7 YEARS OF PROGRESS! | Drawing Rapunzel for the 7th Time! | Photoshop Draw This Again Challenge

7 YEARS OF PROGRESS! | Drawing Rapunzel for the 7th Time! | Photoshop Draw This Again Challenge

In 2012, I drew a random drawing of Rapunzel, and then in 2013, I redrew it, and then the same in 2014… and 2015 and 2016 and 2017 So now it’s time to continue tracking my progress and redraw Rapunzel the seventh time here goes Take seven, let’s draw Rapunzel! um, so you’ll see in my first pass of the sketch I’m being very loose very very sketchy *heh pardon the term, and I’m trying to just lay out the drawing and make sure that the character fits on the page and then all of the elements of her body fit on the page and so I know her pose and Everything and then after that’s done I go in and start adding in details to each of these very sketchy lines so I’ll darken some lines and I’ll also draw completely new lines because when you lay out your sketch and you have all of these wavy lines everywhere it helps me at least visualize where a line should be – so if like one line is A little off to the left I’ll see it in that first sketch, so I can be like: “Okay so when I draw this like for a more finalized version I want that off to the right a little bit” kind of thing does that make sense so you’ll see that kind of happening here in this sketch process and I also flip the canvas because it’s very important to help see if your character is what’s the word? balance! that’s it You can see if your character is balanced by flipping the canvas and it’s really helpful because it like it sets you back from the art and gives you a new perspective on things so I definitely recommend that – I wish I had a way of doing it traditionally like there’s ways to do it but I wish there was an easier way to do it I think that would really help my traditional art but for now I’m definitely going to take advantage of it with digital art Oh! And you’ll see this time this is the very first year that I’ll be including Pascal!! I just I felt like I needed a little something I did change up the pose this year it’s still very fluid and like there’s motion to it even though this pose is a lot stiffer like she’s not doing an action she’s just standing there but it’s still soft and fluid in my mind here I’m flipping the canvas again and I’m noticing that her head just a little off to the right and I actually fixed that by just making her hair more voluminous on that left side there and that probably was a bit of a ‘cheaty’ way to do it but I think it helped a little bit and you’ll see I’m rotating different elements and trying to help with that balance and I’m adjusting her face and I just want the character to look You know? balanced – I keep using that word but it’s very important because when your character is not balanced it just gives you your art that, I don’t know, that noob-ish feel and I mean I still make this mistake but I just think having a balanced character just gives that whole illustration that little extra nudge it just makes it look all that much better So if you’re doing digital definitely just flip the canvas it takes like a few seconds and you’ll see a lot of mistakes in your art Now we are moving into the line art And there’s not much to say here it’s basically the same as how I would always do line art I guess I actually this year included her small shred of brown hair from the movie – one thing I do need to mention is that every time I do these redraws of Rapunzel except for the first two times *heh* – I don’t look back at that drawing that way when I redraw it I’m just redrawing it from my memory of it and it allows me to put a lot of more of what I’ve learned throughout the year into the drawing without looking back at it because I’ve noticed in the first couple when I look back at it I used the exact same colors I put her in the exact same pose I I tried to emulate the things that I did best in that picture and tried to include the things that I do best now whereas nowadays And when I redraw it I’m only using how I draw right now I’m not allowed to look back and see what I did really well last year and I think this really helps Chronicle like my progress because now once I’m done drawing I can compare them and see hmm what have I gotten lazy at and ‘ooo!’ what have I improved with and yes we do improve over time which I talk about all the time because it’s really really cool I mean yeah but we can also get very lazy and complacent about things and By redrawing the same picture every year I’m able to track that progress and I’m able to look back and see what do I need to improve upon what did I do better last year what if I improved in now what have I done well this year and it’s just a very good checkpoint and it really helps me just see where I’m standing as an artist and what I want to improve on now every year -oh I’m doing the laces, laces they’re so fun to draw, I’m cheating by using layer styles so if you want to know how to do those laces definitely Google ‘layer styles’ in Photoshop I think you’ll learn a lot There’s so many different ways to use them and I think yeah just do a little research and you will you will be pleased anyway every year with Rapunzel or these videos when I draw a Rapunzel I like to make a little bit of a checklist of what I’d like to work on for the year and I feel like this year I did very very well I don’t remember what my checklist was but I’m pretty sure I’ve improved in a lot of the things that