Acrylic Painting Techniques: How To Paint a Face With Acrylics(Whimsical Face)

Acrylic Painting Techniques: How To Paint a Face With Acrylics(Whimsical Face)

Hello, Aggie Pixie here and in this video,
I’ll be doing a time-lapse of this acrylic fairy painting on canvas called,
Sienna Willow. Here, I’m just watering my flowers that I have on my terrace and I
do have some growing in my garden. I absolutely love painting flowers
as well. I’m just getting my canvas ready. These are the acrylic paints that I’m
using today. I just thought I’d cut a few flowers and put them by my side while I
paint. I do like to use a throwaway palette very useful. Here I’m using Schmincke
soft pastel for the skin undertone color. It’s a blue shade.
I just find to have a little more control. And say Hi to Mr.Botticelli, my art assistant!
Then I take a dry soft brush and I smudge the color wherever I want the
shade to be, the undertone skin shade to be. And then I take a color that I want
the skintone to be, this is already a premade color. I really don’t like mixing my own skin
colors I kind of just go over the skin a few times with an already made
skin color and then I add white to it, and blue or purples to it. This is just the way I do it, it’s
not exactly the right way but this is basically how I get my skin colors to look. Then I, go
ahead with the eyes I just love painting eyes! If you love painting eyes, please
let me know in comments! I especially love painting big innocent eyes! I go through the eye with many layers of
paint until I get the desired look I’m looking for. I usually go for the innocent big eye, whimsy eye. I’m adding highlights, again lots of layering. As you can tell, my eyes are not
realistic at all, they are more ethereal, whimsical eye… but I think it’s cute! Here
I’m just adding more color to the eye a little bit of blue just under the iris. I’m adding the eyelashes. You know, when I’m painting I
do make lots of mistakes, and I just take some water wipe it away with a tissue
and no problem! it’s only paint, you know, You got this, I got this!
so it’s all good! I’m just going over the lips, the cheeks, I love rosy cheeks. So for this fairy, I decided to, to have
red hair on her, I absolutely love red hair! I wish I could go red. I’m a brunette and
maybe I should try it? Should I try it? I’m just adding some background. I’m
adding in chalk pencil because it’s easy to erase afterwards if I don’t like the results. And
then I add paint, just adding paint, simple flowers to the hair. I kind of changed my mind. Then,
I’m adding glitter to the wings. This is a gloss medium and then I smooth it out with a
palette knife and then I take a good quality glitter. Then I just sprinkle it on like Pixie Dust! Consider subscribing! Thanks for watching! See you
in the next one, bye!

Dereck Turner

13 thoughts on “Acrylic Painting Techniques: How To Paint a Face With Acrylics(Whimsical Face)

  1. Aggie Pixie says:

    Do you love painting eyes as much as I do? Let me know if you enjoyed the video?
    thank you for watching!

  2. Ross Menardi says:

    Amazing! I also draw 🙂 Very Compliment!

  3. Ella Pesonen Art says:

    Lovely painting! 🙂 I do like painting eyes but it is always a scary process, if you mess them up it's hard to save the painting!

  4. Sane & Searching says:

    I love your work!!! It's so uplifting!

  5. ME Jane says:

    Love painting eyes!

  6. Elena X says:

    You're really good at painting eyes. They just draw you in! Love your videos 😍

  7. Jill S says:

    Your color palette is so pretty what type of acrylic paints do you use. I love the body that is has your flowers
    are also pretty how the tips of the petals stand up. Thanks Jill

  8. anna melegari says:

    Ciao Mr.Botticelli! Non potevi scegliere assistente migliore, ti rappresenta perfettamente… 😉

  9. Painting For Beginners says:

    Wonderful drawing ❤Like and sub👍👍 Thanks for sharing my friend 😊😊😄

  10. Aggie Pixie says:

    Click on the time codes to see your favorite part right away!😃
    ✿SKIN color paint ☛0:59
    ✿painting the EYES ☛1:30
    ✿adding EYELASHES ☛ 2:27
    ✿painting the HAIR ☛3:08
    ✿adding GLITTER to the wings ☛3:42

  11. ismaelhenriquef. arts says:

    Hi, Aggie. beautifull.

  12. Piece of Art by R Rayes says:

    So beautiful , I'm a new subscriber lets try to support each other

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    Very nice

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