3D images out of strips of paper | Folding paper art | Rolling paper art | Bending paper art

3D images out of strips of paper | Folding paper art | Rolling paper art | Bending paper art

You have to look twice to really understand
what this work of art is made of. It’s comprised of hundreds of little strips
of paper, which together form a picture. But it’s the combination of colours and shapes
which gives the portrait its depth. Paper artist and illustrator Yulia Brodskaya
created these works. She’s been fashioning paper into 3D pictures
for a decade. “Paper is just amazing. It’s flexibile, it’s versatile. There are just so many things you can do to
it. You can fold it, you can cut it. You name it! I really like to use it.” Yulia came up with the idea of creating three-dimensional
objects from paper when she was experimenting with her signature. After that, her objects evolved to be more
and more complex. The Russian-born artist works at her studio
in St. Albans, north of London. She uses a technique known as quilling or
paper filigree. It’s achieved by rolling strips of paper into
coils, and folding or curving them into different shapes. Then they’re glued together. It’s painstaking and exacting work. “The main challenge using this technique and
working with paper is just the time. It’s so time-consuming. It’s labour-intensive. It takes days and weeks to create a relatively
small size of artwork because there are lots of details I need to incooperate. So I have to be really patient.” Yulia regularly visits this art supply store
to stock up on paper. She makes sure that it’s thick and robust
enough to create strips that will hold up. If the paper is too thin, it tears easily. Getting the right colour combination is important,
too. “I’m also really drawn to different colors,
because I’m not a painter. I can’t just mix the paint on the palette
and get any desired tint or shade of color. That’s why I’m limited to what I can actually
buy. That’s why I’m on the look for all different
shades and colors that I can possibly use.” +++ Yulia is often inspired by plants. Each of her artworks starts as a sketch. Then comes the detailed work. She cuts the paper in strips with a hobby
knife and then shapes them into individual elements. Finally, she posts images of the finished
works on her Instagram channel. It has more than 30-thousand followers. “People always ask: How you’ve done it? How long it took you? Can we see the process? So in the end what’s a better way than to
show how it’s done by just using Instagram with videos and timelapses. So I started to use social media just to get
people an insight into my working process.” The advertising industry has also taken an
interest in Yulia’s paper art. She’s created works for an American airline…. a Japanese designer fragrance, and a British car brand. Her images even grace postage stamps. And not long ago one of her designs was reproduced
in a larger format in central London. It now serves as a window display in a clothing
store. A first step in the artist’s next direction: “My plan is to also try to work on a slightly
larger scale, because this is a compact art form and makes an impact when it’s seen on
a larger scale. So my next goal is to try and find a way to
just make it larger.” But Yulia Brodskaya has no desire to experiment
with other materials. She’s already found her ideal medium with
paper her ideas blossom.

Dereck Turner

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