I’ve always wanted to improve on just because I drew a lot more this year than I think I have in the last ten years put together so I’ve improved like traditionally and I’ve actually haven’t been doing as much digital lately but I’m just enjoying art and I don’t think the medium really matters I just really like drawing anyway the thing that I want to improve on for this year I’m gonna limit it to just one thing so that I know I work on it and that is I want to work on the compositions of my Illustrations – if you don’t know what composition is it’s the way you layout a drawing and it’s about the way that you? lay out all of the different elements in one drawing and make it look like one cohesive whole and like you know that’s just you’re really worried about the placement of each element and trying to make it all look together and cohesive and That’s something I really want to work on because lately I just draw a random character on blank page and I really want to work on like either using the hair to Incorporate the drawing into a shape or the layout of the arms or using shapes and squares and circles or something just in the background to encompass that shape or also maybe drawing backgrounds that aren’t just behind the character but also contribute to making the whole illustration more pleasing to the eye in some way, so That’s what I’m going to be looking into and maybe studying as well I want to maybe just look into some lessons or something or I don’t know Google some tips or something but that’s what I want to work on for this entire year it’s a very short to-do list I guess but it’s something that I’ve always wanted to improve on and it’s just never really been my focal point and I think for this year I really want to work on that So that’s what I’m gonna be working on let me know what you want to work on for this year what are your 2019 art goals I can’t believe I just a 20-19 we’re in the year 2019 we’re living in the future I can’t I can’t get over it I still remember when we went from 1999 to 2000 like that was ‘woah’ and it’s been almost 20 years since then *nervous laugh * haha, okay Let’s just look at the drawing. I’m still working on the lineart, I’m adding in all the flowers again using layer styles The layer style I use the most often is the ‘stroke’ layer style so what I’m doing is actually drawing in white and then Photoshop automatically adds the line art around it it’s pretty cool You gotta be worried about it a little bit because it can be very Pixely and gross so work on a very large canvas and that sometimes helps with that problem it’s probably best to avoid it as much as possible but it’s one of those little lazy things I do but I like the way it looks especially from a distance just don’t zoom in too much all right now we’re going into the coloring and that is something I want to talk about because Over the year I feel like I have definitely improved with my color schemes and my color theory I still don’t like know it well enough to be able to talk about it and like explain why, I make the decisions that I make but the tool in Photoshop if you I think it’s control-B but it’s the color balance tool and this allows you to take all of the colors in the drawing if you have them all in one layer and as you use the Sliders you can add more pink to every color in it or you can add more red to every single color in your drawing or more blue or green or more yellow you know you get the gist and by doing that it creates more cohesive color schemes and it helps me realize that like maybe I want to color something green okay and the rest of the drawing is very purpley and pink I can then pick a green that has more purpley or pink tones to it and that really helps the whole drawing look more cohesive overall and this tool has just Just playing around with it it’s teaching me so much and the way that you can look at colors and the way different colors look next to each other and like Sometimes you could color it like this I’m coming her skirt in with a straight purple but sometimes if you use like a light grey next to really saturated colors it could look purple like its colors are crazy, our eyeballs are crazy, and like, I have so much to learn! and it’s just so exciting, okay well I’m getting a little crazy but I just I think it’s really cool and if you’re having trouble with color theory and if you happen to have Photoshop or I don’t know if any other I assume other art programs have something very similar but it’s the color balance tool and you can just play around with all the different colors and you can see what your drawing would look if it was leaning really heavy to the orange side or something like that and it’s just so cool and I’ve just learned so much just by playing with this, so if you’re having trouble color theory even though I can’t explain how it works just play around with this and just pay attention the way the colors change and the way they all just look you know just pay attention to those things and you’ll slowly pick up on stuff it’s helped with my traditional art and there’s no colour balance tool and traditional art. You have to just take the colors you know especially with markers, so it’s definitely helped my brain is picking up on things and eventually hopefully I’ll be able to explain that but for now look at the drawing I’m coloring in all the line art and I’m trying to help it be more cohesive with the whole drawing you can see her skirt and her dress are leaning very