Sanjay Come home early in the evening. But why? I have a surprise for you. Okay. Please make sure to come early. I’ll wait for you. Hmm! Bye. Hmm! Bye. You know what! Hmm! Today, Swati asked me to come early. Why so? I don’t know. She said, she had a surprise for me. Okay! So, why haven’t you gone yet? Why should I go? She must have some unromantic boring surprise. By the way I like to spend time with you and you know that. Let’s leave it. We have started talking about Swati again. I am coming. What’s this all about? Is it your birthday? Swati I am feeling sleepy. I am really very tired. I am going to bed. It’s anniversary. Our. You forgot it, right? At least wish me. Happy Anniversary. Happy Anniversary. Let’s cut the cake and… Do you want to say something? Yes. Tell me Riya is your assistant, right? Yes, but… how do you know about Riya? Yaa! I have seen her calls and messages many times. Oh! Yes Anyway, what’s the matter? Actually… I want to meet her. But why do you want to meet her? I think you know why I want to meet her. No. I know everything about you two. What do you mean? I know about your affair. What are you talking about, Swati? How can you say that? Yes. You have an affair… No, Swati There is nothing going on between us. Look, Riya is my junior. She is my assistant. We work together in office. Apart from that…
there is nothing between us. Believe me. Relax Sanjay. Stop it You don’t need to lie. But… I know what you are hiding from me. Don’t trouble yourself by lying to me… because I know everything. I am sorry, Swati. Actually… It’s ok. Don’t apologise. I feel bad when you say sorry. But… I want to meet her. But… Why do you want to meet Riya? What do you want to discuss with her? Why do I want to meet and discuss with her? I am not going to answer them. But yes, I want to meet her. Now, tell me… When are you going to introduce her to me? And don’t worry. There is nothing to worry about. I am not going to fight with her. Only, I’ll meet her, talk to her and get acquainted with her. That’s it. I don’t have any other intentions. But… Once… Please talk to Riya about this. If she is comfortable… then invite her over lunch… or whatever. Hmm? Is it okay? Hmm! Do you want to have coffee? I will get it. Look, are you sure about your wife’s intention? What do you mean? I mean… I am afraid that… She might be planning to kill me. What! What are you talking about? I think you still watch those crime shows. Riya, Swati is not that bad. She can never do that. Okay, fine. But there is a possibility that.. She might gather crowd and… try to humiliate me. It’s might be happen. Come on, Riya. Why do you have to be so negative all the time? I don’t see anything positive in it. She is your wife and I am your girlfriend. Just think about it. Why would a wife invite her husband’s girlfriend… to her house? That’s what I don’t understand. Come on, Sanjay… If you don’t know about it then who would? Say? Look, Riya… I think you should meet Swati at least once. I am sure. Swati would never harm anyone. At least meet her once. Sanjay I am really sorry. Until I now your wife’s intention, I can’t meet her. Sanjay, please. I am really sorry. Sanjay Did you talk to Riya? Yes, I did. What did she say? Swati, Riya clearly told me that… until she knows your intention, as to why you want to meet her, she wouldn’t come. Why? I don’t have any such agenda. I told you that… I want to meet her just like that. I want to talk to her. That’s it. Tell her that there is nothing to worry. I seriously want to meet her. Good night. Good night. Sanjay, I am really scared. What if your wfe creates a scene? Riya, don’t worry. She won’t do such a thing. If she does, then I will handle the situation. Don’t worry. Relax. Promise. Yes, I am there for you. Okay. Come in. Welcome. Come in. Please come. Sit here Be comfortable. Feel at home. Yes What would you like to have? Tea, coffee. or cold drink. No, it’s okay. Thank you. What do you mean, its okay thank you? You came to my house for the first time. You have to have something to drink. Tea coffee or cold drink. I will get cold drink for you. It’s too hot. Sanjay Yes, I’ll have it. You… Give Riya a nice tour of our house. Cooking is almost done. No, there is no need for this. I will eat when I go home. Actually, you wanted to talk about something. Why don’t you do that? Why it’s not necessary? You came here for the first time. I am not going to let you leave in empty stomach. It will hardly take fifteen minutes. Meantime, you take a tour of the house? Hmm? Show her the house. Yes, I’ll show her. Let’s go. Have you gone mad? I am not going anywhere. Riya, don’t create a scene. Just do as she says. Let’s go. Oh! God. Please come. This is our bedroom. What happened, love? What are you thinking? I am thinking… if your wife wanted to invite me over dinner then she could have directly said so. I mean why did she pretend that she wanted to talk to me? But she also said that she wanted to talk to you. I know. But she also said that she would talk after dinner. Do you know what it means? No That means… She is going to poison us. She is going to kill us both. You don’t need to worry about it. She is not going to do something like that. I am sure. Hold on. What if she comes in? She won’t come without knocking the door. Listen… Come on. Sorry Sorry Riya. I made ‘Palak Paneer’. Do you want something else? No, That’s fine. Okay. I’ll serve the food. Swati, You wanted to talk, right? Please go ahead. I will but let’s have dinner first. It’s safe. There is nothing to worry about. You can eat. Yes, Riya. Please start eating. Yes, sure… I don’t want to beat around the bush. So I’ll come straight to the point. I don’t have any problem that you date my husband. In fact, I am happy. Do you know why? Because, I know that Sanjay loves you a lot. He enjoys your company. And trust me. I am happy for both of you. I want. You to continue this relationship. and… Get married soon. Do you realize what you are saying? Yes, I know. This will be better for all of us. Listen. If we get married,
where will you go? What do you mean where will I go? I’ll stay here… with you. We all will stay together like a family. Swati Have you gone mad? Do you know what rubbish you are talking? I am not talking rubbish.
I am telling the truth. Trust me. And… If you two need time then it’s fine. Take your time. No hurry. First decide and let me know,
when you’re getting married. I am serious. I think you are getting late. You should go home. Riya it was nice meeting you. Likewise. Have a safe journey. See her off. Sure. Bye. Bye. Good night. Good night. Welcome. Come in. Sorry. Because, I know that Sanjay loves you a lot. He enjoys your company. And trust me… I am happy for both of you. Riya It was nice meeting you.
Have a safe journey. See her off. Riya, I don’t get it. I don’t know what Swati wants. Tell me. Do you know a wife, who would want her husband to get married again? I know. What we should do. What? I think. We should break up. What? Come again. Sanjay We… We should break up. Riya, I think you have also gone mad like Swati. That’s why you are talking like this. No, Sanjay. For the first time I am thinking something positive. You know what… Last night I kept thinking about… Why your wife was behaving like that. Finally, I realized that… she really wants us to get married. Riya, that’s what I don’t understand. Why does she want us to get married? Because she loves you, Sanjay. Love! Does she love me? If a wife loves her husband, then she will never want her husband to marry again. She will want her husband to always love her… and stay with her. Forever. Understood? What? Why are you looking at me like this? What happened? Sanjay, tell me something? If a wife loves her husband very much… then doesn’t she want him to be happy? What kind of nonsense question is this? Of course she will want husband to be happy. In fact, she will do anything to make him happy. Anything… That’s what I am saying. Swati can do anything to make you happy. She can go to any extent for it. Sanjay Swati knows that… you are not happy with her. She knows that you are happy with me. She wants to bring us closer. Bullshit… It’s nonsense. No nonsense. There is logic in it. Maybe you don’t know… how much Swati loves you. Alright. Tell me how much she loves me. Come on. Riya, you know what! You seem to forget that how much you love me… and I love you. Will you marry me? What happened? You don’t have any answer, right? I knew that… you wouldn’t have any answer. That’s why I was saying that… we should break up. Sanjay Spend some time with Swati. And try to know her. You will know that… if someone really loves you… then it’s Swati, not me. Don’t let her go. You are lucky… to have a wife like Swati. Please don’t hurt her.

