so I don’t have a work Visa I can’t work legally in the states. You know I can go there for conventions I can hang out with friends But I can’t legally work in the in the United States and so when this TV producer Hit me up, and he’s like hey you be great for a gt. I told him like well I don’t have a work Visa. Are you guys going to pay $7,000 of lawyer fees to get new work Visa and they said no? Obviously. Oh really we could put in a letter of recommendation right so I have to do the legwork I have to throw down the money to get that let’s say I don’t have that money but I want to be on this show because they want me to be in the first round, so They told me that I could do the first round But if I didn’t have my visa, if I didn’t have my papers, they would have to cut me something of myself, okay? Let me get this straight. I can have the best Performance agencies ever seen I’m not saying that I will I’m not saying that I could create something like that But let’s say hypothetically that I created the most amazing TV Act. Evy has ever aired in their entire life But I don’t have a work visa and they have to cut me well now they have to justify cutting me right? So let’s say I get a standing o on stage and everybody’s going nuts for me But they can’t put me on do you think that they’re going to air that standing though? Do you think that they’re going to? No, they happen to justify cutting me somehow So they’re going to cut my performance in a way that makes it justifiable for them to say Close with no cigar you’re not making it to the next round. I’m letting my whole Life my Livelihood and everything I’ve worked towards in the hands of a few people who don’t really care about how much right and that Frightens me to no end it really terrifies me because what I’m trying to build on this platform on YouTube is a sustainable relationship Something that can withstand the test of time and something that evolves and grows and I want to have a conversation with my viewers We have a sort of trust build up we have this thing that we’re creating together And that’s I don’t know where it’s going to lead but it’s flourishing and it’s growing into this beautiful thing that I really love and enjoy and To leave all that into someone else’s hands and take a chance like that When it might bomb it might you know It’s just for me doesn’t make that much sense like it doesn’t make sense I would you know I would rather get a million views Over ten years you know this way then get ten million views in a year doing that right? So I’m just trying to build the sustainable Relationship on this platform that I love I’d much rather be this you know this long burning fire then Then you know fire work that you know blows up, and then fizzles out So that’s that’s kind of my thought on the whole thing and again. It’s not that I’m against people performing on agt I truly wish them well, but the odds are Not everybody’s going to win right and so they have to throw them under a bus somehow well how are they going to throw them under a bus they got to get creative with that Matt’s out of your hands as a Performer that’s not in your hands. That’s the production team The Network that’s these people playing with you know and they don’t care about magic ethics They don’t care about anything like that like you’ve seen the stories Where someone’s stolen an act and the producers have stolen an act from this guy and giving it to this? Person and all that again. They don’t care about ethics. They just want the best TV show possible for the best ratings, right? There’s this girl on bg t if you simpson She’s like a nine year old and she’s doing magic, and I think she’s incredible I think she’s a really better than 90% of the performers I’ve seen on TV She has stage presence and she knows her she knows her lines. She’s adorable She’s fun to watch right, but again. You know she has this great production team behind her and this great team of possibly consultants helping her out and everything and Uplifting this girl to make her to put her on this platform, right? And I’m just thinking like I hope this goes well for her I really truly do because I would I would I would hate to see all this drama and all this you know TV bullshit effect this girl negatively in some way you know some scandal arises or they need it for the ratings So they’re going to make her make her bomb because they need to They need to push up this other act that they see who’s you know, and that’s the way TV works And I’m just I’m just terrified for this this girl I’m terrified for my friends who are on the show, and I’m not being paranoid. It’s just the way the TV works It’s the way that Hollywood works, right? And it shouldn’t come as a surprise to many of you that this Talent show or these talent shows don’t really care about showcasing the talent they care about the ratings obviously, right? So the talent is secondary and and and for me that the talent is primary, right? And so that’s my sort of reservation with the whole TV magic thing in a contest form I’m truly skeptical about anybody Toying with something that I’ve built for so many years now if you’re new to magic or if you’re you’re not online You don’t have a platform such as this one or you’re you’re trying to get yourself out there The Agency is a great way for you to break through you know you can get TV deals there you get You probably get by like Universities and colleges or corporate or private shows you know the offspring of a potential viral video on these shows is Incredible you can really garnish a great sort of following based on that However my following has already sort of built itself, and I don’t need 10 million followers You know who care about me one day, and then don’t care about me the next day. I’d rather have 280,000 followers who care about everything I put out or at least you know a large percentage of it for me that building that sustainable relationship within a platform that I have full control over full artistic creative freedom and indirection in is much more important to me than One viral video do I want my videos to go viral? Yeah, sure I do but am I willing to let another production company handle the way that that might potentially go viral I don’t think so I would rather have full control on that And I think I’ve I’ve gotten to a point where I’m very satisfied with my production quality, and I’m you know very satisfied I’m always looking to improve, but I’m very conscious of what I want to put out there And I’m conscious of how I want it to look and I’m and I’m aware that if I did things differently Could go super viral right I could create content that just goes apeshit Viral online But I would have to forego my ethics and morality I want to try to kind of find a middle ground to where I don’t neglect how I feel about the art that I love But that also reaches people outside of the artform lay people for example how to do that, and that’s the challenge, right? But that’s sort of what I’m trying to create is that middle ground and it’s not the most popular thing in the world this video Won’t go viral people won’t see this and you know lay people probably won’t see this But I know that I’m aware that this goes out to a specific audience And if I wanted it to go out to a broader audience You know I might make some outrageous claims Or I might make this video super dramatic or call out some people by names or some production companies Or you know and I could do that, but to to sustain this what I have is platform And I it’s growing at a nice rate knife. I really enjoy Collaboration within YouTube and sort of YouTube Magic community I really think that it’s a really special community that You know we’re super supportive 99% of people on on my video that commenter It’s all super supportive and they help each other out in the comments and stuff and I really enjoy that But for that to continue to grow you know I can’t let go of what my Sort of Moral standards are towards the issue, and I hope I made myself clear I know this is a lot of gray area in here, but feel very strongly about that, and it’s you know I just kind of want to put my opinion down on a video and have that out there Take form that being said you know I have a friend of mine, Erik Jones who’s going to be on adt tonight? And I wish him all the luck in the world I hope I here went very well But I’m just looking forward to seeing and I’m looking forward to seeing you know the reaction to that. He’s a friend of mine He’s an incredible Magician and it’s not somebody who’d just bought you know a trick and then performed it on TV and got a standing o I know that he put years and years of Practice into mastering his craft and then so I’m excited to seeing that but again You know I’m also fearful because he is going up against Competitors who might who might who the production companies might find better suit their agenda and that type of thing? So I’m just apprehensive it’s all about not being paranoid the illuminati is real But those are just my thoughts. I just love magic so much and I love being part of this community I want it to last forever. I just don’t want it to fizzle out and die as quickly as it rose So those are my thoughts Anyways, I’m going to enjoy my coffee now edit this video, and then go about my day and planning it some more This is my schedule as you can see blank right now But I’m preparing the month of july June’s over for me so july is being prepared videos content Thanks for sticking along for the ride and thanks for supporting me and this channel and being a positive community in a community that might need more Positivity let me know your thoughts about a gt and fool us and all that let me know your thoughts below I’d love to see how you feel as a magician or the hobbyist or as a layperson About this whole situation about you know, where’s this going? How is this going to affect magic in the future? How has it affected it already is it going to change you’re going to get better is it going to get worse? Please let me know in the comments I’d love to read some of those don’t forget to subscribe if you aren’t already Subscribed go ahead and like this video if you did and we’ll see y’all next month

