‘A Dark Moment’: Alleged Trump Ukraine Crime Sends GOP Into Spiraling Circus | MSNBC

‘A Dark Moment’: Alleged Trump Ukraine Crime Sends GOP Into Spiraling Circus | MSNBC

Dereck Turner

99 thoughts on “‘A Dark Moment’: Alleged Trump Ukraine Crime Sends GOP Into Spiraling Circus | MSNBC

  1. Michigan J Frog says:

    Lol.. the overhead view of that group of Republicans that barged in… well, I wasn't wearing my glasses and when I looked at the picture I thought it was a bowl of blueberries LOL I hope this makes someone laugh through all this nonsense

  2. Dorothy Riddle says:

    Should not the republicans entering by force the secure meeting room lose their own security clearances, or at least be fined for their violations?

  3. Neilobr is says:

    They maybe congress men and women, however they act more like puppets.

  4. Scott Williamson says:

    Would you say that this truth that they can't handle was located in… a zone of… danger…?

  5. Xime Ruiz says:

    Could Bill Taylor run for President? I don't even know what party he is. I would vote for him.

  6. B. Ciernioch says:

    They are trying to lynch democracy

  7. Shirley Andrews says:

    This is so embarrassing ! Prepubs are objecting to the very same process that they did during the Clinton impeachment. What a bunch of crybabies! 💩😡💩😡💩😡

  8. jose Estrada says:

    Those Republicans should be charged with obstruction of justice. So they won't do this stunt again.

  9. Joe C. says:

    Wow…….everything except the torches and white sheets.

  10. Tseleng Botlhole says:

    What a stupid group of so called representatives of people
    Are they serving themselves or the people??
    Republicans are shameless

  11. darcanjel7 says:

    Corrupt rich white guys are running wild in this Trump era!

  12. Mark Winters says:

    What a diverse group of republicans? All that's missing are Nazi uniforms.

  13. R Cornie says:


  14. Keoki Ciervo says:

    Trump is surging to be America’s ruler. He wants to be a dictator and if necessary, will encourage a hot civil war to succeed. Democracy and Trump can NOT coexist. This struggle will end in one of two ways. Either he will destroy U.S. democracy and be America’s ruler or he will be gone.

  15. JorgeXFBunny P says:

    You dumb Republicans. You need to understand Donald will throw you underneath bus.
    He abandoned his allies. He will continue. You don't want a person that will abandon his allies and throw you underneath the Turkey.

    Wake up, You should be better than this. 2:17 Donald Cruel man. He doesn't have a heart for his allies. Sorry i need to go

  16. yada yada says:

    The Republicans have become the peak of what they truly are. They once at least pretended they didn't stand for cheating, discrimination, exclusivity, prejudice, hatred, election rigging, wielding religion as a prop to hide behind, environmental destruction, corporatocracy, lying, and hipocrisy. Now these are their primary pillars. They play nasty, at which they are deft. And they've become caricatures of themselves.

  17. MTL Montana says:

    No comment, just theatrics. Amazing. Hey Republicans, remember the constitution?

  18. Joe Morales says:

    RELEVANT HISTORICAL NOTE ON REAGAN – BUSH AG "FIXER", William Barr, who killed the Iran-Contra investgation. Barr's specialty is treason and obstruction of justice & keeps the SENATE under tow because he has Epstein's black book. As member of Epstein's defense team he effectively handed The Backdoor Girls, the Maxwell sisters, the hijacked 'Promis' software that backdoors FBI and US security. prayorbeprey dot com

  19. Joe Morales says:

    i shoot my gun all the time. so what i hit somebody

  20. Natalia A. C. says:

    Msn bc news making stuff up again ahahahaha

    The testimony was useless. It showed absolutely nothing.

  21. L says:

    That's where all the evildoers will end up at….the 'eye' of the 'tornado' 😆… pizzas are for celebrations, they need baby food!

  22. kevin cronan says:

    why would they make themselves look like a bunch of idiots,,,,no dignity,, no doubt,,

  23. kevin cronan says:

    abuse of power is not a crime is what he tells his wife while he,s beating her,,,

  24. Rowdy Blokland says:

    As a European I say: those Republicans should consider protest songs around a huge campfire

  25. M DV says:

    That picture shown from the staircase above of the congressman below looks like a giant turd flowing down a bowel.

