36 Dollar Store Tricks Every Smart Person Should Know

36 Dollar Store Tricks Every Smart Person Should Know

If you’re tight for cash or on a budget, your local Dollar Tree can be your best friend. This is 36 Dollar Store Tricks Every Smart Person Should Know 1. Divvy up candy and snacks for movie night using ordinary shower caddies. Clean organized shower holders!! No fighting & everyone gets some yummies!! 2. Use coffee filters to separate items on a large platter or in a large bowl, or use them as little individual serving bowls on their own! Use them to separate snacks, serve small amounts of dry snacks or as plate dividers. 3. Instead of shelling out for an expensive spice rack, bend cookie cooling sheets into whatever shapes you need to keep your pantry neat and organized. Here’s how you do it: Bend the little legs flat as possible and it will look like this. bend up the one side at the 4th wire then skip one wire and bend the other side. Easy peasy… 4. Take 5 simple picture frames and turn them into a mini-terrarium. Prepare 5 photo frame, remove the paper back and then fold down the tabs to secure the glass to the frame. Glue four frames together on each side to form a cube with hot glue and the basic box is finished. Took another frame, break it down and use a chop saw to cut all the pieces the same length. Hot glue the pieces to form a pyramid and you’re done! 5. Line your refrigerator shelves with inexpensive placemats to make spills and other messes less of an issue. Did you know there was such a thing as fridge mats? Simply flipped over, traced and then trimmed the mats to fit your fridge and you got a cool fridge. 6. Organize your drawers with small baskets instead of pricey drawer dividers. They’re just the right size to fit whatever you need — those pink ones are perfect for silverware. If the colors bother you, give them a coat of white (or whatever color) spray paint 7. With just rope, fabric, and the help of a glue gun, you can transform a plain box into a fashionable basket. Wrap the rope around empty box and cover the top with fabric. If your dollar store doesn’t have fabric, you can use a shower curtain or a flat top sheet as fabric instead. While you’re at it, feed the twine through the glue mixture until it is coated then start draping it around a balloon. once dry, pop the ballon and a nice ball light for your party. 8. Using a dish rack, you can organize your kids coloring books and supplies in a matter of seconds. 9. Wrap inexpensive bamboo utensils in contact paper to make them match your kitchen. If you’re looking for a good but affordable gift for the wannabe chef in your life, contact paper is the easy answer and you can pick the pattern you like best. 10. Glue together felt decorations to make a unique throw for your living room. You could use dollar store snowflakes and then glue it together with hot glue gun. 11. Cut up simple color dot stickers into half-moons to make decorative fruit stickers. With the help of a fine-tip pen, you can make lemons, limes, oranges, watermelons, apples or whatever fruits you want. Use ’em to decorate gifts, handmade cards, bullet journal or notebook cover. 12. Combine artificial flowers to make an epic wreath for almost no money at all. This kind of peony flower wreath will cost you $334 but if you love to craft and make a creative mess, you could DIY one just as gorgeous, for $15. Make as many as you ever want to give as gifts and have loads of fun doing it… 13. Glue five or six empty jars together to organize all of your desk supplies vertically. If you have tomato sauce or other jarred foods, wash and save the empty containers. This is a project you could make for free since all you need is empty jar and hot glue gun. 14. Doctor up your hand-me-down or Ikea furniture with a package of gold pushpins or add a detailed touch to your furniture using simple thumbtacks. 15. Pick up a pack of decorative stones and gems to turn your mirror into a gorgeous focal point or grab 19 compact mirrors and glue them together to knock off a high-end honeycomb mirror. 16. Want a stunning light fixture that won’t cost you a fortune? Create this breathtaking chandelier with just a few dollar store finds. Follow the DIY guide at At Charlottes House. 17. Pick up a mesh laundry bag for any beach trips you plan to take this summer. They’re great for storing beach toys but you can also use them to help tote your water bottles, chairs and umbrellas. 18. Hook one end of a pool noodle to your hose and duct tape the other end shut to make a sprinkler that waters your yard. Simply puncture the pool noodle randomly around all sides of the noodle. The more holes, the better the spray. 