Aaron Paul Discovers Bryan Cranston Living in Breaking Bad RV // Omaze

Aaron Paul Discovers Bryan Cranston Living in Breaking Bad RV // Omaze

What’s up, guys? It’s Aaron Paul, and I want you to come break bad with me. Yeah, bitch, you heard that right. It’s been 10 years since Breaking Bad premiered, and to celebrate, I’m teaming up with Omaze to fly one winner and a friend out to cook in the RV right here on the Sony lot in Los Angeles. We’re either gonna cook some meth… or breakfast. What? Yeah. Okay, yeah. Well, probably breakfast. And now, to show you what that might be like, I thought I would give you a quick tour of our past and future kitchen. Let’s do it! Oh, wow. It’s just like I remember. Man: No tours! Private residence! Oh, Jesus. Bryan. Aaron! What the hell, man? You scared the **** out of me. Oh my god, look at you! It’s so good to see you. You look great! Uh, what are you doing here, man? I’m researching a role here for, you know, a movie. Are you living here? Aaron! You’re so funny. Of course not. Bryan: So what’s with this? What’s going on? I’m giving away a chance to cook in the RV with me. Wait a minute. Breaking Bad is gonna be rebooted? Oh, thank god! Oh, yes! It’ll be just like Roseanne… without the racism. Ah, no, no. We’re not rebooting the show, Bryan. Oh. I’ve moved on. You— I’ve moved on. Moved on. Yeah, no, you… There is a hot plate here. Bryan: Mhm. Is that your hot plate? I bought it for the charity cook thing. It’s an induction cooker, by the way. Yeah! Science, bitch! Remember that? You remember? Yeah, yeah. No, I remember that. God, you were so good as Jesse. You know, we really oughta think about bringing the show back. Just saying. You’re living here. No. Okay. Yeah, right. So I’m just an actor who’s broken down, can’t get over the fact that his show has been finished for five years, and so I’m living in an RV and using a bucket as a toilet. Yeah, whatever, Aaron. Dude. That was already here. Oh. Oh my god. There’s so much **** in there, Bryan. That is like a month’s worth of **** in there. Oh no. [crying] They’re actually filming us right now, Bryan. Don’t. No, don’t… I miss the show so much. Okay. Wow. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Okay, stop, stop, stop. Stop, hey. No, no. Oh my god! You smell worse than the **** bucket. No, no, no. Oh! Oh, well I’m sorry, Aaron! I’m so sorry I can’t be young and hot and rich and rolling with a bunch of friends like you. I told you to stop calling me hot. It’s weird! Yeah, well you are! You’re hot! [camera shutter] Ah, Jesus. And this is the RV from Breaking Bad. Welcome to Sony Studios. Tour Guide: Now, if you guys just wanna head that way to the studio gift shop, I’ll meet you there in just one second. Right over there. Thank you. Aaron, what the hell are you doing? What is all this? Why aren’t you leading the tour? You work here? Nah, I… no. Yeah, yeah. Yeah he does. He works here, okay? He came begging me for a job the other day because he wanted to be around the RV again. ******* loser. And what are you doing? Why are you… Are you… Oh, holy ****. The show ended five years ago. Get over it! And you know, put on some clothes, and you put on your uniform, okay? Stu, come on, don’t make me… What? What did you just call me? Hm? Say my name. It’s from the show. I know. [sigh] Mr. Herschberger. You’re goddamn right. Tour Guide: Losers! Okay. It’s been hard to get over the show. Hey, come on. Hey, we’re not so bad off, right? We got the RV. We’ve got a hot plate. I’ve got the bucket that we could poop in. We still got our Internet friends. Come on! Why don’t you tell them about the charity event? Come on! For your chance to come cook with Bryan and me in the Breaking Bad RV, go to omaze.com/breakingbad. And all the money raised will go to us so we can buy new stuff. No! No, no, no. Goddammit. Every donation benefits two great causes: Kind Campaign and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Yeah, so maybe you could win and you can come visit us, which would really be great. It would be great. Please. Please. We’ll let you touch our Emmys. You can **** in the bucket. Ooh!

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Aaron Paul Discovers Bryan Cranston Living in Breaking Bad RV // Omaze

  1. Omaze says:

    What's your favorite Breaking Bad memory or quote?