purple right now I was looking at a reference of I think it was official Rapunzel art but it was very cell shaded and 2d and I was using the colors from that But it didn’t look enough movie-like to me and I wanted it to be a little bit more movie like so I started playing with the colors myself and trying to adjust them you can see I changed that purple skirt to a little bit more pink And I’m just trying to make it look overall a lot more like like the the movie version because that’s my favorite Rapunzel oh and here I’m coloring in her hair with again, that same color that they had used with this 2d drawing It was just. Oh a little too out there for me so I’m toning it down adding some simple shading I’m actually shading it with like a little bit of a purpley Brown color, but it looks Brown next to this gold see color theory is crazy and then again I use the hue and saturation tool to adjust Layers a lot and then you can see like her hair looked pretty good but then when I go in and color the lineart with this like orange e brown color it just makes the whole hair look brighter and *mouth pop!* Like it pops you know so I really I really like that and then I just play around with the levels a little bit Then I have the flowers which are on a separate layer and I use those layer style so I can like automatically change the color of the line art on that with just one click which is pretty cool again layer Styles look them up and then I can go in and I can like lock the transparent pixels on that layer and I can just go in and color all of those little flowers different colors and it won’t color outside of the lineart – pretty cool – and then here I’m adding texture to her bodice, this is a trick I learned actually while doing Rapunzel probably five years ago now and it just looks so cool you just add a separate layer and you kind of crop it to the Shape that you need so like this would be her bodice and I have it underneath the layer of the laces that’s the word that way I could just draw all over that entire bodice and I can create that texture and then I just lower the opacity Of it and maybe even set it to multiply so that it can you can see those shadings shading of the bodice through it and then here I’m coloring in Pascal originally I’m just picking like a random green color and hoping that it works really well but then later when I use the color balance tool it actually adjusts that green color a lot and helps it fit more cohesively into the drawing I keep using the word cohesive that must be annoying by now I *hehe* anyway, just drawing in Pascal and then of course the lantern because each drawing has always included the lantern I can’t exactly skip it and like I mentioned about the composition I added in these little square lanterns like they’re really far in the background very simplistic and That’s kind of supposed to help and layout the drawing a little bit more like there’s no background but I think it helps just You know layout the drawing and lead your eye exactly where you need to go I’m experimenting we’ll see what happens in the future but yeah adding in that star actually it’s the Sun isn’t it This is the hardest part I gotta be honest I think I just started drawing in the Sun like either last year or the year before and each time I feel like I get worse at it it’s so hard to draw like a perfect circle with these like perfect shapes coming off of it I decided to keep it really simple like maybe Rapunzel drew it herself even though I think in the movie she draws that Sun perfectly because it’s like ingrained in her mind that’s actually really important part of the movie isn’t it okay, that was a bad idea than to leave it so poopy but it’s maybe she’s using the lantern that I drew, she just she’s being such a good friend even though she’s like “that Sun looks ‘merhh’ but I’ll use your lantern” yeah I Don’t know oh and then I’m adding shading in I’m being a little lazy with the shading but you’ll see it actually looks good in the end and what I’ve been doing is I just create a new layer set it to multiply and a light purple color and then color that all in add with shading anywhere that I need to and I can do it over the entire drawing and I don’t have to switch colors for different elements of the drawing oh, there’s where I just used the color balance you see how the colors all just look brighter and just more cohesive – gorgeous – and then I decide to add a background as well just like a light color like it’s glowing and then I added more shading to her this makes it a little more atmospheric and looks like she’s actually standing in the darkness and not just in front of it so that’s my finished drawing for 2018 I think it summarizes up my art for the whole year pretty well Yeah what do you guys think? which year do you think was my best year I know a lot of people like was it 2016? I think there’s a lot of people’s favorites but…uh…. as It’s me saying this I have to say that the newest one is my favorite or. I’ll just be very sad so ‘wah’ – thank you guys for watching let me know what your 2019 art goals are for the year and Let me know if there’s a drawing that you redraw every year and if there’s not maybe you should start one you know it’s never too early you know start it up and redraw it every year it’s such a fun exercise anyway thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next week actually next year that’s jokes never funny anyway have a delicious evening full of WAFFLES!!! BYE!

