5 Minute Crafts To Do When You’re Bored | Easy DIYS

5 Minute Crafts To Do When You’re Bored | Easy DIYS

Hey guys so today, I’m gonna be showing you some five-ish Minute activities that you can do when you’re bored. You may have seen one or two of these before Maybe they’re all new to you the idea is they’re quick and easy Activities that you can do at your house with supplies that you probably Maybe, could, already have. If you can’t do these things in five minutes, that’s not my problem There must be something wrong with you. Just kidding don’t take the five minute thing too literally guys Okay, let’s get into this now. Okay. First craft is DIY bows You will need some sort of fabric you can use old t-shirts or your dad’s Boxer shorts really any fabric that you have laying around I’m using these little felt sheets that you can get at any craft store I’m gonna cut a somewhat skinny strip off That’s not a straight line at all put that to the side now cut the rest in half Break out the hot glue gun and glue down the top and bottom edges Now fold it in again and glue that in place There’s no glue coming out, but that’s that’s that’s fine. Let’s just pretend There is flip it over Do a little pinch and gather the fabric into the center and then clip that in place and set it aside Remember this guy? Now, I’m just gonna glue down the edges on him as well Now wrap the strip around glue it in place cut off the excess and Bada-boom there’s a bow now if you want to go crazy and make say a six minute craft You can add some rhinestones or whatever and look at these glue strings everywhere It’s like a freaking spider web and look at them so darling You can attach hair clips or whatever you want to the back. I just use safety pins to stick them on to things for decoration :>Okay moving on to rainbow pom-poms So I’m starting out with this popcorn box A hundred calorie popcorn. I’m just using it for the cardboard I’m gonna use this mason jar to draw a circle and this weird little candle thing to make a smaller circle So basically a donut now I’m cutting that circle out and then cutting a little opening and then cutting the inner circle see what I’m doing here See it’s a C mm-hmm. Go ahead and make a friend Then you’ll need some yarn I couldn’t decide which color yarn to buy so I chose all of them Now stack your little C’s and start wrapping the yarn around them You know this craft is probably closer to ten minutes because it takes a little while to wrap all this yarn But you know keep on wrapping until it turns into a fat yarn Mountain type thing and Try to get it a little bit more even mine is a little heavy in the middle slide some scissors in between the two pieces of Cardboard and start making your way through all of the yarn without letting it fall through the opening not the easiest but it is possible now take a separate piece of yarn and slide it in between the cardboard and tie it as tight as possible Finally it’s safe to remove the cardboard and it looked pretty good There was a little bit of a mullet going on because I didn’t wrap the yarn Perfectly evenly so my pom-pom needed a little bit of a haircut Actually a pretty significant haircut, but it was worth it because after that it looked much better. These are so fun They’re bright, and colorful and fluffy, and I think they’re worth the extra five minutes of effort [Music playing in background] Next is an easy way to make a stress ball I’m going to start by whipping up a quick batch of slime using white glue and adding acrylic paint for color I’m pretty sure most of y’all can make slime with your eyes closed in fact Let’s take a poll leave a comment could you make slime without even looking at a recipe? Or is there anyone out there? Who has never made slime so now I’m adding some contact solution and baking soda Apparently using borax makes better slime, but you know I’d rather not mess around with chemicals if I can avoid it and there’s the slime Look at me trying to make it look cool and failing ok so now. I’m going to grab a balloon I’m using these like psychedelic water balloons And I’m using the top of a water bottle as a funnel and then just start shoving the slime into the balloon To get the slime all the way down in there I’m using the end of the paintbrush this part kind of gets to me I mean it just looks strange piece by piece stuff that balloon full of slime And once you get all of the slime down into the balloon you can remove the bottle make sure that there’s no air in the balloon and tie it off. And there we go! I used blue slime for the other one which came out pretty nice I’ve seen quite a few people around YouTube do these but I think they’re really cool, perfect for when you’re bored because Not only do you get something to do while making it, But then you have something to play with and to be honest, I feel like this is more fun to play with then Just regular slime because you don’t have to worry about any mess Now it’s time for some mini pastel galaxy jars Starting with four glasses of water. I’m adding acrylic paint in galaxy colors and mixing it with the water. Now I’m gonna grab my little mini jar, isn’t it cute, and I’m taking some cotton balls And oh I hate tearing cotton it really gives me the heebie-jeebies Stick that into the jar and pour in my first color letting the cotton soak up the paint adding a little glitter oops or a lot of glitter and Just keep layering cotton and paint, and you know why not just spill it all over the place while you’re at it Keep layering until you reach the top Cap it up and there we go! These are really pretty, and make for great accents to your room or whatever Galaxy is usually really bright and bold, but I like how these are kind of more pastel. You know they’re just chilling there, Not-not too intense The last craft is these little bracelets So I’m pulling out some parchment paper and cutting a little section and then taking a piece of string and measuring my wrist Getting rudely interrupted by my cat. [Sigh] He just has to be a part of everything.. I’m just marking the size of my wrist with some tape I’m taping down the string onto the parchment paper and I’m using some fabric paint or puffy paint and just Dotting the paint right onto the string And once you’re done let them dry for like 12 hours So much for five minutes right? No, this really only does take five minutes of effort It’s just a little bit of a wait time until they’re ready and once they’re dry you can just tie them on and wear them however you want And this is what high fashion looks like right here. I like these because they’re easy fun to make and perfect for curing boredom Okay, so that’s it for today. I hope you guys enjoyed these crafts Let me know if you want to see more 5 minute crafts And I would be happy to do a part two I will see you guys next week. Bye!!

Dereck Turner

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    I am going to try the Pom Pom craft, Iโ€™ll edit to tell you what itโ€™s like!

  85. Norma Martinez says:

    I can make slime with out looking at any ingredients

  86. Raylla Swetnam says:

    Love your vids!!!

  87. ASMR-KITTY says:

    my problem is… im bored but cant be bothered to do anything

  88. Izzy Akin says:

    Yes I can make slime without a recipe

  89. Mary Donovan says:

    An easy way is to make a pom pom is

    1. Wrap yarn/wool/string around four fingers 45 (or more) times.
    2. Cut a bit of the rest but leave a little long string.
    3. Take the yarn/string/wool off and put the rest of the string and tuck it in with a loop.
    4. Cut off the rest of the string.
    5.Cut the loops and trim ur pom pom

  90. Mark Wright says:

    I can could do it with out me looking

  91. Melody Zhang says:

    I heard crap store

  92. Renaissance Lease says:

    Can someone tell me what DIY stands for!

  93. Ahmed Hassan says:


  94. The Random Show! says:

    I have never made slime but when I did I made it without looking at a recipe

  95. Jasmine Gonzalez says:

    Ik this isnโ€™t the video but u should do a squishy makeover with ur intro logos

  96. Kitty Lover907 says:

    I have over 20 slime

  97. Amber S says:

    Guys who's better troom troom or 5 minute crafted comment if troom troom and like if 5 minute craft

  98. Harleigh Vansickle says:

    i can make slime with my eyes closed LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

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