A Dancing Experiment | VR180 | National Gallery

A Dancing Experiment | VR180 | National Gallery

Welcome to the National Gallery in VR180. You can watch this using a headset, or a cardboard. But if you don’t have either, don’t worry. If you’re on mobile, you can use your phone around, or if you’re on desktop, click around to see more of this incredible space. Enjoy!

Dereck Turner

8 thoughts on “A Dancing Experiment | VR180 | National Gallery

  1. SamOddy says:


  2. Dakota Dain says:

    This is actual magic. So beautiful’

  3. ericalbany says:

    The cockeyed camera is very irritating


    well… not everyone can enjoy dance. I certainly don't… not unless yer wearing weird underwear or are dressed as a tin of beans…

  5. Steve C says:

    Wow! That was intense!

  6. Caroline Bennett says:

    Wonderful. Thank you.

  7. Ten Bears says:

    WTF has this got to do with the painting?

  8. christine alessandrini says:

    Schizophrenia ?

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