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “7 YEARS OF PROGRESS! | Drawing Rapunzel for the 7th Time! | Photoshop Draw This Again Challenge

  1. Denise Mash says:

    I do not mean to hurt you but you only drew her six times.

  2. LPS UwU Gacha says:

    I like 2015

  3. Lemon says:

    Her face scares me but other then that it looks great

  4. Kashvi Bindal says:

    I don’t mean to be rude but I feel that your previous drawings of Rapunzel because the face in this drawing I feel is very big as compared to the rest of the body. Also, the arms are too long and the pose is almost completely neglected. Her chin also looks like a man’s and there is a lot of space between the chin and the lips. Also, it would look heaps better if Rapunzel was touching the lantern as they are very linked to each other in the movie. She also looks rabbit- toothed which doesn’t at all complement her look. I feel that her face features are a tiny bit inclined to the right. Her face does not have enough details as compared to her hair. Plus it would look better if the lanterns in the background were a bit more detailed like a bit of effects of light would look awesome. Other than all that I have said, this looks amazing and heaps better than what I can do.

  5. dasiydeth56 says:


  6. Naomi’s Void says:

    My drawings are usually like hers at 1:03 😂

  7. Turtle Productions says:

    6 more monthssssss ish

  8. Lynn Thomas says:

    Coming back to comment: You made a comment about working with hair and instead of it being a part of the character, incorporating that into the actual art and themes, and I can say you have done SO well at that this year. Took the goal to heart. The smokey girl one hour challenge really represented that, I think.

  9. Ruzovy Channel says:

    Your coloring is amazing!!! ♡♡

  10. Challenger Challenge says:

    You suck at drawing faceslol! You made repanzil look like an oger

  11. James Knoflicek says:


  12. Dasha Marochkina says:

    шрек? (это действительно классно, но это лицо)

  13. Ilana Leigh says:

    If you want to "flip the canvas" in traditional art, try holding it in front of a mirror!

  14. Shoto Todoroki says:


  15. Mr. Addie says:

    if u changed the mouth it would fix this mess just a little

  16. Hannah Luna says:

    ok wow everyone has a tonne of constructive criticism which i mostly agree with but is anyone else exited for this year’s?! imo this has been a major year of growth for Rin so I can’t wait to see how these new skills will translate into the 2019 redraw

  17. Norris Productions says:

    I just don't like this one. Sorry.

  18. JustLaurie says:

    I feel like she’s about to fall over. Her feet are too close together.

  19. Twilight Undersky says:

    The main things that bothered me is her face, you made her have wrinkles which makes her not like a Disney princess or just Disney style. I feel like you could’ve put a little more motion into her feet like how she was in the middle of twirling instead of making her look like her feet are glued to the flooring. Other than that I think the rest of the art was great (btw my favorite was 2016)

  20. Marie Sacchitello says:

    What about now?

  21. Mackenzie Herrick says:

    This is just her style of making people everyone has there own style

  22. C says:

    I need more videos of Waffles drawing Disney

  23. Aamina Hussain says:

    Okay guys I think Rin gets the idea! She doesn't need a thousand people telling her the face is too stiff or the legs are positioned wrong or the arms are too long. Like obviously there is nothing wrong with criticism but imagine beimg Rin and receiving all these comments about how she did 'bad' this year compared to the last. Like she deserves encouragement and support, not a thousand people telling her she didn't do as well as last year. All I want to say is that there are some areas that she may have done better at this year and some areas that she was a bit weaker in. xoxo <333

  24. swagdaddytrashcat says:

    I can't believe it's been 7 years?? Like I remember when you redrew it for the third time and here were are four times later from that. You have come so far! I'm so proud of you

  25. Sanja Serafimova says:

    Can you bo one for 2019???

  26. Maxine Berloth says:

    i love the one from 2015

  27. Star Fruit says:

    My favourite is 2015 because I like her expression, but they're all great!

  28. park jimbles says:

    When drawing traditional you can put your drawing up to a mirror and itll be flipped!

