Acrylic landscape painting techniques. Lessons for beginners Part 4

Acrylic landscape painting techniques. Lessons for beginners Part 4

Morning class this is Will Kemp from Will
Kemp Art school. This is part four, the final part in this
free acrylic painting landscape course. I’m just going to add some Ultramarine Blue
and some Alizarin crimson to get started. So this pink here is just a mix between the
white and the crimson. That’s all it is. Just start with the white and then add a tiny
amount of the crimson, you don’t need much at all to get this nice bright pink. We want to blend that edge to make it a bit
softer. some of the blue colour we had for the sea, you can just you know, break it up,
I said for the sea but I used the one for the sky. Mistakes happen when you’re painting!
So I’m just lightening this with the white, and there’s areas here I can just, you know,
add a touch to. So with the bright pink, nice that isn’t
it,and you can see how I can work side to side just to feather that edge from it.
You can then tone down that pink a bit with this other blue that’s already premixed
. You’ll notice on this side of the picture there is a little bit of it here and a little
bit of that colour down there, can you see that. So now with just some more of the blue onto
the premixed sky colour, might just add a little bit to that corner. So now when we have another look at the picture,
we can see how the burnt umber that we first put in here is too warm and not dark enough.
so we can mix a black between using the burnt umber add some of that blue to it, the Ultramarine
blue. You can see how that gives us a lovely dark
black, we can start just to put in, especially on the base of the land. You don’t need
to worry too much about the top, I quite like having part of it there.
Then with the white on here, I’m just going to add a little hi light and I use quite a
dry brush so it breaks on the texture of the canvas surface.
A really lovely painterly approach and sometimes this is just what you’re after, you know,
a real feeling of the brush marks, the movement. You can of course work more into the painting
to make it more realistic, but sometimes these just work absolutely perfectly, real cracking
little paintings. What I’d now do to bring it to a better
finish is I’d start to introduce glazes in different colours and to work on the whole
thing just a bit more. This is Will Kemp from willkempartschool if
you want to paint along with this you can go to my website theres a link to a download
of this picture and all the steps I’e gone through on here so you can follow along at
home, I d love to see your results, lets get painting.

Dereck Turner

51 thoughts on “Acrylic landscape painting techniques. Lessons for beginners Part 4

  1. willkempartschool says:

    @HipJam13 Thanks HipJam, hope it has helped your paintings,

  2. revju09 says:

    nice work….keep posting

  3. willkempartschool says:

    @revju09 Thanks, glad you're enjoying the videos, Will

  4. willkempartschool says:

    Hey Wagner,
    The song is a ukulele instrumental covering the song "Gitara" by Parokya Ni Edgar by the uke brudders.

  5. yanelijah says:

    Hey Will, great work! This is really helpful. I am watching your videos up to this part. I am also into painting but not as good as you since I am just a beginner. I have done some paintings and some of them looks satisfying, others are just awful. haha. By the way, how did you know about the song "gitara"? I am a Filipino and Parokya ni edgar is popular in my country. I love their songs, too. I'd love to see more of your paintings.

  6. willkempartschool says:

    @yanelijah Hey yanelijah, thanks for the kind message, pleased to hear you are enjoying the painting videos. I stumbled across 'gitara' on youtube and just kinda liked it!

  7. yanelijah says:

    @willkempartschool really? that was lucky you came across that song. It really has a good lyrics. I just saw your website and it's really cool. I think I'm gonna need to spend time reading your precious painting tips. Now, I am encouraged to paint more. thanks Will and good luck~


  8. willkempartschool says:

    @yanelijah Yes it was a lucky find! Great to hear you have been encourages to paint some more!

  9. Eren Mckay says:

    Thanks for these wonderful lessons. Keep up the great work!

  10. willkempartschool says:

    Thanks very much Eren, glad you have enjoyed them,

  11. K_blaze says:

    THank you for sharing your talent! It's helped me simplify my technique and improve:-D

  12. willkempartschool says:

    Great to hear it aymuradg, sometimes the simply approach can achieve better results, pleased to hear the videos have helped your paintings,

  13. willkempartschool says:

    Hi OilPortraitPainter, thanks so much for your kind comment, so pleased to hear that you have enjoyed the course and it has helped in your painting progress!
    Thanks again,

  14. Arti Tiwari says:

    It was a proper step by step tutorial. I did learnt a lot about mixing colors, texture making and highlighting from this video. You are a good teacher and painter. Thanks for sharing!
    I am going to try this 🙂

  15. willkempartschool says:

    Thanks housiart, I'm confident you will get achieve some great results! Let me know how you get on,

  16. willkempartschool says:

    You can! just follow this landscape course dedekmg, you might be surprised by how good your results are! Thanks for the comment, Will

  17. willkempartschool says:

    Coming soon !!


