I think we have the beginnings of the
science out we gotta call Tom Cruise no that’s that’s we need that’s a good man
that’s the gentleman gardener was reappointed this is what good stuff is
oh they in general they say we might have more art come on be from grandpa
Albert Albert blocks gonna be my grandpa now so exciting this is the money shot
right here Michael ladies and gentlemen boys and girls pirates of all ages we
are about to go through more these boxes from its $1,300 potential goldmine
you’re gonna want to see what we find by the end of this video it’s crazy the
amount of a priceless potential priceless artwork we found we’re going
right to it guys we hope y’all caught the other video since you’re having
there’s a playlist that will be on there $3,800 stores in it American goods
return that’s kinda weird yeah looks like they do it’s come from Sweden but this could be
something great very expensive maybe you want to open it no I just was case what
it says bureaus Lord anything there’s some type of if it’s weird because what
programs were they running in 1982 yeah we’re going to have this looked at him
okay open with care this in the boxes stood open pretty minor bikes
this box is stood open for five years pin shot company no that’s the UH that’s
the Scientology stuff but it doesn’t mean there’s not something in there
that’s collectible see how everything each individual thing is wrapped up
let’s see if some one of those yellow ones one of these books could be one of
them could be another piece of artwork by Albert block Hubbard community you
know what what if he worked for him exactly that could keep your name this
could be important stuff I’m gonna have to have somebody look at this for us I
know a guy who knows what about paper this could be original stuff from when
they started all this right there this could be the prototypes yeah that’s what
else in here is it all just that stuff yeah I want to sit this one oh it’s any
insight oh there’s towels in records yeah who’s this nice kind of
music did he like what’s-his-name Bob Dylan uh-huh yeah I don’t know that by
looking at see my not just get a lot of good knowledge here
I mean how many years you’ve been buying storage is not you only five yes what’s
your best find in a storage unit it’s not what I think it is no okay
let’s say your second best fine gold watch
where is enough mhm hey this Oh but Oh Bob Dylan right here that’s the
Rolling Stones yes where’s your grand you design cars you say your best
storage mine that’s the Torino yeah where’d you get a 69 71 seven Bob Dylan
Raven I remember when I told Rick to bid on that he said it wasn’t very valuable
you say you want to split it with me in that chop I say no I’m gonna buy it on
my own okay you’re gonna have to $500,000 for
don’t tell you that Rick Rick did I don’t ever saying that
just bound sound I boxes open for five years and we got nothing like it look honcho mm-hmm Julie yeah all right
okay these books could be something we have to do some looking in all those
we’re just going to it one at a time ladies and gentlemen this box was
airmailed from sweden everything i think that he shipped us on pallets he was
leaving an impudent then it’s kind of looks for mom now I mean it’s like it’s
weird cuz it looks like it’s gonna be cold and it’s just we’re paperwork and
he kept but see why would somebody keep all this in this stores you know for
twenty years infinite vistas big picture division
let’s look inside them we’re gonna need some help on this maybe if anybody out
there who’s watching us understands what we are looking at now you can comment
below we would love to know something about any of this this is what’s a safe
hello this brings ok openings yeah it’s something it’s like it’s like
specs to things it’s like something they were starting or like the beginning of a
book or I don’t know they were into something they’re gonna hit this is this
is like racing this stuff old school yeah and what’s this one a lovely lesson
dear W they were doing like pen pal and stuff they’re writing to each other you
know to be honest not shall know I’m hoping for another coins but I think we
did so good on those painting just I just have a feeling that yeah yeah
record books I think is a recommend topic to be this is like a movie movie please be the
lost Eagle song please be the lost beetle song come on killing me wanna be
careful with the Thomas trivia the business is the Holy Grail source
progress bottles b-59 sweeter program programs copying compare source programs
I don’t know there’s guys who collect this I’m telling you this is the the
master cassette for he was willing to uh motorcycles yeah that’s the motor site
we got a lot of those parts anybody else is looking for all your vintage original
Norton parts we got you on that to be some queasy some exciting now I’m
exciting um I can’t think the pain is out of my hand I know math you ain’t
calling me that oh the suitcase million dollars come on
a million would fit in there wouldn’t it thousand okay he wants a hundred
thousand I want a million so I get nine he gets worse under here was this was
his briefcase for work probably huh what part kitty was he see Mackay was
doing he is very meticulous let’s seize his fame with power when he went to the
beach they are very wise if you’re you watching these thank you for the show
but now it’s our turn shout out to Barry says I’m on it you know what it is
what’s your guess I never see it I’m gonna guess telescope telescope
you know microscope what do you guess no sir hey that’s what the cables went to
mm-hmm Walter black there’s a little thing on
the side Hubbard some sort of a hopper it’s for the Scientology stuff hmm you
see that yeah so that’s the stuff do somethings they were in I think we have
the beginnings of the science out we got a call Tom Cruise not the Tom Cruise you
know but the Tom Cruise the movie star because he’s behind on us that he might
want to buy all this yes the whole kit for it probably fifty-five that must be the blanket he
sets it on and then he does like reading so I don’t know how what they call Scott
coming but this guy’s don’t watch but Uncle Michael does no pull enough for
the bike he liked his wine was this thing
