73-Year-Old Tattoo Artist Is A Legend In Japan

73-Year-Old Tattoo Artist Is A Legend In Japan

[Narrator] This is Horiyoshi III, one of the world’s most legendary
full-body-tattoo artists. His given name is Yoshihito Nakano, but he inherited the title Horiyoshi, which is derived from the word “hori,” meaning “to carve or engrave.” This is his studio, hidden away in an anonymous-looking building
in the city of Yokohama, a 30-minute train ride from Tokyo. The controversial history of
Japanese tattooing, or irezumi, can be traced back to around
10,000 BC, in the Jomon period. The Japanese government
banned tattoos in 1872, as while the practice
had risen as an art form, tattooed marks were still
used as a punishment. The ban wasn’t lifted until 1948, but the practice has retained
its image of criminality. For many years, traditional
Japanese tattoos were associated with the
yakuza, Japan’s Mafia, and some businesses in
Japan and public baths still ban tattooed customers. Yoshihito’s most devoted clientele are covered in full-body designs. These stop sharply at the wrist and ankle, where skin would show when
wearing a traditional kimono. There’s also the hikae,
a chest panel to sleeve, nagasode, a full sleeve to the wrist, and shorter sleeves, shichibu and gobu. Donburi soshinbori is a full-body tattoo without the line down
the center of the chest. Until 30 years ago, Yoshihito did his tattoos entirely by hand using the tebori technique, where a needle-tipped
wooden or metal stick inserts ink into the skin. Nowadays, due to health
and time constraints, he completes them freehand
using an electric needle. Yoshihito wants to keep the traditional generational structure of the Horiyoshi. The majority of Yoshihito’s clients are now foreign visitors, and he has a large international
following on Instagram. A tattoo in Japan costs
up to 15,000 yen per hour, or $140, but Yoshihito’s designs
are more expensive.

Dereck Turner

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  2. Mikaela Loren says:

    I love Japanese people. They put art in everything they do.

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  5. SpaceHerbz Grow says:

    💚 i cant wait to get my suit

  6. conchang says:

    It's like taking an AK-47 toy gun to a Christian church.


    Do you think it would be acceptable to say "I'm not a criminal"?


    Just say "Don't be confusing" and kick out.


  7. Bam S says:

    Dont need that..im not seekin desperate attention.

  8. Holger Scharfenkamp says:

    He ist the Master of Ink,a Legend in the World !my great Respekt to him and this work !!!

  9. Abandon All Hope says:

    thats true art of wabori. wtf do most of the people who comment kno abt that huh lol 和彫も知らんのに、訳の分からん事言うなバカども

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    that dude could proably pull up his underpants a bit. just sayin

  12. Halo Kosovo says:

    umm how the heck did he freehand all that body suits? Kim Jung Gi of tattoo?

  13. 9999 says:

    This man is an absolute legend

  14. 藤原将斎 says:

  15. NATHAN L says:

    If I can get ink like this And live the lifestyle I wouldn’t mind being Yakuza but I’m not Japanese so I guess I’m out of the question here

  16. l3raiNfreeZe says:

    I’d give him a leg

  17. robb 4220 says:

    Horiyoshi is a tattoo god!

  18. James Shoats says:

    he got the chrome hearts on fuk ya mean

  19. Zezeguizee says:

    « I believe there aren’t any great tattooist, including me. » Sounds quite different from what you can hear in Ink Master…
    Humility is the key !

  20. Whattatwist says:

    Kinda cocky aint the geezer

  21. Alec Azadi-Hocking says:

    Guy with tattoos: I know that guy. He’s Sailor Jerry’s homie! He’s badass!
    Guy w/o tattoos: Omg a Yakuza!!!!! 😱😱😱😱

  22. My Pokemon says:

    Stamp of satan

  23. Sher Khan says:

    So it took 2 nuclear bombs to change Japan's stance on Tattoos? Okay…

  24. Goran Seso says:

    WHAT you say

  25. D.F The.one.36 says:

    I’m sure it will make negative effect on DNA 🧬 if someone have this kind of TATTOO get children.

  26. Tomas Neshoba.holba says:

    A true Gangster legend!!!
    If you have tattoos like a bodysuit or even a small visible one the Japanese people will run you out of town. They will not even let you bath, only very rich people have their own bath in the house . Public bathing in a bath house is the only way to shower.
    Tourist be warned!

  27. Alana Marsh says:

    Oh how I would LOVE to have his work done sigh

  28. Rohan Solanki says:

    Weeb alert!!

  29. Amado Fuentes says:

    It's confusing if I should look in to his work or read the subtitles..

  30. Speros Budreaux says:

    What I wouldn't give to have a full body suit from this man

  31. Shubham Semwal says:

    reminded me of ninja assassin

  32. Grilly’s says:

    This dude is one of the greatest the books on him displaying his work is phenomenal..🙏

  33. SmokyBarret says:

    Would have been interesting to hear from some of the customers too

  34. Om Prast says:

    Mungkin ini teman kakek Sugiono.