Dereck Turner


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    આપ આપના ગામમાં કે શહેર મા કે આપના ઘરે કે કોઈપણ જગ્યાએ મીનીમમ ૨૫ લોકોને ભેગા કરીને બોલાવી ને કમ્પની ને જાણ કરી ને કમ્પની ના સાહેબ ને તમારા ગામમાં વીજીટ કરાવીને એક સાથે પ્લાન સમજાવી ને એક સાથે લોકો ને જૌડૌ

    રુપિયા ૧૦૦૦ ની રીપરચેજ ઔડર પર વિભા સુપર માકેટ ની ૫ કિલો મીટર ના વીસ્તાર મા ફી હોમ ડિલિવરી

    અને જો આપ વિભા સુપર માકેટ ના મેમ્બર છો તૌ તમને સ્ટોર પર થી રીજે રોજ નુ તાજુ અને સારુ શાકભાજી માકેટ ભાવ કરતા ૩૦ ટકા ડિસ્કાઉન્ટ થી મળશે

    દાખલા તરીકે માકેટ મા ૧ કિલો બટેટા ની કિમત રૂપિયા ૧૦ છે તૌ તેના કરતાં સારા બટેટા વિભા સુપર માકેટ મા રુપિયા ૭ ના ૧ કિલો મળશે

    દરેક શાકભાજી ડિસ્કાઉન્ટ થી મળશે

    વિભા સુપર માકેટ ની ડિસ્કાઉન્ટ ની માહિતી આપને રોજ આપના વૌટશેપ પર આપવામાં આવશે

    આપ ને વિભા સુપર માકેટ મા જો ડાઈને બીઝનેસ કરવામાં તકલીફ પડે તો કમ્પની મદદ કરશે

    વિભા સુપર માકેટ બહેનો માટે ખુબજ સારી બીઝનેસ છે

    તૌ હવે કૌની રાહ જૌવૌ તૌ

    આ જે જ જોડાવા ને આપના સપના પુરા કરવા

    વિભા સુપર માકેટ સ્ટોર
    ઓઢવ અમદાવાદ
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