  2. Pope Memedict says:

    Haha look at these loser crying about breaking bad being over.

    * Door locks and crying starts*

  3. Norbit Rice says:

    This is just simply amazing. It’s art

  4. Norbit Rice says:

    Bryan turns into Hal from Malcolm in the middle 😂

  5. Mike Hunt says:

    The Emmy on the floor is perfect

  6. CRISPY chicken says:

    I would so watch this TV show???? Just Bryan and Aaron trying to cope with a post breaking bad life

  7. Stan says:

    Mr lahey ???

  8. Buldbits says:


  9. Ronald Barbour says:

    For Real? After the meal….can I shit in the bucket?

  10. Your Big Head Cousin says:

    This was actually really funny. Most of these things are cheesy shit shows.

  11. david bailey says:

    we know he is still alive

  12. Paulymer says:

    Can someone link me to a YouTube video of the racism on Roseanne's show, please?

  13. Vinícius Oliveira says:

    It's so strange Heisenberg with hair and without his beard

  14. Lance Hetfield says:

    Man that was a good laugh

  15. Paul Nunez says:

    That was golden. 😂🤣

  16. Atrio Berlyn says:

    I feel brian and Aron pain.

  17. TEC EARS says:

    Tim Sacksy is Heisenberg.

  18. Lulu Adness says:

    aaron paul won't be able shake that jessie pinkman character for a long time, Bryan Cranstoun Is great to watch in what ever he does though!

  19. Jack Mehoff says:

    I swear I used to go camping in a RV just like that. It was 89-92ish bounder. Went to lake Isabella and lake Diaz for sure

  20. Jeb Atman says:

    Who is here right before watching El Camino?

  21. Will says:

    RJ Mitte was heartbroken seeing Bryan eating breakfast without him

  22. Sam Armstrong says:

    Lol,Cranston is pretty funny but imo Roseanne wasn't racist whatsoever.

  23. astro says:

    “all the money that we raise will go to us so we can buy new stuff”

  24. eric rosas lizama says:


  25. William DiStasio says:

    Omg that was AWESOME!!!!!

  26. Jerma uwu says:


  27. sam d says:

    5:14 hahaha
    RIP breaking bad , one of the best shows ever made

  28. Jean Copeland says:

    Yo yo yo , amazing , 👍🎀🇬🇧💕

  29. Eric_Grant_Swisher says:

    The same thing happened when Malcolm in the middle ended

  30. joker2258 says:

    I’ve watched this 3 times because it’s so funny.

  31. joker2258 says:

    I’ve watched this 3 times because it’s so funny.

  32. Uncomfortable Cat says:

    Skit was full of overacting.

  33. T.L.G says:

    let it go

  34. 10M views says:

    Am I just realising now that it's the same guy from Malcom in the middle

  35. Renan Rattis says:

    almost s*** my pants damnnn to funny

  36. The Badgeman says:

    im…still… crying

  37. Rhett Not Link says:

    Jesse meets Hal. Amazing.

  38. Dark Kronis says:

    i up for a reboot but it set in the Malcolm in the middle universe

  39. Cameron Elcock says:

    "We'll let you shit in the bucket"
    Bryan: ooo

  40. Fernanda Fontaine says:


  41. OSC OSC says:

    Lol these 2 are great

  42. PRYVTgomerPYLE says:

    Cranston is so fucking good! 😂🤣

  43. George Sotomayor says:

    And all the money will go to us so we can buy new things. (GOLD)

  44. Walter White says:

    It’s not what you think! I swear!

  45. Bill Zussman says:

    Lmao, i lost it when his nuts were out.

  46. MotorHead Tech says:

    Man this is so original, i dont see any other series doing such a clever skit!

  47. Alltimers club - Yakutsk says:

    Bryan should definitely play Mr. Lahey in the new series of Trailer Park boys

  48. lllCloWnBabylll says:

    When it cut to the the living in an RV book 😂

  49. Colter Jones says:

    Anyone else notice rickybobbys wonderbreak nascar from taladegaknights. Or the football hellmet golfcar from 22jump street lol

  50. lllCloWnBabylll says:

    “And all the money raised will go to us so we can buy new stuff.” 😂😂

  51. thomas3bulus says:

    So much better than El Camino. This should have been the plot..

