Aaron Carter’s Face Tattoo Artist Has Something To Say

Aaron Carter’s Face Tattoo Artist Has Something To Say

In case you missed it: Aaron Carter has a
brand-new face tattoo and the Internet has some thoughts on it … and so does the tattoo
artist. But let’s back up just a bit. On Saturday, September 28th, 2019, the “Fool’s
Gold” singer took to Instagram to share multiple mirror selfies showing off the ink. Resembling Medusa from Greek mythology and
including the word “love,” the new tat was reportedly inspired by Rihanna’s infamous
2013 British GQ cover and runs along one side of Carter’s face, including just under his
eye. No matter your feelings on Carter’s recent
face tattoo, there’s no denying the thing is massive. But according to the tattoo artist in question,
Herchell Carrasco, the singer-songwriter reportedly wanted to go even bigger. Carrasco revealed to TMZ that the $5,000 tattoo
session took place at Carter’s home on Friday, September 27th. He told the gossip site that Carter had only
been smoking cigarettes and marijuana that day and appeared mentally stable, saying, “Before I tattoo anyone, I take into consideration
their mental state. In Aaron’s case, I assessed the situation
and I genuinely felt he was in a good place mentally to get tattooed.” The original plan was to add ink to Carter’s
chest, but Carrasco explained that Carter called an audible and wanted his face done
instead, and he eventually had to cut the pop star off. Carrasco claimed, “[Carter] wanted to keep going and I had to
stop him. I couldn’t cover his whole face in a tattoo. I just couldn’t.” Fans of the former child star quickly took
to the comments section to make their thoughts — and concerns — heard on the singer’s
new ink. “No one would ever say these things to my
face.” One fan simply wrote, “WTF happened to your face” While another fan posted in the comments section, “You’ll regret it later Aaron … I’m sorry. I supported everything. But this is [too] much 😩.” In response, Carter wrote, “My identity. Not yours.” Fair enough. Luckily for the former hitmaker, the response
wasn’t entirely negative, as one supporter commented: “It really Looks good On you! Your much braver then me I’d be terrified
lol.” It should be noted that Carter has since set
his Instagram account to private. However, he doesn’t seem to have any regrets
about his latest ink. He later tweeted amid the social media frenzy
surrounding his face tattoo, “I understand people [have] a right to their
opinions, but they really need to keep them to themselves. I’ve truly learned to love myself again. […] That’s why this is all happening. I’m not afraid of who I am.” In other Aaron Carter news, it appears that
the once adorable brotherly team of Nick and Aaron Carter are on the outs. While the Carter family unfortunately isn’t
immune to its fair share of showbiz drama, it’s worth noting that the younger Carter
bro’s face tattoo debuted amid a recent resurgence in his nasty — albeit ongoing — feud with
brother Nick Carter. In mid-September 2019, the Backstreet Boy
older brother of Aaron took to Twitter to reveal: “After careful consideration, my sister Angel
and I regret that we were required to seek a restraining order against our brother Aaron
today. In light of Aaron’s increasingly alarming
behavior and his recent confession that he harbors thoughts and intentions of killing
my pregnant wife and unborn child, we were left with no choice but to take every measure
possible to protect ourselves and our family. We love our brother and truly hope he gets
the proper treatment he needs before any harm comes to himself or anyone else.” In response, Aaron unleashed a series of tweets
in which he shared shocking claims about the sexual assault allegations multiple women
previously made against Nick, and included the message: “Take care. @nickcarter we’re done for life.” Nick reportedly escalated his security measures
in response to Aaron’s behavior. Despite all of this, Aaron Carter has claimed
to be, quote, “doing just fine.” Around the time of his face tattoo reveal,
the younger Carter tweeted out, “I ask you to respect me & leave me alone. I already have to move and I don’t need to
be under scrutiny with every decision I make. I will take the necessary precautions to protect
myself, and when I move no one will know where I live! #MissingMyMom right now.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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100 thoughts on “Aaron Carter’s Face Tattoo Artist Has Something To Say

  1. Nicki Swift says:

    How much money could someone give you to get a face tattoo?

