About University of the Arts London | UAL

About University of the Arts London | UAL

Everybody here is so different and everyone is from all over the world. London is very much an international city, so you get to meet a lot of different creative people. You get to experience lots of different cultures and things. You’re never bored in London, there is so much inspiration everywhere. The art scene is one of the
best in the world. I’ve met so many amazing talented, creative students and I just feel quite privileged
that I got to meet them within this environment within a creative environment. It’s just a period of time to develop yourself as a as a creative thinker, as a practitioner, and to have that room to explore and to get to know so many amazing people.

Dereck Turner

10 thoughts on “About University of the Arts London | UAL

  1. Amo Gbr says:

    God Bless u ))))

  2. it's Ajobi says:

    what an epic promo video

  3. Shawn Harrison says:

    Gosh i wanna go here

  4. Zerun Feng says:

    It's a Wonderland

  5. Abrahán De Labastida says:


  6. ASTRO- INDIA UK ज्योतिष गुरू says:


  7. topan barlean says:

    Whos the idiot who disliked this

  8. sincerelyselene says:

    0:20 please drop his @ kthnx

  9. TalentedGIRLYgirl says:

    I REALY want to go there it’s my dream uni and I hope when I apply in a few years they would accept me <3

  10. Petra Markovic says:

    I'm still in middle school but I'm dreaming of this collage

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