A Simple Trick to ORGANIZE Your Photos on Your Mac

A Simple Trick to ORGANIZE Your Photos on Your Mac

If you use the photos app that comes with
your Mac, then stayed tuned because I have an awesome trick to teach you today, which
will help show you which of the photos in your photos library have not already been
organized into albums, thus helping you do so, coming up next on Tech Talk America. [Music]
Recently I was doing a private lesson with this gentlemen, Nate Bennett. Hey, dude, thank you for having this issue. Nate called me; he had taken a class of mine
that I had already taught. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll give you
a link to it. It’s totally free, down below in the description
of the video. That class is called How to Finally Organize
Your Photos Library. He told me that he’d taken some of the steps
he’d gone through. He created some albums, some structure, but
then he came to me with this problem of, how do I know which of the photos in my library
are not already organized. It took me a minute or two. I did a quick little Google search and I came
to think, you know what? I bet a lot of other people at home are having
that same issue, so if you did, hit that Like button. We’re going to go to a quick cut and when
we come back, I’ll be on my desktop behind me. Alright folks, so the first step, if you have
not already done so, is you need to create that initial structure so that we have a place
to put all of your photos into the correct, corresponding albums. If you look here on the left-hand side of
my screen, here under where it says My Albums, there’s this little plus symbol. What you just want to do, if you haven’t
already done so, is to go through here and create new albums and then just title them
the way you would like your photos to be organized. For example, a lot of my clients like to have
an album with all of their family photos. Maybe they want another one with different
vacations all grouped together; whatever structure works for you, just create it. Doesn’t even matter if there isn’t any
content in those albums. All you need to do is create the structure. Then when you’re done with that – that’s
where this little search algorithm comes into play – what we’re going to do is we’re
going to really utilize a feature that is built into photos called a Smart Album to
show us all of those photos that are not already organized. Let’s go up here to the top left, under
File, and we’re going to go to New Smart Album. Now of course you can call this whatever you
want. For now, I’m just going to call this Unorganized
Pics. Now below ,we’re going to just create that
little algorithm. What we’re going to do is we’re going
to change this away from Photo and we’re going to go up here to Album. Then, where it says Is we’re going to change
that from Is to Is Not, and this we’re going to leave just the way it is. You can see right here it has found 44 photos
in my photo library that match that criteria. Let’s hit Okay and if you look over here
on the left-hand side, there is now a new smart album called Unorganized Pics. Now I can go through here and let’s say
I want to take this photo right here and I want to now organize it: I’m going to put
it into an album. This is one of my droning Provincetown videos,
still images from one of my videos. I’m going to just drop it into that album. You’ll notice that when I do so, it disappears
from this list. One of the things that I think is a secondary
benefit is just the pure gratification that you are going to get as you see this number
at the very top of my screen start to go down. What’s awesome about this is that now that
we have syncing ability¬ if you use the photo library feature in iCloud so that it does
sync all of your photos across your various devices. What’s awesome about this is that you could
go into this smart album on any of your devices, and just when you have some free time, just
move a few photos. Move them into this album, move them into
that album. Before you know it, this number will be, hopefully,
less than it is currently. ‘
Thank you so much for watching, everyone. I do hope you enjoyed this class. If you did, I really do greatly appreciate
it if you just take a moment, maybe leave me a little comment down below, hit that Like
button, share me on whatever social media platform you’re using these days. Also keep in mind that if you out there would
ever like to do a private lesson with yours truly ¬– I know it might sound silly to
some people that a YouTube guy, why would you do private lessons? The fact of the matter is that I do all of
this here from my second bedroom in my home. It’s cool. I get to have a lot of fun doing it. It’s really cool for me to get to be able
to affect so many different businesses, and educators, and students, and all different
sorts of different people globally. At the same time, there is a part of me that
really loves getting to hear your stories and work with you, so if you would ever care
to take a little private lesson with yours truly, as of today’s date, I have the pricing
set at $150 an hour. I’m going to try to keep it as reasonable
as I possibly can. If you would like to do so, all the information
is on my website, Techtalkamerica.com/privatelessons. Thanks for watching everyone this is David
A. Cox with Tech Talk America. Class dismissed.

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