1917 – Official Trailer [HD]

1917 – Official Trailer [HD]

Blake. Pick a man. Bring your kit. I hoped today might
be a good day. Hope is a dangerous thing. You have a brother in
the second battalion. Yes, sir. They’re walking into a trap. Your orders are to
deliver a message, calling off tomorrow
morning’s attack. If you fail, it will be a massacre. Let’s talk about
this for a minute. Why? We’ve got orders to cross here. That is the German front line. HOLD FAST! If we’re not clever about this, no one will get to your brother. I will. There is only one way this ends. Last man standing. We need to keep moving. Come on! We can’t possibly make
it that way, man. You bloody insane? If you don’t
get there in time, we will lose 1,600 men. Your brother among them. Good luck.

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “1917 – Official Trailer [HD]

  1. I am Yogi says:

    *Dunkirk's ticking sound plays in my head while watching this, tries to get it out of my head. The ticking sound stays XD

  2. Cosmic Vizor says:

    Dr Strange went back in time 😂

  3. IamMunyan says:

    Song-?????? Ready GO

  4. IamMunyan says:

    What a second – there’s a movie out that’s not a Disney Star Wars cash grab or a predictable recycled Avengers story?? ….Amazing I’m in

  5. Vlad Vasiliev says:

    почему морды чистенькие и сытые, война никак…

  6. sanyogita Giri says:

    M really excited to watch this movie but I hope this will release in India. Because not all Hollywood movies get release in India

  7. vishwanath kantale says:

    its more like kanche movie

  8. Rod Rodney says:

    Want to like it but…looks a bit cheesy

  9. Maximilian Pegasus says:

    Walmart Dunkirk

  10. LordChristoff says:

    Sabaton the great war intensifies

  11. Muhammet Ali TAŞ says:

    Turks, kicked asses, of British and other Western allies in Gallipoli!

  12. Kinji T says:

    Does anyone know the song

  13. J. Rambo says:

    Hopefully its R RATED and not some PG13 shit

  14. Sonny Bill says:

    At least they respawn 👍🏻

  15. Ruina Imperri. says:

    Sherlock and Moriarty both joined British Army in WW1. Nation first.

  16. wydjc - says:

    1:20 me trying to get away from a crazy homeless man at a McDonald’s

  17. Pandora Stölen says:

    "Hope is a dangerous thing"
    Me: "for a woman like me to have"

  18. Vlog Star says:

    2019 official trailer

  19. Bloody to the MAX says:

    Everyone gunna be playing bf1 now lol..i expect full servers when i get home

  20. Isaac Alonzo says:

    I guess I'll just reinstall Battlefield 1

  21. Stampy295 OnYT says:

    “You have been promoted: 5 Star General”

  22. JawlatNET - جولة نت says:

    I was born in 1917 that's beautiful.

  23. Pot Committed says:

    Audience: just send the RAF like the eagles in the lord of the rings

    Based bros: if you mean by RAF the remaining Air Force there’s a paper airplane left and oh that was just shot down at least there’s the French… oh well that’s not good either

  24. Myrat Bayram says:

    Holy Mother of War Machine, this is epic!

  25. Alessandro N says:

    In many parts of the trailer they are holding those bolt action rifles as if they were modern assault rifles…not a good start

  26. Cobra Filez says:

    It's a movie about Runners? A Runner?

  27. Karan Singh says:

    This looks incredible

  28. William Ruiz says:

    5/10 looks good but no seven nation army…. wack

  29. Dominant Seth says:

    The wrong side one the war.

  30. Daniel Gott says:

    Universal isn't adding the actor's names to the descriptions anymore?

  31. ramen soup says:

    der feind hat einen unserer beobachtungsposten ubernommen

  32. xMentor mentor says:

    But where are all the one armed women and samurai wannabes? Fucking disrespectful to all the brave strong and independent women that faught and died on the frontlines. Shamefull. #educated #realism

  33. Desmond Bagley says:

    ………same producer as Skyfall means it won't be a worthwhile film to watch. There are already many outstanding films about or set in the Great War era.

  34. Kris Strong says:

    They made this movie it was called lord of the rings. Where Frodo and Samwise Gamgee took the ring to the mountain.


    Cavalo de guerra 2

  36. oncar1 says:

    England vs Germany 2-0

  37. RLach says:

    Hope its not artsy like Dunkirk.

  38. LTrain 45 says:

    This movie is supposed to be one continuous shot.
    Also all you queer kids shut the fuck up about stupid ass video games

  39. EndermiteLover69 says:

    Coming soon; 2019 (1917)

  40. JustCall MeEarth says:

    We have lost objective apples.

  41. warrior71ninja says:

    That one kid telling everyone about the homework the teacher forget to announce

  42. KaliN9ne says:

    Let’s all realize the fact this film was all a one shot take

  43. terence w says:

    when a crashing plane is flying towards you….. run in the same direction as it is flying…..

  44. Doughboy Mike says:

    Can’t wait to see this! I’ve dedicated my life and channel to preserving history like this!

  45. The Hoi Boi says:

    "We are the jaded. We are the naive. We're the honorable and the criminal. We are the bound for legend and the lost to history. We are the knights in the sky, the ghost in the desert, and the rats in the mud."

  46. Doughboy Mike says:

    Hope it stays true to historical accuracy with weaponry and such! Can’t wait.

