9 More Martial Arts Styles You’ve Never Heard of (Part 2)

9 More Martial Arts Styles You’ve Never Heard of (Part 2)

From a weapons-based tradition to a brutal
West African fighting sport, here are 9 more martial arts styles you’ve never heard of
Number 9 Mau rakau Mau rakau is a martial art involving the use
of traditional Maori weapons. On New Zealand’s Mokoia Island there are
schools which teach the wielding of the taiaha. This is a staff, of 5 to 6 feet, made either
from wood or whale bone. It’s used for stabbing thrusts or short,
sharp strikes. Combined with the wielder’s footwork, this
is a highly-efficient weapon, particularly in close quarters. Actor Cliff Curtis has attended the Mau Rakau
program at Mokoia Island ever since he was 10 years old. Another traditional weapon is the patu, a
short-handled club made from stone or bone. The Maori would use the patu to strike an
enemy’s temple with a horizontal thrust, straight from the shoulder. If close enough, the warriors would also drive
the club under an enemy’s jaw or ribs. Number 8 Limalama
This Polynesian martial art originated on the insular nation of Samoa and roughly translates
as “hand of wisdom”. It was created by Tu’umamao “Tino” Tuiolosega
with traditional Polynesian techniques that were passed down to him from his father and
his uncle. Tino had served in the US military and even
took part in the Battle of Inchon, during the Korean War. He’d studied aikido, Shaolin Kung Fu, judo
and other martial arts. As an amateur boxer, he’d had more than
a hundred matches. Tino took the traditional Samoan dance and
added fighting forms of his own to develop Limalama. The martial art involves flowing, circular
movements and mainly uses hand techniques. There are also leg strikes, holds and takedowns
as well as stick and knife fighting components. Tino introduced his style in Hawaii and then
opened schools in California. Before we move on, answer this question. Which famous martial artist said “Showing
off is the fool’s idea of glory”? Was it
a. Jackie Chan
b. Jean-Claude Van Damme
c. Steven Seagal
d. Bruce Lee
Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned to find out the
right answer. Number 7 Shin-Kicking
Shin-Kicking, also known as hacking, originated in England at some point during the 17th century. It’s still practiced today and the World
Shin-kicking Championship draws crowds of thousands. Fighters wear white coats, symbolic of a shepherd’s
smock. They hold each other by the collar and hit
each other’s shins with the toes and the inside of the foot. It’s a challenge in pain endurance as well
as agility. One of the combatants will cry out “sufficient”
when the pain becomes too much to bear. There’s also a referee to determine the
winner, who, in modern competitions, is the best out of three rounds. Fighters nowadays are required to wear straw
shoes and stuff their trousers with straw padding. In the past, shin-kicking was much more brutal. Fighters would wear steel-toed boots and condition
their shins using hammers. Number 6 Bataireacht
Bataireacht encompasses the various stick-fighting martial arts practiced in Ireland. The “bata”, or stick, varies in length
and shape in accordance to the style of fighting. One traditional stance involves gripping the
stick so that the lower part protects the elbow while allowing for rapid strikes. The stance enables swift offense while still
maintaining a defensive position. The weapons may include knobbed clubs, canes
or walking sticks. In the 18th century, Irish gangs, called factions,
engaged in bataireacht melees at weddings, fairs, funerals and other social gatherings. Historians have described the practice as
a form of recreational violence. Competition among these factions soon moved
into other sports, like hurling, and the martial art faded towards the end of the 20th century. The modern practice of bataireacht is linked
with preserving Irish tradition. Some forms are particular to a specific family
as a historical heritage that’s passed down from generation to generation. Number 5 Bakom
Bakom is a ruthless martial art developed for survival on the dangerous streets of Lima,
Peru. It was developed in the 1980s by Roberto Puch
Bezada, a former soldier and ex-convict. Bakom recognizes the realities of a street
fight. It’s never fair or noble and usually won
by the person who can do the most amount of damage in the least amount of time. Bakom teaches fatal chokeholds, strikes at
vital organs and swift, bone-snapping locks. Its practitioners are also taught deception
and the use of hidden weapons to end a conflict quickly. Number 4 LINE
In the 1990s LINE, or Linear Infighting Neural Override Engagement, was the preferred combat
system of the United States Marine Corps. It was a fusion of various martial arts put
together by former Marine Ron Donvito. A review board studied the style’s efficiency
and cleared it for adoption in the USMC. Between 1998 and 2007, LINE was also adopted
by US Army Special Forces. It was tailored to the life of an active soldier
and could be easily learned through repetition. The purpose was for it to become second-nature,
a battle reflex. LINE enabled soldiers to inflict lethal damage
when they were extremely tired, in low visibility conditions and in full combat gear. Number 3 Coreeda
The Coreeda is a folk wrestling style from Australia, based on Aboriginal fighting techniques
that existed before colonial times. Evidence from rock art sites in New South
Wales suggests that the first Coreeda tournament was held more than 10,000 years ago. Aboriginal wrestling was a form of martial
arts training meant to control hostilities at tribal gatherings and to prepare young
men for war. It was also done purely for recreation. The warm-up ritual involves a traditional
kangaroo dance while the wrestling match takes place in a circle, roughly 15 feet in diameter. The legend of how Coreeda came to be is about
a lizard man called Beereun. He was told by a giant snake that he needed
to learn how to fight without weapons by watching red kangaroo bucks. Beereun did as he was told, then took the
fighting style back to his people, thus initiating an era of great prosperity. So, who said “Showing off is a fool’s
idea of glory”? The right answer was d, Bruce Lee. An iconic figure in the world of martial arts,
Bruce Lee was as much a philosopher as he was a fighter. He believed in freedom of self-expression
in all walks of life. This is reflected by another famous quote
of his in which he tells his audience to be “formless, shapeless…like water”. Number 2 Systema
Systema is a Russian martial art used by Spetsnaz, the country’s infamous Special Forces. There are various styles of Systema which
have been developed in martial arts schools since the fall of the Soviet Union. Some reportedly use secret practices that
were applied by elite branches of the Soviet military. The overarching techniques used in Systema
involving controlling the opponent’s body through pressure points and critical strikes. The martial art is rooted in knowledge of
anatomy and biomechanics which enables manipulation of the body’s natural weaknesses. Systema explores the body’s kinetic chains,
which can swiftly transfer exploding power when striking a target. Its practitioners train in weapons defense
as well as taking on multiple opponents. Number 1 Dambe
Dambe is a martial art traditionally practiced by the Hausa people of West Africa, as part
of entertainment during local harvest festivals. Historically, it was also a way to prepare
the men for war, which inspired much of the terminology in Dambe. A strong-side fist is wrapped in cloth and
covered by a tightly-knotted rope. This is known as the “spear” and it’s
used to deliver devastating blows that can break jaws and cause concussions. Although the practice is now banned, fighters
used to dip their spear in resin mixed with pieces of broken glass. The lead hand can be used to hold or grab
as needed and it’s known as the “shield”. Sometimes the lead leg is wrapped in a chain
and then used both for offense and defense. There are three rounds, with no time limit,
and the purpose is to knockdown an opponent, which is known as “killing” him. Nowadays, Dambe practitioners compete year
round and travel to different villages and urban areas to take part in bouts. Thanks for watching! If you had the chance to introduce a character
in a fighting video game, what would their name and abilities be? Let us know in the comments section below!

Dereck Turner

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