  2. Jazz Critic says:

    This mofo ruined everything

  3. jade bethel says:

    I want him to get better

  4. Jake Glasgow says:

    Nah thats a dope tattoo

  5. Heather says:

    starbucks logo with a mustache

  6. Kelly Davis says:

    It should be illegal for tattoo artists to tattoo on someone's face if they don't provide a doctor's not saying they Aren't mentally unstable.

  7. Lisa Vanden Heuvel says:


  8. Derick spawn says:

    Its horrible!!! This kid is unstable!!

  9. I, DON'T, EXIST says:

    You're a tattoo artist not a behavior expert.

  10. Hunks Appreciated says:

    Who the hell is this moron. Don't tattoo crazy ppl.

  11. iwantabeetle says:

    Over 80% of people with face tattoos were molested as children… They look so degenerate but it gets the chicks because chicks like losers…

  12. Nctrs says:

    It’s so bad though

  13. some random guy says:

    Why did this Muppet laser all his tattoos off just to get more? How long until the face tattoo gets removed.

  14. SoStinas Here says:

    5,000???!!? Noo way. That was over priced. But dang that tat artist is cutee.

  15. lindyv369 says:

    There is no way he was/is in his right state of mind. That tattoo artist is just doing damage control.
    It looks horrible, btw.

  16. Katie ward says:

    He's a bloody idiot I use to like him but the face tattoo is just a step too far he needs some help he's spiralling out of control and that tattoo artist should of refused to do that on his face and certainly not done it in his home. I hope he gets the help he needs soon.

  17. Emma Crawford says:

    It's his body he can do to it whatever he wishes but threatening someone elses body is a whole different proposition. Putting personal business across social media is childish and for people who are highly narcissistic. I'd venture a guess that the whole bunch of them need to seek help.

  18. Adam Smith says:

    $5k for that? Dude got ripped off. It looks like shit now will look even worse when totally healed

  19. Genna Clark says:

    This is just sad. Watching him mentally spiral out of control like he is. Someone has to help him 🥺

  20. Taylor P. says:

    It's not my style but I think it fits his aesthetic. If it makes him genuinely happy then I have no issue with it. However, that tattoo seems a little overpriced. People need to stop being dicks. It's not your body.

  21. Elysian Tattoo Travel says:

    As an tattoo artist.. you my friend dropped the ball… dont be afraid to say no to your client.. dont act like a psychiatrist who knows someone's mental state… stick to your craft and say no to bullshit like this….
    And dont say he will be proud of this..you know damn well that piece of dogshit on his face will haunt him forever… good job buddy

  22. stephentherarabear says:

    That is a terrible tattoo I wouldnt pay 100 bucks for it

  23. Local Scam says:


  24. Melissa G says:

    It sucks the tattoo isn’t even a good tattoo 😩😩😩

  25. Luce says:

    Looks poes kak

  26. James Noffsinger says:

    Aaron your smoking yourself all up bro..


    Blueface baby

  28. DAVID MATHEWS/The Minerals says:

    This guy is ready to blow…In more ways than one.

  29. a Lucario says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t who he is?

  30. Vongdeune Nanthavongdouangsy says:

    Meth is a hell of a drug

  31. Oggydogg 313 says:

    I love how much it looks like shit. It’s to dark and will not age right hahahahah

  32. Stacy Teal says:

    It is his life and body. We don't have to like it but he is the one that has to live with his decision, not us.

  33. Michael Rotherham says:

    Tbh he wasn’t a good child either

  34. Arielle Dawson says:


  35. Alicia Flores says:

    It’s a an ugly ass tattoo

  36. Mr. Drobot says:

    It looks reeeeeeeeally bad.