  29. Sapphire Birch says:

    Definitely 2015

  30. Quijota Pazos says:

    I dont get why everybody is so pissed about the face, honestly. She has a squared face, instead of your typical Disney baby face. Like… Girls like this exist, you know? But I agree with the arms and legs.
    Maybe it's because I have a babe-ish face and I find androgynous faces more interesting?

  31. Sourdirewolf says:

    I love Rapunzel ✨💖✨

  32. Rabija Serdarević says:

    The Rapunzel you drew in 2015 was my favorite.
    I feel like it had the most emotions and looked the most joyful.

  33. Chaeyoung Lee says:

    Can you do one for 2019?? >.<

  34. Mia L says:

    Where is 2019 repunzel!!??

  35. ra Zeeq says:

    Drawing same character once a year huh? Thts a great way to know how much you've improved ur art style

  36. Gabriela Soltero says:

    The face, hon.
    It just wasn't my cup of tea.

  37. Fat Hippocampus says:

    this is so creepy – 7th time drawing Rapunzel, published 7 months ago (from when I am) and 777K views…

  38. Mr. Moustache says:

    I’m watching her 7 years of progress video when it has 777k views and when it was posted 7 months ago. lol

  39. Lauren Hahn says:

    i likes the 2015 ones the best as i’m facial wise

  40. אלין שטרית says:

    I think 2015 is the best one

  41. Susan Rayman says:

    2016 is my favourite tbh, you said that you don't look at the pose or anything from your previous redraw but maybe a quick glance would help because suddenly the pose became really stiff and the face looks a little bit weird, not sure how to describe it but doesn't really match the body and is also kinda stiff
    The shading looks great but maybe look at some references for a more dynamic pose or maybe test some more facial expressions? Dunno

  42. Suha Sarwar says:

    this is my favourite one you've done! the colours r just beautiful!

  43. Coyote2K says:



  44. 방탄 소년단, anime, I am weeb says:

    What about 2019?? We need an 8th one

  45. King Vic says:

    I do this with Katara from Last airbender, each time I progress to a new medium (pencil, sharpie, watercolour, digital), and I do a specific pose to look at the comparison, then I do some other poses for fun!

  46. DrawingWith Honey says:

    2016 was better than 2018

  47. Xxpug_ StudiosxX says:

    This is gorgeous! But the face is so still, I has no movement, can you do a 2016 type face? Please?

  48. Larry Donaghy says:

    It's amazing

  49. jake smith says:

    8th now

  50. Sherry says:

    2015 is the best in my opinion

  51. Ashy Aki says:

    I like 2015 bc it looks more like classic Rapunzel but i love the details in 2016
    This one was really cute tho and i love all of ur art no matter what. Ur so talented!!

  52. DontReadMyName x says:

    2015 is the best <3

  53. Gummibear bullet says:

    Im really excited for this years Rapunzel, i hope you're happy with how your composition has improved when you get to it. You're one of my all time favorite artists and im really happy to be able to watch you on your artistic journey!

  54. Dahyun is on a treasure chest says:

    Yall are negative about her drawing of rapunzel just stop and support her by saying her drawing was lovely if you didn't like it don't comment anything negative about it

  55. Jeff The Killa says:

    The face is distroying the art but it is still awesome

  56. Rose says:

    I think it looks stiff because of her feet. Everything else looks fluid except the feet and it throws the rest of the piece off. If she had one leg up or on her toes and a little askew I don’t think it’d look stiff.

  57. Wowls Draws says:

    I'm looking at these comments because I'm watching this in preparation for this year's redraw, and I gotta say that this comment section is toxic. Not the people who are giving criticism, but the people who feel the need to say "it's just her art style" and "be more positive" to everyone giving criticism. You NEED to know what is objectively wrong with your art to improve. Saying the face is over detailed and looks old, or that she's unimproved from last year, is NOT hate. Neither is any other constructive criticism about the art. People just want her to improve.

  58. Justin PageSlayer says:

    With traditional art, simply turning the page upside down really helps to see if a character is balanced or not

  59. SOPHIA HAIRE says:

    can u stop doing digital art so mucch!!!!

  60. • Nadiaa • says:

    I'm not trying to be rude… But I'm not really a fan of this year. Idk it just seems very stiff

  61. QBOI VLOGS says:

    How about now?2019?