  26. Mystic Ok says:


  27. Gary Santos says:

    Abuse of power, in the form of "malfeasance in office" or "official misconduct,"
    is the commission of an unlawful act, done in an official
    capacity, which affects the performance of official duties.

    “Malfeasance in office is often grounds for a for-cause removal of an
    elected official by statute or recall election.”

    Abuse of power can also mean a person using the power they have for their own personal gain.


  28. V'GER Lightning says:

    Egg, spam & cheese sandwitches.

  29. Debbie Trudeau says:

    A dismal, disgusting and very SAD look at the priorities of the republican party. They apparently have so little work to do in their actual JOB that they decided behaving like a bunch of preteens protesting the new Star Wars movies was a good idea. Then to make it even WORSE these clowns that are always crying about "National Security" when it comes to any small infraction by a democrat NOW don't think that matters since they all took their electronic devices into a SECURE area. I think we should do what the those same republicans would be doing if it was a group of democrats doing that……EVERY official and legal action possible for THEIR ignorant and stupid STUNT !!! A STUNT meant to interrupt testimony and distract from the already damaging testimony given as evidence to the inept presidents ignorance, greed and stupid crimes and misdemeanors. There is NO evidence to exonerate the fool, no claim to "ignorance" of the wrongdoing AND now instead of the president being the main obstruction to justice they ALL are! Reprimand, revoke, charge and if applicable JAIL the whole lot of the screaming, whining and infantile republicans

  30. harry varner says:

    So Trump should be impeached for investigating corruption. While Biden who is on tape admitting to the corruption is fine running for and becoming president. Fake news by fake journalists!

  31. Stephen Hill says:

    Da do run run run, da do run run!

  32. Tainted Life says:

    All white men?! A few women stupid enough to follow

  33. Rhonnie O says:

    More like…
    Sends gop plunging into downward spiral.

  34. Troy Cartwright says:

    So only republicans can hold classified inquiries? They did it on Benghazi. They did it for the Clinton impeachment. But now that dems are doing it its wrong???

    Republicans truly are dishonest scum….

  35. Pacific Traveler says:

    At 2:24 We gonna go see if we can get inside?the young raciest man fan said. What a joke

  36. Dog Fart says:

    Trump ignores the law these idiots are like him
    Serving the trump party. Not America. They broke their oath they pledge allegiance to trump.. And screw America

  37. Magister in Artium says:

    The GOP showed the way to hold a revolution to all future politicians – direct action, forget voting and democracy – brought a smile to the face of their master in Moscow.

  38. Carole Trudeau says:


  39. RaHeem Taylor says:

    Funny how regressives can't simply say "He's not guilty. He didn't extort anyone."

    The facts and multiple confessions are already out there.

  40. Jeannie Speer says:

    I'm 67 years old and have followed politics my whole life. At this point I can say with absolute certainty that we either are watching the dumbest politicians in the history of our Country or the most corrupt. They should, at the very least, all be censured for their behavior. Especially the ones who could have legally been in that room, but chose to make the halls of Congress into a circus in defense of a clown.

  41. Red says:

    Kathy Griffins video doesn’t seem so bad now.

  42. Ankh.em.fentu W says:

    A very dark and scary moment!

  43. Michael Keller says:

    How can the demos make a hearing "private"? not classified. Keep it open NICE spin MSNBC

  44. the blue penguin says:

    The saddest part of this is the many dead Ukrainians that could be alive right now if not for President Trump's extortion.

    Between letting Saudi twist in the wind after the attack on their oil facilities, the terror at the thought of his financials being scrutinized (I highly suspect Trump was flat-broke before a huge influx of capital from within Russia, reports of incriminating and highly embarrassing video of Trump when he was in Moscow for one of his beauty pageants, the abandonment of the best allies Washington has yet had in the fight against Islamist terrorism, etc., it seems every single foreign policy move, almost all against the better judgement of advisors, can there be any doubt at all who is pulling Trump's strings.

