7 Best Martial Arts – Deadly Fighting Styles for Self Defense

7 Best Martial Arts – Deadly Fighting Styles for Self Defense

Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence. Today, we’re showing you the top 7 martial
arts styles for self defense It’s crucial for a man to know how to protect
himself and his family from an attacker, and that’s why it’s so important to learn
a fighting style that’s designed to be effective. Here are the 7 best martial arts styles: Style #7: Jujutsu Developed in Japan and taught to the samurai
as a form of defense when weaponless, Jujutsu is the foundation of many martial
arts, like Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It‘s so effective because it uses your attacker’s
aggressiveness against them. When attacked, a Jujutsu fighter redirects
their attacker’s energy and momentum in a way that
renders the attack useless and often opens an opportunity for a counter attack. And since Jujutsu was developed for disarmed
Samurai, It is an extremely effective martial arts
style against both armed and unarmed attackers. Style #6: Taekwondo Over the past 5,000 years, Taekwondo and Korea have simultaneously developed. While it’s better known for its powerful and highly effective kicks, Taekwondo loosely translates to “The way of the hand and fist”. Interestingly, when you see fast and high spinning kicks in movies… chances are it’s Taekwondo. But Taekwondo is more than just impressive to watch, It’s fast, powerful, designed to be effective, and is a great martial arts style for self defense. Style #5: Krav Maga Krav Maga is a dirty and effective fighting style with quite a story. Meaning “contact combat” in Hebrew, it
was created to protect Czechoslovakian Jews in the ‘30s. Krav Maga was born out of street fights and
battles in those tense times. The moves aren’t flashy… they’re simple
and often dirty, designed to quickly neutralize threats,
and to attack the body’s vulnerabilities, like the eyes, face, throat, groin and neck. While it doesn’t always look good, Krav Maga
is a great martial art for close-quarter, real-life fights. Style #4: Aikido The ultimate pacifist’s martial art, Aikido’s fighting style focuses on peaceful resolution. Created by Morihei Ueshiba, Aikido means “the
way of harmony of the spirit.” It is a derivative of Jujutsu,
that combines Jujutsu’s joint locks and throws with the body movements of sword and
spear fighting. While Akido is a bit complicated, it’s designed
with peace in mind, and is a great style for those who want to
defend themselves, while keeping their attackers safe. Style #3: Wing Chun A style with a mythical background, Wing Chun came to fame in the West through Bruce Lee. Its moves are based on the movements of animals,
particularly the crane, And by combing these movements Wing Chun fighters
are able to simultaneously attack and defend, constantly
stay balanced, and remain deadly, even at close range. And even better, the combined movements help
it be effective regardless of a person’s size or weight. Altogether, this makes Wing Chun a great fighting
style for self defense, for just about anyone. Style #2: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was founded by brothers Carlos and Helio Gracie, who wanted to redesign
Judo. Where Judo favors brute strength, BJJ uses
leverage to control a fight. Fighters combine this use of leverage, with
attacks like chokes and joint locks, to help them defeat larger and/or stronger
opponents. This makes BJJ one of the most effective and
powerful fighting styles, That’s used by both police and nearly all
MMA and UFC fighters. Style #1: Muay Thai Passed down through generations of Thai families, Muay Thai is Thailand’s martial art of war. It’s designed to convert parts of your body
into different weapons: Your hands become daggers, your elbows hammers,
your knees axes, And your shins and forearms a suit of armor. These weapons combine to create a particularly
effective and lethal martial art. That’s our 7 Most Effective Martial Arts
for Self Defense. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs
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Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “7 Best Martial Arts – Deadly Fighting Styles for Self Defense

  1. MantelligenceDating says:

    Do you practice any of these 7 deadly fighting styles? What other martial arts styles should we have added?

  2. jugg says:

    BJJ and Muay Thai combo might kill someone

  3. muhammad Medhat says:

    boxing ?????

  4. Levi Steven says:

    Kick boxing
    Muay Thai

  5. Char Lotte says:

    I do German jiu jitsu. Allround, made in Germany, engineered for the police and always evolving.