  18. Mark Martinez says:

    I love your music choice! 🙂

  19. willkempartschool says:

    Ukuleles rock!

  20. Mark Martinez says:

    Yes! Wish I could play one….

  21. ashianason says:

    you are y too good – I mean not just in painting but in teaching it too. Simply enjoyed all the 4 parts. Have been planning to paint for long but never had the courage. You have inspired me. Thanks

  22. willkempartschool says:

    Great to hear it Ashianason!

    You only need a couple of colours and you can produce some fantastic work, you can download this image from my website so you can get started.

    Feel the fear and paint it anyway!

    Good luck,


  23. mihajlovic28 says:

    very good step by step tutorial.very positive colors and picture

  24. Zandra Naval says:

    the music choice is a filipino song 😀

  25. willkempartschool says:

    Good one Dwitishah!

    Sounds like you're going to have a great day painting, let me know how it turns out!


  26. Arcelia Narvaez says:

    Thanks teacher Kemp.

  27. Lauren Gamble says:

    What song is in the background?

  28. Jerome Masa says:

    is the song from 0:29 is Gitara of Parokya ni Edgar? a filipino song?

  29. mikee dudeyy says:

    starting instrumental song "harana" by parokya ni edgar :).really suprise u played this song cuz im filipino and all that xD  thumbs up to your choice of music mate! xD i truly adore your painting skills and the way you teach step by step, it really taught me slowly and easily to paint as a beginner, so yea what a helpful vid! thanks 😀 bows

  30. Anne Dvorachek says:

    Excellent tutorials.  I successfully painted this scene due entirely to the professional, helpful and likeable Will Kemp.  I'm definitely a fan.

  31. Juan Manuel almanza says:

    hi Will, please can you make another great abstract landscape lesson, like this one?, thanks in advance

  32. Michael Lindberg says:

    Ive looked at a lot of videos on here and your style of teaching is in my opinion is the best!  Thank you for sharing your ideas and knowledge I really appreciate it

  33. diane lynn Butron says:

    i really love this tutorial…it really helps me learned a lot…thank you and more videos please…:)

  34. Charl C says:

    goodness you are like most favorite artist ever.. After forgetting about my painting/drawing hobby for years, your videos are really inspiring me to go on.. Thank you so much 🙂

  35. Martin English says:

    Took three goes, and I lost count of the number of times I repainted those clouds, but I'm happy with my first ever landscape. Might have a go at the impressionist landscape next. Thanks for your help and inspiration

  36. Denise Mayang says:

    YAY the background song is Harana 🙂 a filipino song!! How did you even know about that song??

  37. Denise Mayang says:

    did you play all the background songs?

  38. Doki Doki Hamburger Club says:

    Will, where did you find these ukulele covers that you use in the background? I love them, they're so inspiring and relaxing.

  39. Lynda Castell-Blanch says:

    Hi Will…..hmmm…..I'm trying…we will see. I'm starting part four and my painting has a lot of hard edges and looks fairly weird….I guess I shouldn't expect too much my first time trying this blocking technique….. I will try to soften things up a bit. I love your turtorial and I'm wondering if you could do a part five on how to "finish it off" or just post your final product? Thank you for the free lesson!

  40. Lakshmi S says:

    Hi your work is so peaceful and beautiful. id like to know on what paper r u painting?

  41. Phoenix says:

    Your work is fantastic.
    I tried this as my first painting attempt. Any suggestions for a newbie? I kind of butchered this but did see a couple things I actually was happy with in the results.

  42. sandra johnson says:

    Beautifully done!

  43. Jenny says:

    Wish you had a part 5, adding the glazes, but thanks for these 4!

  44. Susan Nash says:

    Thanks for the closed caption. I understand your accent ok, but am hearing impaired so I miss bits.

  45. adr Adrian says:

    im glad i finded you!

  46. Pam Stanley says:

    Will, thank you so much for this tutorial.  It has helped me tremendously to finish a landscape.  I have watched a lot of your videos and I just want to say thank you for doing these!!  I learn so much from you.

  47. Darci Stockman says:

    I'm so amazed at how little paint you used. I think one of my biggest blunders as a beginner is using SO MUCH paint and then wasting it. This series definitely opened my eyes to this!

  48. shahbaz hussain says:

    hi will!
    hope u r doing well. i would like to know how come thid premix colours are wet? did you added any slow drying medium to it?

  49. Parvaiz Naseem says:

    Excellent!! Watched all 4 Videos and really enjoyed the Instructions!!!

  50. Renee Carter says:

    Hi Will
    Your a great instructor!
    I’ve painted a lot but love learning proper techniques! Light & darks are so important.. wish I could join your family of acrylic paint school sounds great 👍
    I will check it more ! $vs# what’s a girl to do! Thank you for your willingness to teach us your years of work!

  51. Paul Mathias says:

    Great video and talk through, so helpful, thank you so much.

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