  35. oof oof says:

    0:59 oliver peck? 😂

  36. Tamla Rae says:

    73 year old tattoo artist has a name btw😡

  37. Cadi Levox says:

    Why does the name Yoshihito Nakano screams "Yakuza" to me? Odd.

  38. Neel Verma says:

    I would love to get a large scale piece done by him one day. If I could have him work on my back, that would be the ultimate gift for me. All of his work is phenomenal.

  39. zhang dawei says:

    with love and respect Sansai!

  40. Bert says:

    I want my first tatt to be tattooed in japan

  41. Anime Specialist says:

    Thumbnail resembles like the tattoo from Baki the grappler anime

  42. Andrew Molina says:

    Horiyoshi himself has the coolest sleeves ive ever seen

  43. Ungay says:

    It's so interesting that almost all cultures around the world people seemed to always desire to mark their own bodies whether through scaring or tattoos.

  44. george gitau says:

    Thanks to playing nioh.. I can now identify some of the Yokai in the various tattooed bodies.. Lots of Oni 👹

  45. TΓΦ J3r5on says:

    At 4:47 the guy has a kidney problem.

  46. gasho 69 says:

    Cool i would love some body art and study sumo wrestling. 👍

  47. NiN Ang says:

    can i ask what design is that in first photo i love japanese designs looks likes demon

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  50. Milan Mazić says:

    I want Standing Man Hanayama tattoo from him

  51. david vajra says:

    Acalanatha dharmapala ?

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  54. Kristo Pantera says:

    Grand Master!

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    Kaoru Hanayama propably went there

  58. Mad213 says:

    He is from the Yakuza , look at his finger in his left hand , its chopped off.

  59. DrDub10us says:

    4:45 he thicc ngl

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    入墨云々で無しに 身体鍛えろよ! 総じてメタボ

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    @1:30 why are his nipples so low?

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    Chrome Hearts eyeglasses… this guy is loaded

  64. Badboy DCX says:

    Just don’t say the word…Ninja

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  66. 4Indigenous0ozaru8 says:

    Nowadays ppl have seaweed and sailor moon on their face and their names are Karen and Brad who are 1/100th Cherokee who grew up in Beverly hills.

  67. Maike Baier says:

    He would win ink master easy😂

  68. John Jacob says:

    Heard from a tattoo artist that worked with horiyoshi that he’s a really piece of shit

  69. HUBBSMASH 392 says:

    Come to America

  70. furious gaming yt says:

    0:43 that's a nice ass

  71. PÓ NA GARAGEM says:

    Daria minha pele pra fazer uma esse lindo e maravilhoso trabalho atenciosamente Eliseu 😉👍

  72. Tom Carolino says:

    Is their dicks has tattooed also🤔???

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    The dojima dragon is back😏

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    Super 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  75. John Cassel says:

    I thought tattooing is illegal in Japan? Lol 😂

  76. M M says:

    Serious question:
    I'm about 1/4 Japanese, my grandma on my dad's side is full Japanese but I never met my dad or his family. I'm out of touch with my Japanese culture and I want a Japanese tattoo but I feel like I don't deserve it. Does it matter? Any thoughts on if I'm able to get one morally. I'm mainly Spanish.

  77. Peter Garcia says:

    I want one on my right calf leg..

  78. robobop says:

    The title is misleading…. he's a legend worldwide

  79. sean lim says:

    10000 b.c.?

    I suppose you have some way to to validate that statement lol.

  80. Drex Cañete says:

    This wants me to get a tattoo from him

  81. John 'SUPER' Cena says:

    Ninja Assasin

  82. Huevito says:

    So after watching this I'm realizing that I will not be able to attend a public bath in Japan… so much for bucket list.

  83. Kevin SLIWINSKI says:

    Horiyoshi 3 is a master, a legend, respected by all the japanese tattoo artists. I wish someday, to have a tattoo by him. There is an aura around him like he's immortal.

  84. Vegan Gainz Hue says:

    The b0aty numeral :joy:

  85. M4 LueQuality says:

    My parents disapprove of this tattoo cause they only see it as a yakuza tattoo and don’t see the history and meaning behind it😔 I’m just gonna get one and show then. They disapprove then they disapprove they can’t really do anything abt it then🤷🏻‍♀️

  86. ペラテルエレン says:

    Sugoi 🤘✊…It's awesome to see that he's continuing the Japanese style tattoo (irezumi) tho at his age…

  87. MUNDOGAME100 says:

    Hace más chido los tatuajes chamuca

  88. Gary Mason says:

    Awesome video, such a humble man but you know he's connected

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  90. BARON SAMEDI says:

    I am still wondering if anywhere out there exist a real black inked Tattoo?!?
    It's so sad, that after a while all black areas became greenish-gray 🤔

  91. Hank Moody says:

    Legend! Been following him on Instagram the last year or so. Love his work!

  92. Castrvretk says:

    all tattoo guys in japan are gangsters

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    Can i get a tattoo from him

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    More traditionally done manually with hand needles

  96. Carlos A.N says:

    10,000 BC? lol what?

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