  37. Joe Downey says:

    "Former hit maker"…

  38. Pamela A says:

    That tatt ink looks terrible

  39. Dank Dank says:

    He got ripped off for 5k, That's like a 300$ tattoo right there. Hes a sucker.

  40. 7wnb says:

    Aaron Carter suicide watch is on… smh 🤦‍♂️

  41. Prissy Doll says:

    So nobody's gonna talk about that he has thoughts and intentions on killing a baby and baby mamma?

  42. ChicagoDaisyFlower says:

    He wants to be left alone and here he's posting bullshit all the time. This man needs serious mental HELP!!

  43. azen smith says:

    That tattoo is terrible,not just the design but the work looks like it was done by and amateur.

  44. chancie mappus says:

    I'm not sure it's even a real tattoo. Some pictures it's on the right side but in others it's on the left side. He just wants attention in my opinion. But what do I know.

  45. Barney Doherty says:

    5 g's dude? Fuck outta here

  46. Will The Powerful says:

    Holly hell. A face tattoo. This guy is falling apart.

  47. Darrell Shropshire says:

    Lol he really switch it from a chest tat to a face tat because Logan Paul told him face tats make you look hard on impaulsive. Hilarious that Aaron took his sarcasm as real advice, and now he officially looks like an idiot forever.

  48. Tom Sawyer says:

    This is so sad. He just wants to be loved!

  49. Celeste Leon says:

    I feel that it's his body and if he regrets anything later on it will all be on him.. So, let's try to just mind our own business.

  50. 🦇🎃Jo🎃🦇 says:

    $5,000 for that??!?! It looks so bad

  51. Hector Medrano says:

    $5,000 for that piece of shit it looks horrible. Plus I know amazing artist that could do a lot for $5,000

  52. atown Ish says:

    Meth and sexual abuse = big face tattoo

  53. Michael Feimer says:

    Aaron Carter – Früher als junger Sänger (13-14 Jahre) war er eine gute Konkurenz gegen sein Bruder…einfach nur super, heute: einfach nur ein kaputter Freak ! Schade um Ihn !

    (Aaron Carter – Formerly a young singer (13-14 years) he was a good competitor
    against his brother … just great, today: just a broken freak! Pity about him) !!!

  54. Odk says:

    $5,000 for that shitty artwork?

  55. Fade2 blacK says:

    5000$ for that?!? Traash. Not worth it at all for what the artist did. For 5gs it should’ve had way more details especially in the snakes. Facts.

  56. the gonz says:

    He's a tool. It's going to suck when you go broke because your a no talent tool and you can't get a minimum wage job cause or your expression

  57. Necronaut says:

    the guy is on amphetamines of some kind for sure. His face is always sunken in, eyes sunken in, the guy inst eating or drinking water you can see it in his face.

  58. Scott Hall says:

    Always happens to young white kids who sing like a girl. They get made fun of so much they turn as ghetto as possible to try to get street cred. Problem is they get taken seriously even LESS.

  59. Josh Rinlee says:

    That cost 5000$!? It looks like doo doo..

  60. myowntruth44 says:

    Don’t like when ppl get tattoos on there hands neck and face when their not all the way sleeved and chest ect (sweater) you only go there when running out of room! My opinion. He’s probably gonna get blasted (inked up) though, I hope. Looks like he’s hitting that white stuff.

  61. Serena Sturdivant says:

    The artist is lying. I watched the live and I never herd him try to talk him out of it. He just said ,"are you sure?" Aaron says yeah and then the artist said, ok man . That's cool.

  62. J-man 1017 says:

    Dude why he always posing with the shhhh finger

  63. cara22 says:

    Aaron follows me on twitter, and I used to be a fan. But after his whole twitter rant started i ended up blocking him oops

  64. kristina mendoza says:

    This guy is depressed you can see it but it’s his face his life

  65. VilliVideo TV says:


  66. S0N_0f_ CALi says:

    He wanna take 69's spot!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  67. tall white loser says:

    5 Grand and it looks like a beginner drew it

  68. Sensei Damageyourmulz says:

    This tattooist sucks. Ripped off. Looks like a jail tattoo.