  6. TheTempered Fang says:

    i practiced krav maga for 6 years under an ex-Israel counter terrorist special forces member and i would say it might not be the best for an every day street fight (only on the merits thats its far to brutal and the goal is to neutralize your opponent as quick as possible armed or not the end result either being severer injury or death to your opponent) i also did 2 years of aikido and can say its useless and has no actual combat application in today's world. wing chun (and the martial arts your thinking of is known as hun-gar with monky, tiger, mantis, snake, ect.) should also not be on the list nore should any Chinese martial arts for that matter they are all simply tradition and nothing more no real world application. taekwondo, this martial arts gets way to much hype. let me tell you the biggest "no" in a street fight attacks with lots of wind up and high kicks…… sounds like 90% of that martial arts is out. in reality there is no one best martial arts to defend yourself with but the closest that i know of are: #1 MCMAP (the martial arts used by the united states marine corps/ navie seals) because it takes care of your attacker without necessarily disabling them or killing them. #2 Kyokushin this is your standard full contact mma style of fighting that originates in japan. #3 muay thai a great well rounded martial arts with good standing game though if you have ever been in a fight most of the time they end up on the ground so it loses some points there and i cant put it higher on the list. #4 jujitsu (all of them) jujitsu literally translating to grappling technique its is pretty good its ground game shines but its standing game sucks, and before you say it doesn't i dare you to try and catch an choreographed punch under the pressure of a brawl and then grapple good luck. i wouldn't put krav maga good under every day situations its good in life or death situations where its you or the enamy.

  7. Flatleythebard Flatleythebard says:

    Brute strength in Judo? LOL

  8. John McHenry says:

    Kyokushin Karate should have been i over Wing Chun or TKD.

  9. praveen pitawala says:

    Anyone know JKD ..?

  10. T_MAC _BIGMAC says:

    aikido is shit but HAPKIDO is da real shit I think u got dat list fucked up

  11. Swinging Southpaw Style says:

    I like boxing and judo, with emphasis on newaza.
    Punch, block, slip, grab and introduce opponents head/spine to the cement.

  12. xAsrix 10 says:

    Silat the killer art

  13. Jqn says:

    AIKIDO?!?!?!?!?!?! JUJITSU? WING CHUN?

  14. Abhishek mukher jee says:

    Krav maga should be in the top… Nd where is boxing…

  15. grank t says:

    lol krav maga. krav maga is all hipe. in israel people lauthing about that. in the best case works on untrained opponent. in the worst case doesnt work at all.


  16. Brazen Bull says:

    Terrible list

  17. Tommy Lee says:


  18. Justin ft says:

    why is aikido there

  19. Ronan Boyle says:

    Aikido ahead of boxing, karate, wrestling…..u having a laugh??

  20. Hopperino says:

    Where is boxing

  21. Darren Miller says:

    Wrestling first ….for Ground awareness attack and defend basics master them
    Boxing or any style practicing the physics of punches and kicks. Master the punches n kicks
    Wing chun simultaneous attack an defend master the actions and timing
    Then any style of your choice. Which style are you attracted to and why?
    Praying mantis style kung fu
    Jeet kune do teaches to then let go of all styles and patterns and frees action to be most efficient and practical encouraging development of ones own personal style with all cumulatively absorbed, suiting my choice of movement.
    Then Tai chi and qigong to slow down and slowly practice your own style of cultivating chi in a personally healthy choice of direction, Having no less than a positive affect on the surroundings of the practice becoming a Tao…. my Tao. The Tao of Kune D Mill.

  22. sXeAngel says:

    Aikido is considered to be the most useless Martial Art. Taekwondo…gets a lot of hate, but depends on the style and the instructor (ITF Taekwondo is the REAL Taekwondo), Jujutsu, from what I've read is pretty effective, BJJ is said to be one of the best, as is Krav Maga. Just switch Aikido for something like Hapkido, Judo or Sambo and you're more or less ok.

  23. 36th Chamber Hung Gar says:

    Aikido, the martial art that beats your opponent while keeping them safe. You’ll keep them so safe they’ll die! That’s why Aikido’s peaceful resolutions makes it into spot #4 on the deadliest martial arts list. It’s the cutting edge of safety.

  24. tal bal says:

    Kyokushin father of karate's

  25. Adrian Magana says:

    Wing chun like ip man

  26. keenaphat thongkam says:

    Number 1 jeet kune do

  27. Φανοσ στε says:

    You know the guy has no idea about martial arts when he places aikido in the most deadly fighting styles. whithout including boxing.

  28. Jonat han says:

    Boxing, tkd, bjj, muay thai, and krav maga is best.

