5 Photography Tips for Amazing Photos – حيل بسيطة ستجعلك من محترفي التصوير

5 Photography Tips for Amazing Photos – حيل بسيطة ستجعلك من محترفي التصوير

#3 #2 #1 ACTION ASSALAMU ALAIKUM GUYS it’s Assem Hammana here and today i brought you five things to
instantly step up your photo game (music) OKEY let’s get rolling let’s get right
into it first of all mind your horizons how u can mind your horizon ? for example we have this pic that have crooked horizon if you miss it in camera it takes like two seconds to do it in post
jut like that the first one probably good but the second one is great #2 LIGHTING lighting is huge I’m probably gonna do an entire video on
the subject itself the most important thing is DON’T SHOOT IN HARSH SUNLIGHT shoot in sunrise or in sunset Cuz the harsh sunlight make u unable to take great images but when u shoot in sunrise or in sunset you’ll make amazing pics #3 ANGLES think opposite when you shooting say we’re gonna go do the landscape shot everyone
is taking the same photo your photo might be better lit maybe shooting low maybe there is some details you’re gonna miss when you shoot in eye level i’ll show you some examples change your way of thinking and when you shoot lot of pics u’ll have the opportunity to get great images and choose the best one #4 for ex in the forest maybe back into
the tree a little bit so you can see dangle something in front of the lens those branches and the leaves hanging
down in front of the lens it gives you bokeh gives you a nice out-of-focus
elements Use anything #5 FRAMING placing objects into the
frames let’s say we’re
gonna take a picture of a lens it’s kind of
boring by itself so maybe we add it Box maybe somthing else it’s not focused on the box it’s focused on the lens but that provides an
atmosphere now the picture is much more
interesting GUYS this are pics that i took by using these tricks in the end if you liked this video Like,comment and subsecribe below! Tag me on instagram Soon – even more videos! see you soon

Dereck Turner

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