  69. Foop I Lee says:

    He's wearing Logan's Impaulsive chain while getting that face tattoo lol

  70. Steven Boudreau says:

    I love the ink to be honest man

  71. EY 19 says:

    Looks lame asf!!!

  72. Tough Harley says:

    What in the world happened to him? Did he not get enough attention from his parents?

  73. Kat says:

    Ugliest freaking tattoo ever. Shame on you fake artist.

  74. Jay Morgan says:

    Aaron carters 'finger shh thingy' that he does anoise the shit out of me. almost all of his photos he has his finger over his mouth saying shh! its like its his "magnum" look from zolander! Lol!

  75. Psalm 144:1-2 says:

    No…. just no. Poor broken kid.

  76. The Life of Jake says:

    He really needs help for his mental health before he hurts himself or someone else

  77. Benjamin Buehler says:

    That tattoo looks horrible.mentally after this tattoo he decided to move .lol.

  78. James Henderson says:

    I'm glad Leif Garrett never had any tattoos.

  79. AOB YungCP says:

    I have tats on my face at the end of the day it’s art but this guy was getting tats removed saying it wasn’t who he was then gets one on his face bigger than all 4 of mine put together….seems like he’s got a legit personality disorder he’s stated he was diagnosed with schizophrenia but then he gets on No Jumper saying he’s” fine people jus don’t know him”

  80. blue skyz says:

    5,000 yeah a good place in your pocket

  81. Sarah says:

    I think it's beautiful.

  82. Janette Kornbluth says:

    Aaron you are gorgeous no matter what even with the tattoo! Please don't mask what you are going through by getting tattoos. I can tell you have a good soul who cares about what people think as long as you believe in yourself than that's what matters the most!👸😍😘😁

  83. Roger Kwiatek says:


  84. Kari says:

    aww poor dude, I hope he gets better soon

  85. omg really says:

    He went down hill after the song I want Candy he went bad what happened to who used to be cute now he looks like he's been doing drugs I feel bad for him and his and his brother and that tattoo doesn't even look that great for that price what a rip off

  86. katherine wilcox says:

    People get face tattoos because there in emotional pain ..that being said it's his face so who cares if he likes it then all good ..

  87. Vision Tube says:

    5000 dollars?AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH……….

  88. Steve says:

    Aaron doesn’t like the spot light like that and you can see it , the music industry can make some people feel lost and sad

  89. Jhenyris Francisco says:

    Hahah… Starbucks logo his face.?
    I think it's a free coffee passes..😂

  90. Gary Burnett says:

    What an ugly dude come to oregon we got euthanasia

  91. y u do dat? says:


  92. y u do dat? says:

    These white folk is CRAZY

  93. Mrs S says:

    5k? It looks like shit..

  94. Paige Batson says:

    I just saw him live on Friday (October 4) it looks bad in person lol

  95. Leo Mata says:

    Bro that tat looks really horrible it doesn't even look realistic

  96. Eva Von Haus says:

    Face tattoos. How moronic. I don't give a shit who you are, or if theres meaning behind it.

  97. MirandaK321 says:

    I’m glad the artist was responsible and didn’t tattoo more on him

  98. PaKLeAdR says:

    Granted I know house call for a tattoo isn't cheap, but I know some artists who can do a hella better job for way less than that!

  99. MARIO MUSKETER says:

    big looser….this is the boy who can leave of the family name …

  100. WolfWould says:

    Please kids, even SoundCloud rappers, DON'T TATTOO YOUR FACE!! Anything else. Just not your face! It was dumb 20 years ago with the drop under one eye. It's dumb now.

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