Adina on Noga Art Gallery and Tel Aviv’s evolution as Art Capital of Israel

Hi, my name is Adina And I’m the director of the Gallery
with my colleague Nechami Nechami Gotlib Noga gallery was established on 1994 So It’s almost 25 years And our main goal Since the beginning of the gallery Was to show and to expose young Israeli artists I’ve spent a lot of time also abroad I lived three years in Paris And I was traveling a lot all over the world But my place is Tel Aviv And I really like living here The art scene is very vivid Very interesting Lot’s of people are coming to the galleries Also speaking There’s If we speak on the commercial side is a bit tough But the level of the exhibitions In the galleries and in the museum in Tel Aviv Is really, very high. And very energetic. It’s an art capital not only in You know, In everything In ballet, in opera, music Lot’s of activity And as we’re a bit far a way You know, from the center of Europe Or, you know Paris, London, New York It’s very important for to us Also to go to To show them At art fairs and to try to To convince, or to bring Curatos and collectors to Israel.

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