dedicated to Walter’s 40th anniversary as Peter and Georgia mr. burns I want to
see the ends I don’t think it’s it’s it’s good handmade but you anna has the
strings at the end that’s not Native American he with the most money wins I
say and the most of what he called them huevos I’m pretty good I have the most
huevos I can promise that it says it sounds like money
well that sounds like it sounds like a bunch of money a GU in mm-hmm no what is
it what is that you let me know my train it’s a train what the thing ah that’s a
VE manual baby there’s a nice one uh-huh I forgive you sure it’s baby yes
let’s see it lets show their way that’s a nice that’s a nice one no that’s what
we need that’s a good man that’s the gentleman over which we point
it oh it sure is real well you keep showing me yeah but that’s
okay it’s in my name that’s fine it’s a real gentleman Tony – what’s that worth it’s a BB gun caliber 45 putting a
half-dozen Eevee I don’t know look at the if you look at the barrel that’s not
you know hmm yeah see well no as this made us a little more
exciting 3838 purchasing thumbs kiss me I’m aka this is a hippie some people his
hippie errors I have this is all good I think that’s gonna be good
yeah this is all good its business stuff no this is a good one it’s a projector
come on its own I’m going on this is good stuff is
let’s see science is all the same stuff right here uh-huh
this is mass how thick it is what year is that paper in this paper in
there’s a different year than our first one yeah this is like 73 new is Mogu
your mother it was so old the bullets were in first place person was that
person hit ya around no we see some gold medal what is it Sam
potassium yeah this is all science imagine if you would find one of us a
gourd powder yeah this is this is everything for a science beakers this is
Alameda stuff yes this is Alameda Oh ladies yeah this times a hundred the
heat pyro soft water sitting next to me goes
no se que parece Peru Brazil royal pour pour
so bendy said it’s like a James Bond tarragon oh yeah oh they examine those like we might have
more art come on be from grandpa Albert Albert blocks is gonna be my grandpa now
I get excited like as a safe puffy Tupperware but this is the fix-it French
one this is special design yeah the plate is number you see the cake
right there there’s a special hey that loss system in West Oh Michael pinky may be focused on La Nina if I tell you I’ll
be loving so Villa post-keynesian are you giving a shout-out to your brother
cuz he watches all my videos yeah that out to his brother for watching all my
videos yeah I think I have a friend down in LA area he sells a lot of this stuff
I’m gonna send it to him because he knows about original business wall to
block a deprogramming auto tank all bomani burrows large miss this is
impossible important step I’m intrigued to see in here I’m
intrigued to see in those boxes that are under the wrapper that good I feel like
once this one hasn’t even been gone through yet no no ho man this is so
exciting so exciting and I just can’t hide
I’m about to lose my mind and I think I like it
oh my god more books or didn’t work the science
book huh a box in a box a box in a box it’s heavy box looks like paper
it’s a fire box be a hundred thousand dollars
I’ve never found a hundred thousand dollars in a storage unit and you need
it it’s a suitcase manuals lovely this is the money shot right here Michael come on please the jury please more
paper more paper to be rare I think we need any good on this Carlos so the
numbers up in the air only as much people can read it oh these are the
numbers that the cloud Wow we’ve done the cloud division I’ve been itchy I see
there’s a little bio box oh yes baby address cards no notebooks
business gosh my sweaty will find the keys for the motorcycle the license please yeah cuz that’s like
that’s a little bit of money right yeah 1969 buddy uh-huh This Is England I
think 40 good order again yeah that’s still probably 40 50 bucks
yeah a nice one huh he’s come on hundred thousand dollars has just been sitting
in this unit forever we got some cool books and literature this is crazy something so that’s that’s gonna be bad
and now it’s drawing paper so could it be more of his grandpa’s art yes I’m
looking for all that miscellaneous file those could be missing files gotta go
through every one of these a hundred thousand dollars isn’t fitting in
envelope let’s see honestly I want to look at every one of these because they
could be something important it could be like stuff directly to cover and
passports yeah Mon war oh my god he went the high water mmm well there’s a beauty
guy hahaha wasn’t that Harvard no what’s it maybe come on money money Pacquiao oh this is
a good thing this is a for that rock and roll era check that chick million a year
we need this make sure we don’t miss this even better
oh he wasn’t look mm-hmm that might be something good in there
that might be something good but if you look right here he was at Yale
University see that mm-hmm let’s look in these stuff let’s look in
this couple these things I want to know what’s in those envelopes
maybe the Fairmont Hotel no just savings savings how much money do you have in
the bank not bad to have that type of money back then
interesting where’s the rest where’s your money at Walter Walter seem like
the type it kept it all in the bank possibly we got a fine-tooth comb every
one of these things that scam was his girlfriend
what up Walter he looks like a scientist type guy yeah I like this one cuz look
it says Yale University yeah American Express just original receipts we find maybe
somebody liked some of the stuff to the receipts instead people clip older all
the box university of pennsylvania singing hate stuff missus stocks okay
it’s a very methodical man 1966 m every man’s income tax okay taxes alright this
was another great there’s a lot of amazing finds I have no idea what any of
this is that busy obviously worked for Hubbard possibly did some Scientology
stuff some artwork the papers the intricity of everything is just
overwhelming thanks for watching there’ll be a few more in this video
much love

Dereck Turner

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