Dereck Turner

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    But Penn&Teller is different because multiple performers can fool them and sometimes none of them do.
    So lumping this show in with the competition shows IMHO needs some more explanation/justification. I mean it's still a production team behind it, so I'm sure it's not all fine and dandy.

  94. filmfrosk says:

    Could do a video that goes super viral you know, but dont really feel like it.. lol

  95. Eliezer Marrero says:

    Good words !!

  96. HeliRy says:

    Not to mention that there is a lot of evidence that demonstrates that American Idol is rigged. If that’s true and that show is rigged… it’s fair to assume anything associate with Simon Cowell probably is too.

  97. Bobbeguile says:

    Ok I admit I don't know who won 4th place two years ago on AGT but in my defense I also don't know who one first place this year

  98. Devon Kupferman says:

    Dude, I agree with what you say completely. You do reach laypeople though! I am one of them, found your channel because of your puzzles and you completely roped me into the magic side. Your channel is amazing and I cant see why you would want to change and alter anything about your current brand. The brand you have built is great and is obviously working really well for you. Big Props💪🏻

  99. BlackSH0veldeath says:

    Great attitude. I'm not a huge fan of fool us cause it puts too much emphasis on trying to figure out the secret instead of enjoying the performance.
    But I love the energy on this. And you are quite intelligent. And it's awesome how much this channel grew. 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

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