13 Creative Portrait Photography Ideas. 📷

13 Creative Portrait Photography Ideas. 📷

Are you ready? OK! 1. 2.. 3… Are you ready? Yes! OK! Then throw. Hahaha. Go. What is this? I don’t know but the beautiful light. You stand here. So beautiful background. Hahaha Sparklers.✨ Funny. Hahaha…😆😆😆 Hi.😜 What flower?🌺 I don’t know but bad smell. So bad smell. HAHAHA😆 Smoke bomb. Star master.⭐ We are go take a photo. Theme Autumn.🍁🍁🍁 Take a photo You try to throw flowers.🌺 1. 2.. 3… Good. HAHAHA Plasma ball magic. 🔮 Inner. What is you use? Incense Halloween🎃 Book light lamp.📙 Wow. Fairy lights.💡

Dereck Turner

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    When you tossed the camera did you use af or manual to catch that shot so perfectly? Dope video btw definitely going to try some of these

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    Sé que “es el indio y no la flecha”. Pero paaaar faavaaar

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    Are you from dude? Indonesia or US

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    Do you think you can have similar results with a Nikon D5300?

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    Question: do u take the pic at a verry high shutter speed or do u record a video then pick the best frame

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