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Hello, welcome to Art UK. My name’s Tom, and in this video I’m going
to be showing you how you can use the search function to it’s full potential to find some
very specific results on Art UK. Let’s say I want to find paintings by Marianne
North, painted in 1878, and held in London. So I can start on the homepage by typing in
the artist’s name and there I’ve found Marianne North under
artist, so I click through, and that takes me to an artworks page for Marianne North. And there I can see I’ve got just over one
thousand paintings, all by, or attributed to Marianne North. So now I want to begin to narrow the search
down, and I want to find those paintings that were painted in 1878. So I type that date into the search bar, and
then I scroll down to execution date and I select that date. So I’ve also decided that I want to include
paintings from around 1878, so not to exclude those that may be a few years before or after.
So if I type in 1878 again, again I go down to execution date and I’m going to select
circa 1878. And once more type that date in, to also include
paintings with an execution date between 1877 and 1878. So you can see these search terms building
up at the top here so we’ve narrowed our search down to 173 artworks all by Marianne North,
painted in 1878 or around 1878. So the final thing that I wanted to do, was
search for only those paintings that are held in London. So if I click on the region tab
there, and go to London. I can actually search by specific areas of London, but for this
I’m just interested in any paintings in the whole of London. So, click on London, and these are our final
results. So these are all paintings by Marianne North, executed around 1878 and held in London. To clear those search terms and start again,
afresh, just click on the start new search button… and you’re ready to search all over
again. So there you go, that’s how to perform an advanced search to find some very specific
results on Art UK. Thanks for watching!

Dereck Turner

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