15. Importing Clips To Your Computer  – Epic Guide to FiLMiC Pro

15. Importing Clips To Your Computer – Epic Guide to FiLMiC Pro

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to quickly
import your recorded video from FiLMiC Pro onto your computer using iTunes File Sharing,
and this method works in the same way on both OS X and Windows. Simply connect your iOS device to your computer
via its lightning to USB cable, then launch iTunes, and select your device at the top
of the interface. Click on Apps in the sidebar, and scroll down
to the File Sharing section, where you’ll find FiLMiC Pro listed alphabetically. Clicking this will display all the recorded
clips in your FiLMiC Library. Select the clips you want to import, then
down the very bottom of the window, click Save To and chose your destination. Then click Save To again to begin importing
your clips.

Dereck Turner

32 thoughts on “15. Importing Clips To Your Computer – Epic Guide to FiLMiC Pro

  1. maf36 says:

    Sweet! Thank you again!

  2. truebalsamhogs says:

    WOW ! You make it sooooo simple to understand…. Thank You

  3. Screenplayer One says:

    deserves more views. Thumbs up

  4. Ese Enpai says:

    When I import it on my pc It can't open it. The videos recorded by the regular camera can play on my pc but not the once recorded with filmic. help

  5. Karl Rian Alec Mengote says:

    Hey, when i import my clips on my mac and into premiere pro, the clips are unsuported or may be damaged. I'm using Filmic pro 5.4.1 (build 444). it needs to be converted before it can be edited in premiere pro. when i first started using filmic, it works just fine, premiere pro can read filmic clips. please help.

  6. Marta Stanczyk says:

    I imported my video files to my pc as per the above method (I also did the copy + paste too) and in both cases, I can't hear the audio, just the video. Why, dear Lord + people who know, why? HELP!

  7. Kurt Papke says:

    I have been an iPhone Camera app user for several years, and I'm used to using the Mac Photos app to organize my video files. The tutorial only covers an import to the file system. I assume the best way to continue to use the Photos app is to archive my videos to the Camera Roll and then import the way I do now, is that correct? The other method would be to import them to Photos from the file system, then delete.

    A little surprised the tutorial didn't cover this.

  8. Stephen Smith, M.D. says:

    Doesn't work at this time I see no file sharing just the apps.

  9. Sheldon Charron says:

    I'm on a macbook pro, have snyced using itunes but Filmic Pro does not show up in my Apps, so I cannot get my files off this way. Anyone else experienced this? I'm running Sierra 10.12.2 and itunes

  10. pinoyboy fernandez says:

    very very very informative. i watched the whole series. thank you !!

  11. Elliott Maguire says:

    Hi, great video and very informative. I have a slightly different situation though. I'm about to shoot a feature and will be on set/location without access to a PC/Mac. My plan is to shoot the footage, save to camera roll, and then use a MicroSD adapter to import the footage onto a Micro SD card, which I will then use to upload to a Mac at a later time. Do you know if this would this work? As I've heard from some sources that saving the footage to my camera roll will compress the footage and that's the last thing I want.

  12. The Foreign Citizen says:

    In iTunes, after you click on Apps, scroll ALL the way down to "file sharing". Otherwise, it will look like there are no apps to choose.

  13. Carol Rizzotto says:

    You SAVED MY LIFE! Awesome video thank you so much!!!!

  14. Eric Silva says:

    What do I need to transfer the footage to a mac computer from Android Phone (S7 edge) with Filmic Pro v.6? As you know iTunes would not recognise the Android phones.Also, all the footage were saved in the SD card. But the files are not there when I checked the SD card through the computer. Kindly please help me with this. Thanks 🙂

  15. Auranel Productions says:

    I can't get the apps to show on iTunes, could not find "file sharing" either. Is there another way to save what I've already recorded? Next time I'll try saving to camera roll. Not too impressed with Filmic Pro right now. Thanks in advance.

  16. kipling1957 says:

    Do I need to buy separate copies of FilmicPro for my iPhone and iPad?

  17. RYDEentertainment says:

    First of all thank you so much for all your amazing videos! I'm trying to shoot a scene on two different iPhones and can't work out a good way to get my friends footage from their phone onto my lap top as it won't support the device? Any thoughts?

  18. David M says:

    Here is the problem….Apple using iTunes as a file manager/syncing app. It should just be a music player. iOS 11 has the new files app which seems to be a move in the right direction.
    Here is the solution/wishlist for APPLE…create a "New" finder that syncs, copies, moves, deletes all content on all devices, used solely for FILE AND CONTENT MANAGEMENT. Using libraries "concept"……. music, photos, videos, is a joke. It relies on importing, exporting, saving, deleting etc from inside the app which has become a "hot mess" of confusion.

  19. David M says:

    This workflow method has an issue:
    If you import into Final Cut Pro from a Mac folder you CANNOT trim the raw footage pre-import. What if it is 60 gig of fluff, with only 5-10 gig of usable? Then you have massive amounts of unused managed footage in library or in external media. If you import from photos app on iPad etc then you can place in and out pts and edit out fluff, delete the original massive files before importing. Here is the problem with that…..photos app does compression in addition to Filmic Pro!!!! Not sure what is worse!!! Apple and FCP are daft at times. Using Quicktime to edit pre-import works but is a PITA! Come on Apple…get with the program! All of the pre-import editing from a Mac folder should be able to be done in FCP!

  20. Scott Jenkin says:

    Surely using Airdrop is easier? That or the Dropbox app.

  21. Terje Bergesen says:

    The latest versions of iTunes do not have the Apps icon. So this does not work.

    I rue the day that I bought the iPhone. It's a piece of disgusting junk.

  22. Jason Batterham says:

    Very helpful, thank you!

  23. Qflick says:

    Thanks for the straight forward 'how to' info.

  24. vegasromano says:

    this does not work. there is no 'save to' in itunes

  25. David Garcia says:

    I don't see apps in my itunes. I heard Apple took out apps in update 12.7

  26. WhirlOmar says:

    I wonder why my files from filmic pro on my desktop are all rotated sideways.

  27. Paindoctor says:

    As I’m sure you are aware, Apple (in their brilliant attempt to screw with something that worked and we were comfortable with…) no longer has the apps viewable for us to import this way from Filmic Pro. Can you please point me to a video that shows us how to import the way we need to currently with the iTunes not behaving in this manner? Thanks very much.

  28. nospam 1950 says:

    This doesn't work in 2018 now that Apple removed "Apps" from iOS 11. Grrr…!

  29. Déja Grüv says:

    I don't see Apps or file sharing

  30. Rockstone Network says:

    When I clicked on FiLMiC Pro documents on file sharing. There’s nothing in it :-/ it doesn’t load my projects

  31. DaisyHollowBooks says:

    I was in a monster panic trying to get footage off my phone! Thank you!

  32. The Begg Family Antics says:

    I never thought of doing that! I was air dropping, direct from the app or save to camera roll, alll of which involves Apple messing with the forma (Converting…).

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