19. Repurpose an ice cube tray into an earring holder… it will keep your baubles neat and tidy. 20. Pick up a bunch of supplies to put together an engineering kit to keep your kids and their friends busy one day over the summer. The dollar store can be an amazing place for great materials for tinker trays, engineering kits and simple science experiments. Combine all of these loose materials in one place by grabbing a bin at the store too! 21. Fancy up your next pool party with these curtains made out of dollar store tablecloths. Sure they’re not super durable, but who ever needed them to be? You could also turn them into plastic yarn which you can use for knitting or crochet. You can even make little baskets or shopping bags with it. 22. Grill yourself something special for dinner using your very own disposable charcoal grill. All you need to do is go to Dollar Tree get the pan, the rack and alluminium foild then put them together. Ain’t it simple? 23. Glue glass beads to the back of a bookshelf to make a decorative backsplash. While this would be a huge project to try in your kitchen, it’s a great option if you want to add a pop of color to a small shelf. 24. No cake plate? No problem. You can make your own dollar store tart pan and candlestick. Get yourself some heavy duty glue, add it to your candlestick and then stick it onto your tart pan with the lip facing down when the cake plate is up. 25. Pick up a bedding storage bag and use it to pack towels, tablecloths, and other linens when you go camping. You could also use this tip to store seasonal linens, like your holiday tablecloths and quilts. 26. With a hula hoop and some curtains, you can create a play tent for your kids. It’s fun to make, the materials cost less than $20 and it’s much cheaper than a store bought product. 27. Turn paper lunch bags into cute lanterns to line your aisle. Pick up some battery-operated candles at the dollar store as well. It’s much safer to use flameless candles in luminaries. 28. Make rainbow bubble blowers by using fuzzy socks, duct tape, and food coloring. No expensive bubble solution required here since you will make your own from diluted liquid dish soap. 29. Glue rag rugs using fabric glue around pillow inserts to make cozy pillows for all around your house. Prepare the rug from dollar store, fold them in half, get fabric glue, attached all three sides and they have held up amazingly! 30. Dress up a basic iPad case with ModPodge and fabric scraps. First, paint your fabric with Fabric Mod Podge and let it dry. Plac the iPad case on a wood frame for support and then lightly sand it so that the Mod Podge would adhere more easily. Paint a layer of Mod Podge onto the iPad case and smooth the fabric down on top then let it dry. Tackling the edges will takes some time, pain the sides down after you make sure that folding over the fabric won’t affect the fit of the iPad. And now, you have a beautiful DIY iPad case for yourself or for a gift. 31. Organize the pantry of your dreams using dollar store containers and labels instead of more expensive containers from other stores. 32. Tie cut-up pool noodles around a small plastic bin to make a floating drink cart. First, find or purchase a large plastic container and then cut your pool noodle into four equal parts. Thread the noodle parts over a long, sturdy string or rope and fit the noodle pieces around the plastic container. Test the container in the pool without the drinks not only to make sure its floats but that the noodle fit correctly 33. Paint your own vintage floral designs onto cheap plates and serving ware for a custom kitchen set. This project is more foolproof than it seems, because you draw out your designs with a Sharpie and clear up any mishaps with rubbing alcohol. 34. Organize and display your rings using a square drawer divider, a little bit of cotton batting, and some simple fabric. This is another project that takes a little bit of time, but the gorgeous end result is worth it. Follow the comple step by step guide at Tea Rose Home. 35. Nothing causes more mayhem in your closet than shirts that refuse to stay on their hangers. But pipe cleaners can help prevent that annoying mishap and the resulting wrinkles. Simply wrap pipe cleaners or rubber bands around the hangers you already have to keep your clothes from slipping off. 36. Pick up some buckets, or baskets to institute a “crap basket” system in your two-story home. Anything the kids leave downstairs goes in their crap buckets, and they carry it upstairs at the end of every day to put stuff away. If they wait too long, the stuff is confiscated, and they have to do something to get it back! That’s all for now… For more Dollar Store hacks and DIY Ideas, stay tune to our channel. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next videos…

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