    Trump was again broke, he stupidly got caught in a honey-trap on video, and there is exactly one beneficiary. Though it is going unspoken, I'm sure people like Sen. Romney know all this, and luckily Trump's immoral and highly unethical behavior as president has caught up with him.

  45. Michael Keller says:

    The Dems have lost their minds….give me a break with closed doors

  46. Robin Riser-James says:


  47. Max Doubt says:

    C'mon you repugnicans! Admit it: you feel that Dongleberry should be able to do anything to anyone, any time for any reason and suffer no legal consequences. That aligns nicely with how he feels.

  48. MarcosElMalo2 says:

    When a politician runs away from a microphone, you know they’ve got problems.

  49. Kathy Lolley says:

    They need to be voted out but that wishful thinking because there followers believe everything they said i wish people would think for themselves

  50. Kazuyo Leue says:

    Do me a favor saying is ok but it was backed up with withholding the aids. Evidence.

  51. Marshal Giggleman says:

    The next time Republicans hold a closed door meeting to plan their messaging strategy, we need about 10,000 angry young men to storm the meeting and break down the doors and order Chinese food.

  52. Marshal Giggleman says:

    Now it's just like Watergate – with a bunch of bungling idiots breaking and entering.

  53. Tobin Durazo says:

    Desperate times induce desperate behavior. These bozo's couldn't find their thumbs if they had both hands in the same bucket. The wheels of justice will soon be greased by the blood of tRUMP and his bumbling henchmen.

  54. Patricia roe says:

    ……the rabbits are running scared

  55. Gayle Brown says:

    More news https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mlb-DZpyFOw

  56. Hans Bjorkman says:

    The klan forgot their robes!

  57. fred fox says:

    When I saw the thumbnail for this story, I thought I was seeing turds swirling down the toilet. After hearing the story, I realized that's what it was.

  58. Darlene Monen says:

    Lol! From the top of the stairs, now we know where the squirrels store their nuts for the winter.

  59. Darlene Monen says:

    And a tangled web they weaved. All connected and all a part of the web. Where one goes the rest will be dragging behind, no escape.

  60. Gerard Labrecque says:

    Let’s see what happens when we break our own rules

  61. Nathaniel Lollis says:

    The GOP look and act like the Apple Dumpling Gang!!!!! PATHETIC!!!! Just like their leader!!!! GET THEM ALL OUT!!!!! And JAIL or SHOOT them!!!!!

  62. Abraxas1177 says:

    Reps squeal like pigs whenever they are caught cheating, lying, stealing…

  63. Jeanne M. Elsen says:

    Why do they keep protecting a man who clearly is a traitor.

  64. John MacDonald says:

    The screen shot for this looks like a bunch of periwinkles inside a broken conch

  65. Marky E says:

    Remember these Traitors when they lie and squirm in the lens of History pretending this weren't really involved in covering up the Worst Presidency in History.

  66. John Prendergast says:

    Dems tell their loyal opposition to sit down and shut-up …..".No thank you !!!"

  67. NO NAME says:

    All aside what a beutiful woman …2nd from right yes this young lady is my pick for most great look on MSNBC.

  68. Flummoxed Marmoset says:

    "You know little lady – Ah am almost late fer mah own hearing……". TOO funny. [Laugh folks, but vote BLUE.]

  69. NO NAME says:

    Go Jaunita…!!! 🇺🇸😘

  70. drdellaman says:

    When a moron like Matt Gaetz is leading the way, best not to follow.

  71. Dee Garrison says:

    These republicans are trying to intimidate witnesses!!! They need to be prosecuted immediately! Undermines our democracy and national security.

  72. Patricia Chopp says:

    This slithering line of black suited snakes is one of the most disturbing scenes I've seen in our government . Each person on these stairs should be arrested and put in jail. Get them out of government !!

  73. Erica Windear says:

    Ha….I watched because the pic looked like a bowl of cherries 😂😂😂

  74. Sparky 58 says:

    By golly….. These Republicans are a joke….

