A Dating Coach Guesses Who’s Slept With Whom | Lineup | Cut

A Dating Coach Guesses Who’s Slept With Whom | Lineup | Cut

– I think you’re sleeping together. – Do I look gay? – Yeah. – All right. (upbeat music) – I’m Cora Boyd. I am a dating and
relationship coach for men. – [Interviewer] Why just men? – There’s not a ton of dating
support available for men. And then also, just being a woman myself, I have that female
perspective that I can bring. – [Interviewer] Today
you’re going to be guessing who has slept with who. Do you think you’re gonna be good at matching up people? – I think I might be
surprised, I don’t know. I wanna be surprised. – [Interviewer] We’re
gonna bring out the line. Are you ready?
– Yes. – [Interviewer] All right everybody. (laughing) – You, please. And you. – So why do you think
that we slept together? – Visually I think you
guys look good together. Will you hit on each other? – Damn, you are fine as hell. – I am? (laughing) – I don’t think they
are sleeping together, ’cause that was really uncomfortable. Will you swap out? Will you guys hit on each other, please? – Yeah. Your body looks amazing today. – Ooh, thank you.
– And everyday. And your hair looks good,
your eyes are beautiful. – Thank you. – Your smile is great. Anything else? – All right, they’re
definitely sleeping together. (laughing) There’s no discomfort. It’s like you, there’s a magnetism, you wanna touch each other. – [Interviewer] Okay, first guess. You got four more. Are you comfortable saying what initially attracts you to people? – Well definitely physical attraction, or like a pheromonal thing. – [Interviewer] Are you
saying people are attracted to each other’s smells? – That, yeah. I think there’s a lot in attraction, we perceive these things
even if we don’t know we are. Please come up, please come up. Please stare deeply
into each other’s eyes. (laughing) Okay, I think you’re sleeping together. – Okay.
– Okay. – Do I look gay? – Yeah. – All right. – [Interviewer] All
right, how do you think you’re doing so far? – I think I’m doing good. I don’t know if I’m getting it right, but I think I’m picking up on something. – [Interviewer] And what is that? – Visual chemistry, body language. – [Interviewer] All right,
who’s the next group? – So you want me to
bring them up in pairs? – [Interviewer] You really wanna get everyone right, don’t you? – I do. Would you please come up? Would you please come up? Will you guys hit on each other please? – Oh my god, your eyes. Wow, okay. Well nevermind, no.
– Oh sorry, I thought you were still going. I like was waiting.
– I was waiting. – You said something, then I was like. – No, it’s okay.
– Waiting for it. – Will you touch his face? – All right, I don’t think
they’ve slept together. (laughing) Okay. Will you come up? Will you hit on each other please? – You’re looking good today. – Thank you, as usual, I mean. – As usual.
– Thank you. (laughing) I always look good. – There’s a tension point
of comfort and excitement. (laughing) So they clearly had existing rapport, they’re physically
comfortable with each other. That’s my third match. – [Interviewer] What
if you got them wrong? What do you think that means? – Well I think what that means is that just ’cause you’re dating someone it doesn’t mean that you
don’t have the potential to have chemistry with other people. Would you please come up? Would you please come up? – I’m just getting tested with everyone. (laughing) – Will you ask him a question? Whatever you want.
– Yeah. What do you find attractive about me? – I really like your smile. I like your sense of fashion too. (laughing) I don’t know. Kinda like, you put me on the spot. – All right, I think that if
they were sleeping together he would’ve said something
about character quality, so I don’t think they’re
sleeping together. – All right, all right, I’m up here, cool. – We’re gonna see this through. – [Interviewer] Is he a hard one? – I think what it is is that he, I could see him connecting with a lot of different types of people. – Generic. – No, no you’re really open and loving. Yeah.
– That’s good enough. – Will you come up please? Will you share a very intimate hug? Hm. Interesting. I’m gonna ask you to come up. Just see what’s up. Will you hold hands? All right. That wasn’t, if they
were sleeping together that would’ve been a little more natural. But they might just feel
uncomfortable right now. Same here. There could’ve been, I’m not sure. Will you guys kiss? – Hm.
– Hm. (laughing)
– No? So they’re not sleeping together. I’m not fully confident in this, but I’m gonna pair them together. – [Interviewer] All right, so
that means the last group… – Well, hm. – [Interviewer] Can you picture these two sleeping with each other? – Yeah. – Why could you see us sleeping together? (laughing) – [Interviewer] All right,
get back in the line. So everybody who she matched up, stand next to each other. All right, these are all the couples that you matched up. Raise your hand if she got you right. – Holy dick! (laughing) No. (clapping and cheering) Oh my god! Wow. – [Interviewer] So you’re gonna talk to each group individually. – Okay. What’s your relationship like? – We’ve slept together once. – Okay. – Why was it so obvious to you? How did you guess? – You just look great together. There’s a good balance. Would you sleep with each other again? – Yeah, I absolutely want to. – Yeah, absolutely. – Great. – [Interviewer] Were
they tougher to guess? – Visually I didn’t put them together. I perceived a shyness to you. – I’m pretty shy. – And you have all this glitter, like I perceived outgoing. But honestly that’s very
compatible a lot of the time. But that’s why like it took me a minute to figure that out. What kind of relationship do you have? – We don’t define it. – Cool. Romantic friends. – Yeah. What made you pick us together? – You’re both stylish as fuck. – Thank you. – And so I would assume that you would be attracted to that in another person. So that was a visual indicator. And then when I saw you
guys interact, damn. – My body kinda gave it away. (laughing) – What kind of relationship
do you guys have? – Friends with benefits. – Cool. – Kinda gray area. – Yeah, yeah. – [Interviewer] Do any of you guys refer to yourselves as interracial couples? – Yeah, my parents are interracial. I’m black and white, so I mean. I’d be more than happy to label myself with somebody else not of my
race, and call it interracial. For sure.
– All right. What kind of relationship
do you guys have? – Can we ask her that? – I think you’re in a relationship. – Yeah, she’s right. – Was it upsetting to you to see me pair him with so many other people? – No ’cause I kinda get the
vibe that he’s very open and can develop deep
relationships with other people. – But like I always come back. – He chooses you. Exactly. And that’s really romantic. – [Interviewer] How was this experience? – It was affirming for me. Attraction is so mysterious. It doesn’t always make sense. But I think you can see when people have a magnetism to
each other if you look. So yeah, I do think
there is mystery to it. And I think that’s
what’s exciting about it. And what’s kind of like special about that kind of connection. – [Interviewer] Good job, you guys. A plus. (clapping) – Hey guys. Thanks for watching another Cut video. If you wanna get more content from us check out our new Patreon. Patreon.com/watchcut. See ya there.

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