  29. Sally Heart says:

    What do you think a petite women should learn to protect herself from assault or knife lashes? (karate, Taekwondo or Judo)

  30. Andrew Kernohan says:

    1. KRAV MAGA
    2. BJJ
    3. MUAY THAI
    5. BOXING

  31. The GTC says:

    Aikido more like diekido

  32. Sofica Serbanica says:

    Boxing is still nr 1,combine with dirty fighting or army hand 2 hand combat make you like a Boss))

  33. Maps_for_ Coc says:

    I play muay thai and i have championship after one month i am so excited

  34. Jan Gabor says:

    Just train mma or krav maga… or buy a glock

  35. Lauren Ellison says:

    I'm not a "Gentleman" I'm a 13 year old girl

  36. Geoffrey Fletcher says:

    My only few complaints here are that Taekwondo translates to the way/do of striking with the foot/tae, and fist/kwon. Also since Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was already mentioned with Japanese Jūjutsu, they should have put karate in one of the choices, and while under the right training Aikidõ can be effective in self defense, they should have put Hapkidõ in it's place, as it's training greatly emphasises self defense a bit more than Aikidõ but uses much of the same concepts because they both came from the same root system of Daitõ Ryū Aikijujutsu/Aikijutsu; before evolving into their current identities.

  37. Tom Richards says:

    Boxing combined with wrestling is the best in my opinion

  38. Name less says:

    It depends on the user

  39. pseudoswitch says:

    Ridiculous list

  40. Freddy M says:

    Aikido self defense
    That's kind of an oxymoron

  41. Sajid Ali says:


  42. Brendan Ramsey says:

    This is silly

  43. Anthony Lane says:

    My favorite would have to be a mix of Muay Thai, Silat, and boxing. Boxing has good guards while Silat has defenses, counters, throws and strikes, while Muay Thai has everything in between for kicks. Just don’t let the opponent counter or jam the gun, as to allow them to break your posture and use a takedown. I like to antagonize the opponent as to get them to strike to put them in a vulnerable position. You should be blocking when you aren’t striking, and striking when you aren’t on the ground grappling the opponent. On the ground, I’d use either wrestling or BJJ tactics.

  44. Steve Zimmermann says:

    Taekwondo is a nice style. But I would replace it with it's more complete brother: Hapkido

  45. Al M S says:

    No Boxing? Lol

  46. Mitsuo O says:

    Joking? LOL

  47. Mitsuo O says:

    Nothing is better than KAJUKENBO. NICKNAMED BRUTlity with a purpose and PERFECTED ART OF DIRTY STREST FIGHTING. Also taught to US Special forces, Kuwait Special forces and Israeli Special forces

  48. Benjamin Gautier says:

    Best one carry a 🔫

  49. Chris Abl says:

    Only one J U D O

  50. Schechter Arts says:

    1. Aikido is next to useless as far as real fights are concerned.

    2. Wing chun? There are reasons why Bruce Lee added other arts to it to make his own. Sure, wing chun is great for fighting in close but it tends to lack power & has no ground defense.

    3. Biggest problem: Weapons-based arts are off the list entirely. If you are able to acquire & carry a weapon but stay empty-handed, then you're being stupid. Skills with a blade, stick or gun give you a huge advantage. Escrima/kali, western Bowie/big knife systems, & of course combat pistol shooting–any of those are a great idea.

  51. Andrew Kernohan says:

    Revised list:
    BJJ 30%
    MUAY THAI 30%
    BOXING 20%
    This combined with an early foundation of Taekwondo and judo when young will make a champion!

  52. Tahir Ahmed says:

    Where is kali?

  53. EARN CASH says:

    Kung -fu is best

  54. That average guy says:

    Aikido….the list lost any credibility as soon as it was added. Laughable.

  55. Typical Rain says:

    Wing chun ❤️

  56. Domo Skywalker says:

    Do anyone know the martial arts style that has the stomach thrust when the fighter puncture the stomach with their fingers and twist it or I've seen some ppl grab the ribs too

  57. Ibrahim XY says:

    For me the best martial art is muay thai

  58. andrea amà says:

    I’am just agree with the first 2 places

  59. Andrew 26 says:

    Karate too

  60. IMMORTAL BOY says:

    No.1 taekwondo
    No.2 karate
    No.3 brizillian jiu jutse
    No.4 muay thai
    No.4 jujutsu
    No.5 aikido

  61. Malcolm Andrews says:

    What about ninjutsu?

  62. Jason Carrillo says:

    Clearly the author didnt study martial arts for more than an hour. Aikido is garbage at self defense. Grappling is okay in a street fight but only if it's one on one. Start rolling around against a guy who is a better grappler or has buddies and youre fucked. You're better off learning a striking martial art like muai thai, taekwondo, and krav maga. Krav maga especially because it prepares you for real world scenarios. Just be sure you have a good instructor

  63. mohd zaker says:

    You forgot kyukushin Kai

  64. Severus Lestrange says:

    Muay Thai/Kickboxing is superior!

