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While how likely it is that you will be attacker,
depends on what part of the world you live in, the risk of it, one way or the other,
exists pretty much to everyone. Sometimes, whether we will be able to successfully
defend ourselves or not, may even be a matter of life and death. There are plenty of people who were able to
defend themselves without knowing martial arts, or having any formal self defense training,
yet that is not always the case, and when it is not – the results are tragic. Knowing the right information about self defense
may dramatically reduce the likeness of being attacked, and increase your ability to survive
an encounter, yet knowing the wrong information, may put you into even a bigger danger. For this reason, in this Martial Arts Journey
video we will take a look at seven biggest myths of self defense, to remove from your
knowledge, and increase your overall safety. Number one: Self defense is about biting,
kicking and punching Many people when they think about self defense,
they think about the physical aspect of it: such as biting, kicking and punching. What is very important to understand, is that
effective self defense is actually much more than that. Proper self defense includes not only the
physical aspect, but also personal safety and prevention. Knowing how to detect a possible threat, and
avoid it, may dramatically reduce your likeliness to being attacked. Also, finding a creative solution, such as
de-value’ating yourself, in the midst of an encounter, is also a great possibility. At the same time, if you think of self defense
as just using physical force to protect yourself, you are much more likely to miss other opportunities,
and engage in a physical confrontation, while risking, sometimes unnecessarily, severe injury
in a direct physical confrontation. Number two: The first line of defense is kicking
to the groin and poking the eyes This is probably the most common myth in people
who have never trained self defense, or were engaged in a questionable self defense program. A number of people believe, that if a self
defense situation arises, the best solution is either to kick to the groin, or poke your
finger into the eye of the attacker. The reason this is a myth, first of all is
because a kick to the groin will not always “incapacitate” the attacker. Sometimes, it may cause less pain than intended
and won’t stop the attacker from continuing to attack, and in other cases a defender may
simply be unable to kick to the right place, given the stress of the situation and many
other variables, such as distance, height of the person and more. Pretty much the same applies to the gauging
the eyes. Not only it is difficult to train this movement,
since you can not keep poking the eyes out of your training partners, and it is risky
to rely on a movement that you have not trained, the eyes are also a very small target on a
head, which will not be staying in one place. Presented with the adrenaline, stress, and
the chaos of a real life encounter, there is very little chance to use this technique
effectively, while much more could be achieved with more effective solutions instead. Number three: Size doesn’t matter Some self defense systems claim that self
defense techniques exist, in which size doesn’t matter. While at first this sounds attractive, it’s
actually another dangerous and irrational myth to believe in. Not only height makes a huge difference, such
as the reach of the persons arms, also it may be close to impossible to strike the chin
with the palm of a much higher attacker, or even more so “to try to gouge the eyes out”. Size also makes a big difference in the force
that a person generates. It is no wonder that there are weight categories
in all combat sports. While there is a difference between combat
sports and self defense, even there, the huge difference that size and weight makes – is
acknowledged, as there is no panacea to removing the difference this aspect makes. Number four: Knife defense techniques work While it is possible to defend yourself against
an attacker with a knife, different from what many self defense instructors will claim,
it is an extremely difficult and chaotic matter. 90% of knife defense techniques show a single
movement, designed to counter a single thrust or slash, and it limits it’s training to
this “clean” manner. Meanwhile, the reality of knife defense is
very different. A knife is a weapon which has limitless lines
of attacking, rapid movement and low visibility. All the top level self defense experts that
I interviewed, spoke very causesly about knife defense, and warned, that if you will have
to defend against a knife – you should not expect to get out of it clean and uncut, as
it is such a difficult scenario to handle. Investing yourself in a single, clean technique
against a knife attack, may create false confidence, and relying on it in an actual knife defense
situation – may be deadly. Number five: Knowing martial arts will make
you good at defending yourself While there are many different martial arts,
which offer different approaches and techniques, in almost all cases there is a difference
between actual self defense and martial arts, and even combat sports. This common misconceptions makes people who
practice competitive fighting, or even worse – rely on complicated techniques practiced
with a cooperative partner, believe that they would successfully apply the same skills in
an actual self defense situation. While this possibility exists, it is important
to recognize that all martial arts teach in a highly controlled environment, such as specific
rules and terms of engagement. Also, oftentimes techniques are taught, which
are designed to counter other techniques of the same martial art, rather than more chaotic,
common street attacks. Not recognizing the difference between martial
arts and actual self defense, may lead to a wrong strategy and decision in an encounter,
and raise the danger of possible injury. Number six: The goal of self defense – is
to beat your attacker Continuing the line of thought on difference
between martial arts and self defense, and not limiting it to it – a dangerous misconceptions
first of all, is not recognizing the difference between a consensual fight and non-consensual
fight. A consensual fight most of the times can be
avoided, and sprouts from two ego’s colliding. It also, oftentimes ends in one person “winning”,
or others separating the people engaged. This – is not self defense. It is stupidity, and follows different guidelines. A self defense situation is non-consensual,
and often is lead by an assault, in which a defenders goal is not to beat the other
person, but to survive by all means necessary. This may lead to a very different approach,
and the attempt to disengage and run away, at first opportunity. If a person is bound to defeat the attacker,
he may re-engage, and stay in the fight, when it is absolutely not necessary, and in this
way, risk to get caught by an unexpected attack or more attackers. Number seven: Training self defense and thinking
about it – will draw a physical confrontation to your life While this myth and superstition applies more
to people who never invested into self defense, it is important to recognize and address this
dangerous belief. It works as any superstition – if you think
that a black cat crossing the road gives bad luck, the next time something bad will happen
– you will accredit it to it. The cat, and the bad outcome, have no relationship
in actuality. Same applies to self defense. Whether you think about it or not – the possibility
that you will be attacked exists, and it is much worse, if you will be attacked without
any preparation for this aspect. If not thinking about being attacked would
make people safe from it, all the best self defense systems would teach it. This wraps up the biggest and most dangerous
myths in self defense that I’ve encountered and wanted to address. What other myths do you see that I’ve left
out? Let me know in the comments. If you see value in this video, make sure
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