  62. HilariouslyScary says:

    I know it's nowhere near time to redraw this again, but I was just watching them through and noticed Rin mentioned drawing more traditionally in 2018. She's drawn a ton traditionally this year. I think it would be really cool to see Rin attempt this piece traditionally for the 2019 redraw! It would really be a representation of her art for the year (at least, the art she's posted on YouTube). Idk it's just a thought.

  63. Ashley Lambert says:

    You haven’t drawn 2019 rapunzuel

  64. queenpxn says:

    do it again

  65. cutie pie says:

    can someone tell me what she did when she turned everything pinkish purplish color and how to do it? Thank you very much!

  66. lps mellow says:

    90% of the comments: you've done it wrong it's so ugleh!!
    10% of the comments :it's so good wow!!!
    Me: what is wrong with the 90% gosh

  67. Carina Christensen says:

    Hi…. what version of Photoshop do you use?

  68. Peaceful says:

    2015 was my favorite drawing, but I love all of them! I realize I am late, but the first time I came I forgot to comment!

  69. Wanda Plume says:

    You are awesome. And i love your art. Im no where NEAR as good as you. I dint really care fir this one. It looks like a characture to me. 🙁 I'm sorry.

  70. Amina King Brown says:

    8th time

  71. rotem cohen says:

    2015 is my favorite

  72. Scott the Paleontologist says:

    I know this is late lol but I’d love to work on color composition and lighting. Making sure everything works together

  73. Queen DMC says:

    It's actually insane how much she's improved just since 2018 Rapunzel. I can't wait for this year's! 😱

  74. Grace Riley says:

    On the topic of flipping the canvas, my art teacher showed me and my friends that if you take a new piece of paper and you do your drawing upside down (in traditional art) it can really help with stiffness problems. It's really cool!

  75. Aelius Hollows says:

    The hands are huge 0~o

  76. Ayla Hoverd 20 says:

    i love 2015

  77. Caboodles of Doodles says:

    Who’s ready for 2019 rapunzel

  78. what is life?! says:

    WOW the face reminds me like fiona from Shrek! also to everyone who said they want to improve their drawing in 2019… its 2019 wheres the improvement?

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    No offense but what happened to the face 😑😑😑😐

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  83. Mischief_ Master says:

    Everyone is hating but i really like this good job

  84. Alvin Audrey Penafiel says:

    Rin: adding in the star…i mean the sun……….

    Me: wait…isin't the sun a star?

  85. SSunflowe rr says:

    Who else kinda hates the face but loves everything else? 2014-2016 were the best in my opinion

  86. Bad Wolf DW says:

    Maybe you could try drawing Flynn with them this year? Have that same scene however have Flynn wrapping his arms round her in a sort of half hug.

  87. Seona Chilton says:

    Art goal-to learn art

  88. Choco Starwberry draws says:

    No hate but:
    The face is bad its like ugly sorry but its honest

  89. Cake Crazy22 says:

    When is 2019 coming out???

  90. The Twinnie Guineas says:

    2015 looks the most like Rapunzel

  91. M'Kayla says:

    You should do a 2019 version 🙂

  92. Cheetah chica says:

    Cant wait for the 2019 Raps!
    I love your art!

  93. ArcticWolf says:

    "Adding in that star, well, it's the Sun isn't it."
    Me: The Sun is a star.. 😛

    It looks as good as ever btw, your art just keeps getting better every video!

  94. Crystal _moonlight xoxo says:

    R u going to do one for 2019 and 2020?

  95. ceyaro says:

    You inspire me to get better and better. Im usually so okay with drawing from a reference and I tend to be less illustrative in my art but I want to get better at inventing and illustration so I'm practicing. Seeing your art from years ago motivates me to keep going!

  96. Gogopuppy201 says:

    My favourite is 2015 tbh

  97. Fandom_girl says:

    2015 was definitely the best. She looked so passionate!

  98. Höłĺy DØğ FÅN says:

    She look stiff and the facial expression is a little creepy but better i can do

  99. Skylar the crazy Furry says:

    its gerat but her leg look a bit too much on the left from her hips

  100. Hey Hey says:

    Um try 2019

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