  65. I like martial arts And food says:

    Taekwondo and wing chun I am the best in Bruce lee style

  66. Gregory Yarbrough says:

    Everyone says wing Chun because Bruce Lee trained in it but if it was really that good why did make his own instead of keep practicing it?

  67. Marcos A. Murillo Vlogs My Life Journey says:

    As a guy whose 16 and practices many different styles by practicing many different moves, basic to advanced and I try to say the deadliest thing is basic moves bc most people need skill to master quickly. But overall fight training is hard and easy at the same time depend on what u doing

  68. J-Amrey-10x Whatever says:

    Styles proven in combat is viable. Remember, it's not the style, it's the level of artist/fighter. Nowadays, with so many fighting style, nitpick and put together what works for you. The concept is simple but application is hardworking. It is what is is. 🤷‍♂️

  69. Micko Urbano says:

    Correction in Taekwondo “The Way of The Foot and The Fist”

  70. Dakota Drone says:

    I love kyokushin

  71. Liam S says:

    Krav Maga should be at the top of the list, because it's a complete self defence system. And I say this based on my personal experience! Before Krav Maga, I did jiu jitsu, kickboxing, Karate, Judo and Thiho Jitsu.

  72. EmreStu says:

    Lmao most effective style is a Balkan fathers belt

  73. Dean Bean! says:

    Krav Maga should be number 1

  74. Martin Fernandez says:

    1. taekwondo I effective and fast kicker 2. boxing strong puncher

  75. The Leon says:


  76. Alexander Future says:

    At 0:28 Brazilian invented ju jitus not japan come on dude 🥺🥺🥺😒🥺🥺😒😏😒😒🥺🥺😤😤😤🥺🥺🥺

  77. Eric Fang says:

    Yo where wrestling at 🤨

  78. Nick Reber says:

    Dude, what about ninjitsu, tai justsu, and genjutsu?

  79. Senpai says:

    5-Brazilian jiu-Jitsu
    2-Muay Thai

  80. Louis-Charles Mauffette says:

    BJJ seem good in a organised fight where u cant rake eyes or bite or attack the genitals ,, what about in a real life situation when u dont make ur opponent to kick ur head cause u have 3 points of contact on the ground ( like in UFC)?

  81. YT Koby Newman says:

    If your gonna learn to defend yourself without injuring an opponent learn bjj. You can choke them out or just simply keep them on the ground. The Gracie's won so many fights without injuring anyone in the open challenge days. And I don't even do Bjj so I'm not being biased.

  82. Ubisons says:

    Aikido and Wing Chun…

    b r u h

  83. Macio 1215 says:

    Always remember:

    …Get GLOCK

  84. محمد العمري says:

    Why are there so many myths about fighting styles?
    I tried Kung Fu when I was a teenager and found it useless.

  85. DeJohnne Lacy says:

    This guy lost me when he said Akido. Akido sucks an then he said wing Chung this guy doesn't know what he is talking about

  86. Aser Dada says:

    Great Video! Apologies for butting in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you thought about – Chireetler Dread Free Rule (google it)? It is a great one off product for learning self effective defence moves without the headache. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my BF after a lifetime of fighting got amazing success with it.

  87. RAHUL SHARMA says:

    1. Muay thai – striking
    2. Wrestling – take down and grappling
    3. BJJ – submission

    Enough to win every fight…
    best of all…

  88. Vince Vacca says:

    Umm wing chun isn’t based on animal styles , you are talking about hung gar kung fu, wing chun is a totally different form of kung fu

  89. Mohan raj says:


  90. Muzzmc says:

    Must be on drugs to think aikido is more dangerous than Krav Maga

  91. Taisir Amin Rafi says:

    What about kalaripayattu? It gave birth to all effective arts that we practice today for defense. It is still effective. Damn u.

  92. Nesto says:

    You don't want your attackers to be safe… You need to finish them…

  93. Nesto says:

    How is Brazilian jiu-jitsu effective, from what I've learned is that the moment you're on the ground, you're done.

  94. R Ordo says:

    How about kickboxing?

  95. Raul Sanchez Jr says:

    Ameri Do Te should be on this list.

  96. Xaviertube TV says:

    Wing chun was introduced by ip man

  97. D7oom 3xd says:

    What’s better for self defense bjj or jjj

  98. mike levitz says:

    Best style is california roll sushi. Throw it at opponant and it will explode on face destroying eyes and stopping breathing. I threw it at my mean girlfriend and killed her in 30 seconds.

  99. Yukimura Sanada says:

    this dude knows nothing about martial arts!

  100. vidform says:

    You forgot sumo wrestling. 😉

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