Adobe Illustrator Advance Vector Artwork

Adobe Illustrator Advance Vector Artwork

Assalamualaikum my name is Widhi Muttaqien. I’ve been teaching computer graphics since
the year 2000 and also founded several creative based companies. One of the companies is Blastocode Game Studio
which I started since 2015. After several months of running the company,
we realize that the biggest time consuming process in game development is not coding,
but making the game artworks. There is nothing wrong with common raster
digital painting method. But for us the process takes too long to finish. We need a fast workflow which can produce
good quality artwork in just couple of hours. After experimenting with different digital
illustration methods. Also measuring and improve them for almost
a year we finally found the best workflow for creating illustration which exactly what
I’ll be teaching in this online course. The course is divided into 3 levels: Basic,
intermediate and advance. Our digital illustration workflow will be
explained in the advance sections of the course. For those of you who never use adobe illustrator
before, no worries, you can start from the basic level as this level is indeed designed
for complete beginners in mind. In the basic level we will start discussing
the difference between vector and raster graphic, learn the basic adobe illustrator skills such
as navigation, selection and transformation. Next we move on to shape creation, from simple
primitive shapes to custom shapes using the pen tool. We’ll discuss how to arrange shapes using
depth sorting, alignment, snapping and other related topics. Starting from the intermediate level we will
start discussing on how to combine shapes using compound path, path finder, clipping
mask, live paints and other related methods. We’ll create several projects in this level
such as 3d screw, dog house and clown fish illustration. In the next intermediate level we’ll focus
on stroke features inside Adobe Illustrator. We’ll start with the basic stroke properties. How we can manage variable width stroke. Using different type of brush such as art
brush and pattern brush. We will do several projects in this level
like easily creating tree vector artwork like this and create decorative element like this. Then we will cover the core concept of appearance
hierarchy in Adobe Illustrator. We also going to learn how to set blending
mode and how to apply effect to our vector graphic. In this section we’ll do label design project
and create snake board game artwork from scratch. In the advance section we will start discussing
different type of shading styles and how to create them in adobe illustrator one by one. We will learn how to effectively create flat
style, polygonal style, tracing line artwork from photos and then move on to smooth shading
styles using: gradient, mesh tool and various effects such as gaussian blur. After that we finally meet
the final project of the course. In here I’ll explain our digital illustration
workflow from A to Z. You’ll master the core concepts and then
see how this workflow in action as we use it to create this digital illustration. This is the final image that we’ll be making
in the final project using our digital illustration workflow based on the things we’ve learned
from the previous lessons. This graphic is not raster. It is a vector graphic made in Adobe Illustrator
so you get all of the vector graphic benefits. You might be thinking, “This is vector? That will take days to create! My answer to this is: No! You don’t need days to create vector illustration
like this, you only need about 4 to 5 hours to finish an artwork like this using our workflow. I believe this course will be beneficial to
any graphic artists at any level. If you need the skill to create vector illustration
effectively and efficiently then this course is for you. If you still have any question feel free to
contact me. Happy learning! Wassalamualaikum.

Dereck Turner

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    you are the best illustrator in the world sir
    continue making this things i love it to much

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