3D Acrylic Hack – Silicone Molds from Naio Nails

3D Acrylic Hack – Silicone Molds from Naio Nails

HI i’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails, In this video i am h=going to show you how
to create 3D acrylic, Using a mould. Easy peasy, anyone can do this So first of all i am going to put a colour
onto this nail that i have created using the urban graffiti gel p[olish range,
all of the products that i am going to use today are on our website, so check that out This is a gorgeous soft pink, it’s called
bambino this nail is an old nail, that we have had
on for about a week i’d say. Something like that, maybe, i can’t remember Two weeks So i am just using this as a nail to create
the design on really I haven’t sculpted it out, it was a nail already
to use pop that into the lamp second coat of the colour Bambino JJ, was it you that named this, Yes It was so our model today, JJ, named this polish why did you call it Bambino? I love Bambi You love bambi? Look at my bambi slippers you’ve got bambi slippers on Bambi slippers My sister calls me Bambi and Bambino pop that into the lamp My dad used to call me bambino too it’s so nice isn’t it You don’t really look like a bambino I did I was very cute you know no he’s juts a big hunk of muscle hunk of muscle you know when you have this image of a guy that’s really strong and can take care
of you you know like i’ve forgot the word masculine man like a masculine like Arnold Schwarzanegger you know you just like oohhhhh what a fine specimen of a man he is that’s Adam That’s Adam Such a handsome, strong, masculine Bambino Yes I’m gfonna use i’m gonna show you what we are gonna use Can you see these gorgeous, Look at the little teddy bears oh my god Looks like Bacon Bear oh it does we are gonna do little teddy bears So this is so easy to do. Kids could even do this we might put that to the test one day it’s so easy to do i know that there are probably people out
there who probably struggle with acrylic and things like that this is the perfect product for you I’m gonna put a topcoat on this and then what we will do we will use our little 3D mould and create
some gorgeous teddy bears Pop that into the lamp What i like to do with the 3D silicone pad,
before i use it is to wipe over with the Gel residue wipe
off solution i’ve got some one a pad, give it a nice clean because we don’t want any dust or anything
like that in there So just give it a nice clean over and that’s
ready to use and then, i can move your finger out of the
way you can relax for a minute JJ WE are gonna concentrate on our gorgeous,
3D Silicone Pad I am going to choose which bear
for my liquid, i am going to use highspeed because i want it to set really quickly i am gonna get my 3D brush at the ready gonna use cotton candy and i am going to use
warm beige here is how it works you can just colour the whole bear in one
colour if you wanted to but Like we are gonna do that, that would be far
too easy we are going to make his little mouthy bit,
whats that called snout isn’t that a snout a bear has sort of a snout that comes out not like a teddy bear like a right anyway it’s a snout okay so we are going to colour that first with
the cotton candy just gonna press that out still need to keep it neat make sure that it has gone into that round section at the bottom you can even turn it over and check it’s all
covered where you want it to be we are gonn do the same with the ears gonna do a little bead just gonn keep it in that section now all of you pro nail technicians out there don’t be judging me for using the mould don;t be thinking, oh my god it’s like cheating it’s not cheating it’s showing people who don’t have the skill,
tp create this by hand i could create it by hand but this is far
quicker, it’s easier for people why would we not want to make it easy
that’s what we are doing today and then we are gonna go in with the warm
beige and fill in the rest juts like that i will take a little bit over on to the back
of the ears just so i know that it is all
connected i don;t want to try and pop it out and then
the ears just fall off that wouldn’t be good so if you have a look on the other side see the cute bears what you are gonn do is test it as i stretch the silicone now, it’s not popping
off the sides and that’s the point where you’re gonna take it off you can see ho that is popping off now that’s popping away like that, i’m just gonna give it a stretch a little bit of clear acrylic, and you are
gonna pick him up place him on and we are going to contour him
to the nail So the heat form my fingers will help to completely
set the bear and obviously the clear acrylic will adhere
the bear to the nail gonna put a tiny bit of clear here, just so
i have a clan crisp seal to the nail. if you take to long, taking the 3D bear out
of the mould it can become quite stiff and you won’t be
able to contour it to the nail so it’ll be more 3D so if i just show you
one i did earlier so you can see how this is fully set. it will be quite difficult to apply to the
nail i mean you could apply it but it would have edges basically it’s nice to get it out nice and early and
actually contour it to the shape of the nail it’ll be easier to wear for the client it’s just look a lot nicer we are gonna do the same again but we are gonna use one of the teeny weeny
ones so if i just look at the nail and then look
at which one i am going to use with the space we have here,i am going to
but it at an angle so we are gonna use this one here, and we
are gonna do exactly the same thing so we start with the snout the ears and we’ve got the natural beige because that was quite a big bead, look what
you can do scrape off what you don’t need see, that is nice and flat the thinner and flatter it is the easier it will be to contour to the nail. it’s much more bendable is that a word bendable
flexible flexible that is coming away now from the silicone and we are gonna pop a bit of clear acrylic
so it will adhere and then we are gonna pop it out and pop him on the nail. contour it
it won’t need much contouring because he is so much smaller and make sure that i have got this seal so what i have done here as i have done another
little design what i have done is painted a little bit of
detail on to the bears so you could do that aswell and then i have got another one of the 3D
moulds which is all of the little flowers really simple and just done a few basic designs done the different sizes down the side of
this nail the colour that we have used on the underneath
of this one is pin it and the blue bears that i have done is in
Serenity so on this nail i have filled the nail with
flowers and then the places that can’t fit the flowers which is round here, all i have done, is just
add a bead of acrylic and just squished into that to create a bit more interest so that one is completely full of flowers so there are a few different designs that you can do with the 3D moulds you can buy these from our website, there
are lots of different designs loads of different bits and bobs you can create have a little look and see what you’d like
to do so these are all of the colours that we have
used today and we also got Mega while and clear acrylic
powders Warm Beige Neon orange
cotton candy twilight stardust
pink flmingo and vivid violet gorgeous colours, i am sure you would agree so there you are some 3D easy peasy lemon
squeezy designs that you can do, i think even kids
could do that have a little go don’t forget to subscribe to this channel,
don’t forget to press the little bell so you can have notifications and don’t forget to like us on instagram and
facebook everywhere, like and share, like and share and i’ll see you next time bye bye

Dereck Turner

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