  47. Kyle Lurz says:

    Are thee any Hellreigles in this movie?

  48. cylon74 says:


  49. Anthony Legero says:

    2:08 when you spawn in on battlefield 1 and you want to play with your teamates but their on the other side of the map.

  50. Night Ninja says:

    Okay but this confuses me because Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, and Mark Strong are in this and it makes it kinda seems like a Kingsman prequel or something

  51. Max Hestur says:

    Anyone interested in this movie should check out Dan Carlin's WW1 series blueprint for armageddon.

  52. M Jones says:

    Sure sounds like Michael Caine…

  53. fei wong says:


  54. sage booth says:

    Song name?

  55. anurag says:

    It would have been better if u didnt included that god awful song

  56. Reet Yeet Skeet And Repeat says:

    I wanna know the song in this

  57. Reet Yeet Skeet And Repeat says:

    "We have lost objective butter"

  58. Lemurian Mapping says:

    Amazing make 1939-1945 polish resistance or WW2!
    It be amazing!!!!

  59. tankthefrank100 says:

    Get some!

  60. Regretful Toaster says:

    Wtf is the song?

  61. der Deutsche ODST says:

    Oh boy world war story about the allies where this time the Imperial German army is demonized

  62. Leisure Time says:

    Seems kind of Oscar-baity, considering Campbell directed 'Green Lantern'. It's using a fucking pop song for God's sake!

  63. Amro Fayed says:

    I thought about Dunkirk while watching this promo.

  64. abhishek chandel says:

    It seems like i saw this before

  65. Pandas are cool says:

    The trailer song is Wayfaring Stranger but not sure who performs it. Anyone know?

  66. Allisra says:

    This look too smooth and clean for a war movie, it reminds some slow burner art movie production. I couldn't feel the violence and fear of war in this.

  67. Matsimus says:

    Battlefield 1….. please take notes

  68. Mr Sunshine says:

    2:07 reminds me of Forrest gump

  69. Angus Mullins says:

    I don’t watch movies in the theaters anymore but this will get me in a theater seat for sure.

  70. CorralOk says:

    Does the french will be added in a DLC?
    Another war movie where the french are getting washed off…

  71. Gary Mulverine_ says:

    It looks shit

  72. Gary Mulverine_ says:

    It looks shit

  73. Your favorite Lord and Saviour says:

    directed by shawn mendes

  74. Rum 95 says:

    Which song is this in the trailer?? Anyone??

  75. WorldhasLostthePlot says:

    Another movie the pathetic media will bash for not being woke.

  76. micholas beeker says:

    1:40 turn of the century parkour. Anyway, thumbs down. We get it, the WW1 sucked do we really need another movie about it?.

  77. Adinath Tarmale says:

    I like how they show title
    " HD "
    Is it 2013

  78. IL 777 VTX says:

    looks low budget tho..

  79. younus says:

    This will be an awesome movie

  80. Charge Me . 20M views says:

    Saving Private Ryan 2

  81. yay ali says:

    Holy shit! , This boy looks like discount leonardo decaprio lol

  82. Ivory Deluxe says:

    1:24 so whoever made this trailer is a big fan of The Last of Us Part II?

  83. TBKGOLDY says:

    Nice movie. Too bad it only lasted for two minutes and thirty seconds.

  84. Way to Wonderlust says:

    Wonderful .. Trailer waiting for the Release 😍😘😘😍😍😍

  85. Oliver Thornton says:

    Hard to believe that this whole movie is just one continuous shot…

  86. tharun babu says:

    Any Sherlock and Moriarty fans here?

  87. MrBlockyBob says:

    God i need that song

  88. wency cunanan says:

    The Midway and this one…yeah! It's refreshing to have world war films again.

  89. Steven Recknagel says:

    Seems interesting ready to see it only complaint is my thought processes on the mission save 1,600 men yet the brits were able to loose 57,470 in a single day? XD idk

  90. Game time BD oasi says:

    Sees ww related clicks in. 00001 sec

  91. raj sing says:

    Call of dutty 2

  92. apell path says:

    great i love it

  93. Lola Andrct says:

    I’ m totally going to watch this for Benedict Cumberbatch.

  94. indiana146 says:

    My great grandfather was a pow fucking krauts tortured him and some pals others were shot
    My grandma said he wouldnt talk about it
    I never met him he died before i was born i wouldnt have known what to say i would not want their memories in my head
    Politicians send us to war its us that do the dying not them
    Everyone has sympathy for the germans i do not
    Oh they didnt support hitler sorry there were plenty of the fuckers at the nuremburg rally
    Same with folk slagging bomber harris and the thousand bomber raids firebombing dresden casualties of war
    Dont come bleating about oh what a shame they didnt bother about bombing london 32,000 killed 2 million houses dedtroyed
    Two wars against germany and germanys exspanionist ideals are still a threat to europe that fat bitch merkle is dangerous

  95. D- Christian says:

    Battlefield 1


    Damn son…. I'm having flashbacks of Saving Private Ryan

  97. laxman gyawali says:

    What a cast! What a trailer!!

  98. Darsi says:

    It it said that this whole movie will be done in ONE CONTINUOUS SHOT, how craaazy is that ?

  99. Pawan kumar Bohara says:

    How many 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 indian are here

  100. Афон Слепцовский says:

    Every hollywood director want to have own 'Saving private Ryan' 😄

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