  52. Chris D. says:

    no way I touch your emmies :-O :-)))

  53. Rayan Alexander says:

    bring it back

  54. Carlos Silva Jr says:

    Kk, nice!!!

  55. jiggamanog says:

    Sounds like the loser in the blue shirt never hit puberty.

  56. barusamikosu says:

    I love to see u two like this we need to see u in a comedy movie together ^^

  57. tdawg96tpain ovo says:

    Best show ever made. And it’s all based around meth 😂😂😂😂

  58. Aly Khodeir says:

    I would donate so they can buy new things

  59. Donald Trump says:

    Anyone here after EL CAmino

  60. Blood BRS says:

    4:24 Shazam !

  61. Pope Memedict says:

    This should be a sitcom

  62. matrixphijr says:

    “For the chance to cook with Bryan and Aaron.”
    “We’ll let you touch our Emmys.”
    “You can sh*t in a bucket.”

  63. The Articulating Anoraks Podcast says:

    I reckon this was filmed around the time El Camino was filmed…

  64. E Gor says:

    Ruined it bruh


    2:48 JAJAJAJA the typical performance of Hal Wilkerson XDDD

  66. Aj Rivera says:

    Bryan Cranston acting is on a level most can never get to and its amazing. These little skits can last forever.

  67. Aj Rivera says:

    Bryans crying can beat most of the actors on GOT

  68. Gaminh says:

    Why is every sketch Bryan is in include him not owning a house?

  69. aka_drew says:

    bro im dying

  70. The Greatest Trollmonger says:

    2:38 100000% reminds me of EDWARD NORTON

  71. The Greatest Trollmonger says:


  72. William Eyelash says:

    Bryan is peak Hal here

  73. NightgloomNick Gaming says:

    When you find a weird NPC in GTA

  74. Tanner Stiverson says:

    I can’t believe he would just barge into his private domicile like that.

  75. andrew Sisty says:

    Omg the crying part had me dead…

  76. jonh johns says:

    oh..oh my god there is so much shit in there that got me so bad XD

  77. Alejandro De Cesare says:

    Do.I get to win a bucket of shit? 🥰🥰🤣🤣🤣

  78. Peanut Box says:

    The tour guide wasn’t funny.

  79. Virtual Roleplay says:

    "I've moved on"
    Actually not, Aaron.

  80. Gstyliie says:

    Breaking bad was so good evening my mum liked it.. and she’s african

  81. K9 says:

    Bro each persin here will litterally give 100$ for another season

  82. Ron Wilkerson says:

    Light bulb head ass

  83. yappa08 says:

    Love the toilet paper holder Emmy.

  84. Martin Espinoza says:

    I'm Going Just to Shit In The Bucket

  85. A A says:

    I hope whoever won took them up on the offer to shit in the bucket.

  86. Paul Hollier says:

    TOO funny. Thank you for sharing.

  87. TheMisnomeredOne says:

    El Camino was the ultimate swan song for Jesse’s character. Aaron Paul take a fucking bow.

  88. Doctor4077 says:

    God they work so well together

  89. meep ding says:

    Bryan Cranston is so funny 🤭😂🤣

  90. AHarice says:

    I want a follow up of Aaron talking about the new movie

  91. El mudo que habla says:

    They should make a breaking bad parody show where Brian and Aaron just play this characters (sort of themselves) that can't get over the fact that the show is over and idk something in between bojack horseman and arrested development, I really need this sony

  92. Smith Js says:

    anything related to breaking bad…love it

  93. El Cæsar says:

    THE FUNNIEST PART: tourist guide vs Aaron

  94. cat person says:

    Brian loves to show his pp

  95. Nick Worrell says:

    I watched this with no sound and still heard both their voices crystal clear. This was wonderful marketing for a great cause. I enjoyed seeing old characters doing new material. Thank you closed captions.

  96. Bray Bay says:

    hahaha, glad this came up on my recommendations. Never saw this before. Absolutely brilliant, Couldn't stop laughing.

  97. Вася Пупкин says:

    Go on, men!

  98. Connor Iquada says:

    I love Brian Cranston and Aaron paul

  99. there's nothing wrong with being a bit silly says:

    Aaron Paul is the only one i'll let call me a bitch 🐈

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