A Credit to Britain (Demonstrating the value of public investment in arts and culture)

A Credit to Britain (Demonstrating the value of public investment in arts and culture)

The reason why we have such a huge range
of very successful people in the UK is because they started somewhere.
Someone took a chance on them. My first shows… I did a small show
at the Serpentine Gallery in ’82 or ’83. And it was an Arts Council-funded show. The library brings the community together. You make new friends
and also you can learn things. It’s important. Very important. I like the way
they put jelly underneath the boats. It’s a creative idea and it’s quite cool. Turner Contemporary opened in April 2011. We’ve welcomed more than 850,000 visitors and have put back 21.1 million pounds
into the local economy. Everybody believes
it’s centred on the major cities. And if you do go around the country
you do find these little oases. We’ve all had connection
to some community-based work. That bridge between being
in my parents’ house in South London and then going into training,
into a professional career which is publicly funded, all would not be possible if that kind
of structure was not available to me. In any town or city there are these places
that are available to us. Art is absolutely vital
to the social and economic life of the country which touches everybody. It just opens it up to everybody. Especially a free event like this is ideal.
And they love it. What’s happened in Gateshead
is quite incredible. Creative Capital is absolute essential to the success of almost everything we do. Whether you’re talking about
gaming design, industrial design. Any aspect of life, if it hasn’t got
really strong creative drive behind it will end up buying it in
from somewhere that has. That’s why it’s so important to the economy. OnTrack at the Roundhouse helped me
with confidence, with my performance skills. I even gained knowledge from the mentors
that were on the course. I don’t want to get really emotional now.
It really built me up. I never would have imagined
me doing what I’m doing now. It really did push me to say,
“Okay, let me go do this. “This is what I’m gonna do.
Let me take that opportunity.” I am very confident
about the huge amount of talent. The huge amount of interest
that the public has, because of years and years of investment,
because of the history of the Arts Council.

Dereck Turner

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