  75. Sparky 58 says:

    Gee wizz beave…. we’re screwed……

  76. Dr. Zippy Mcscoots says:

    As children were all taught that lying is bad. The reason lying is bad is because it causes chaos. Chaos tends to get worse and spiral out of control. Donald Trumps lies have caused a hurricane of chaos that these Republican congressmen have now been sucked into. Now they have to deal with it. And because they don't have honest leadership, they now move as a dishonest chaotic force. I'm a physicist. I can tell you this is what happens all over the universe. Now you see it happening in real time. This is why we need investigation to remove the chaos and get to the truth. This is the truth they don't want everyone to see because they are dishonest liars. See how it go's full circle?

  77. The Outlier says:

    Fox can't cover up his misdeeds fast or often enough.

  78. smdh this world says:

    Protestors would be sprayed or arrested

  79. Patrick D says:

    Republicans need to make a choice: stand with us in impeaching this president who clearly committed a crime or STAY OUT OF OUR WAY. If you try and stand against us you will be removed, one way or another, because we, the American People, will NOT let what happened in Germany happen here in the states. If Republicans are going to keep pulling stunts like this, you’re playing a dangerous game with the rest of the population because Americans are not going to stand for that.

  80. Jeffrey Capron says:

    Publish the names of all the people that got money from lev and igor

  81. Eddie Johnson says:

    Impeach that treasonous Putin's puppet immediately! Just sickening! Enough of this disgusting debacle and foolish lawlessness! Impeach that traitor! Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!

  82. Eddie Johnson says:

    They weren't supposed to be in that room anyway! They aren't on that committee! Period!

  83. wily wascal says:

    GOP between a rock and a hard place, which is getting tighter and tighter as things heat up. We're hoping this time it squeezes their corruption and hypocrisy out, since it didn't work last time after Nixon's bogus pardon from Republican stooge replacement Ford!

  84. wily wascal says:

    Repugnant rat Master "Hates" Gaetz has no answers why rules and laws don't apply to him!?! Or why Republicans having access to depositions pretending they don't, conducting fake protest!?! Why Republican lawmakers covering-up high crimes and rampant corruption, playing stupid, misbehaving badly!?!

  85. Poetic Justice says:

    At first glance of the thumbnail , it looks like a spiral from a toilet bowl .

  86. Tut J'wandian says:

    "Facing mounting impeachment evidence, GOP lawmakers break the rules to “shut down” a closed door impeachment hearing in a secure location." this is literally against the consitution. What are you trying to do Msnbc? You cannot have a secret impeachemnt process. It's fraud, deep state fraud.

  87. nicholas nesmith says:

    A lot of gop politicians have accepted money from Russian oligarchs via the two shrecks and now they are running scared

  88. leuvenlife says:

    Matt Gaetz is such an ignorant spoiled brat. he is the sort of kid that bullies with his arrogance. If ever there was a person that would utter the words "do you know who I am?" it would be him.

  89. Ms Marple psychic investigator says:

    trump could release the unredacted call notes and / or the recording, easily done.

  90. 302ghosthunter says:

    Spiraling Circus!!!!! Sounds like the Dumbacrat party lol

  91. Ryan's Rants says:

    Or, republican senators (or anyone else with a brain) can see the liberal media not wanting facts, just dirt against Trump. Sickening and demoralizing to see how corrupt and biased our media has become. Thank god conservatism is on the rise amidst all this liberal crap 🙂 The day all these tools lose their jobs will be a glorious one.

  92. Simone Schultz says:

    They say do as I say NOT AS I DO!
    Perhaps each of those reps who performed civil disobedience should be disciplined or it will continue

  93. Love that all we need. says:

    The Democrats and Republicans , Both parties are designed to separate the American people.

  94. Ms. Cee says:

    By golly!!

  95. Brian Dunbar says:

    Republicans are an embarrassment to this country!

  96. Akhiruddin Ismail says:


  97. Marlowe Dugger says:

    And they had same amount of time to question the witnesses on both sides. Some in that crowd was allowed into the oversight too! But chose not to go but stage this fiasco.

  98. debbie jaynes says:

    I know that Hobomber's Dems have been increasing their wealth by pillaging in Ukraine. This is way bigger than protection the Biden's. This involves many, possibly including some Republicans. If the swamp can't be drained, at last enough of the murk to expose the thieves and liars within government can be exposed. That is why they fear Trump.

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