12 Days of Christmas 2019 Day 12

12 Days of Christmas 2019 Day 12

hey guys thanks for joining me this is
angie at chic n scratch this is what we’re making today and this is day 12 of
the 12 days of Christmas so this is our final project it is a squeeze top gift
box just like that and it will hold some candy in there it will hold almonds pack
of gum it will also hold a gift card perfectly and you have a little extra
room to add some candy in there as well okay so let me give you the measurements
we’ve got pool party cardstock that measures 8 and a half by 6
we’ve got cherry cobbler a quarter sheet which is five and a half by four and a
quarter whisper white a quarter sheet as well and then we’ve got two pieces of
the let it snow designer series paper this measures three and three quarters
by three and three quarters and this measures three and three quarters by
seven eight we’re using two stamp sets birds of a feather and itty bitty
Christmas and let’s get started so I’m going to take the pool party cardstock
and I’m going to place it on the simply scored scoring tool and I’m placing it
on the 8 and 1/2 inch side which I like to call that the landscape side and I’m
going to score it at four and eight and then I’m going to turn it on the
portrait side and I’m gonna score it at one and five now take your half inch
strip here keep it on the right but flip it over and on your simply scored you’re
gonna score at the two inch mark just to that one inch score line okay and then
on the six inch you’re gonna score just to that score line this is the bottom of
our box okay now we’re going to take the stamping
that we’re gonna place this on top we’re going to use a ruler and our stylus the
small tip end of the stylus and we are going to score from this corner to this
from this corner to this and then the same thing on this block
okay so I’m going to line up my ruler in that corner right there and then down
here so I’m just and then now here and over on my website
there will be a box template that you can print it’s also included in the
instruction sheet for day twelve so you’ll have two different PDFs you can
print same thing over here on this side so I’m just gonna line up the ruler with
this corner and this tip and score and then the same thing on this side okay now let’s fold on the score lines
did I use our bone folder to burnish it I’m so happy that I completed all 12
days this year last year I got sick and was in the hospital for a week and I
didn’t get to do my 12-day series so I’m so excited that I pulled it off this
year okay so I’m just gonna fold on those extra score lines that we made and
being a little gentle don’t be intimidated by this box it really is
super simple to make it just has some extra steps as I almost crush it okay
there we go okay so now let’s cut so I’m gonna place
this half inch strip back over here on the right and we are going to remove
this section here and then angle cut and then remove this section and angle cut
so you’re not going to cut anymore at the top of the box but down here at the
bottom you’re going to cut on all three of these score lines so one two three okay now we’re gonna put our tear and
tape right here on this edge okay so we’re gonna set this aside now because
we need to cut this paper so this piece here is gonna go up there let me show
you this so this is going to go like that since this is the scene that’s the
back of our box okay so this is gonna go up top like that and now we want to cut
this one with our trimmer so I’m gonna get the trimmer I’m gonna make sure my
lines are vertical because they’re vertical on this and then I’m going to
fold this in half and just give it a little squeeze right there at the very
top that’s it okay just right there we just want a tip and then I’m gonna place
that tip and this tip on the track to cut so that’s right there and right here
and cut now that’s one side now to get this to line up perfectly you just want
to flip this over and do the same thing so line that up with the track and that
and then we’re going to cut okay and this is all three of the pieces that
you’re going to need so I’ll show you that slide this over and this is gonna go here this is gonna go
over here and this is gonna go here so now we can get out our glue and we can
go ahead and add the paper so I’m going to use my silicon mat so that I don’t
get glue everywhere now I normally add the designer series paper after I’ve
assembled a box but for this project it’s easier to add the paper first okay
and I want to make sure that my lines are lined up so that’s why I left those
pieces over there so I’m just gonna place this at the top and slide it to
exactly where I want it okay now we’ll do this whoops okay so I made this project live over on
Facebook and I was telling everyone that this would be a really cute valentine
project so you’re probably going to see this again next month this stamp set
birds of a feather actually has a rooster with a heart so it’s a perfect
image to use for Valentine’s Day but that that stamp set is in the holiday
catalog and our other Valentine product is in our new mini catalog that launches
in January okay okay so now we’re ready to remove the
backing to the tearing Kate carrot carrot carrot and tape and assemble the
box so I’m just gonna fold that over just like that
and then fold this over okay now what we’re gonna do is see it’s a
self-closing box a squeeze top squeeze top gift box and so what I’m going to do
is hold these two sides in and these two are gonna need adhesive that’s how it’s
going to work okay so I want to get my tearing tape and put a strip here and a
strip here and you are gonna need your bone folder because we’re gonna need to
push on the bottom of this of the inside of the box to make the adhesive stick you know what I forgot to mention this
morn and also I’m going to be having multiple Days of Giveaways on my website
during the Christmas week so make sure you visit my blog I won’t be doing the
videos since we’re will be celebrating Christmas but I will be having some
activity over on my blog so be sure to head over there okay so I’m gonna remove
the backing to this one first is that right yeah okay so fold those in and
then fold this over like that and remember what I said about taking your
bone folder and pressing on the inside because you want that just actually
looks like it’s stuck so but we will use it on this one because we really want to
make sure that it sticks really well okay so hold it over and then now turn
it over and we’re gonna squeeze this open and then press okay there we go so
here’s our box see there’s the bottom here it is
squeeze top gift box pretty cute right okay so now let’s go ahead and stay out
I’m using cherry cobbler and memento I’m gonna stamp the bird first with the
memento I want to make sure I stamp her high enough so that we can cut her out
and then I’m gonna use the cherry cobbler to stamp the greeting I always
like to stamp this one twice just in case I accidentally smear it when I go
to cut it out okay we’re using to stamp and blend markers dark cherry cobbler
and light pool party we’ll start with the dark cherry cobbler for his hat and then light pool party okay so now
we’re going to take our dies so we’re gonna cut out a scalloped circle with
that one and a stitch circle with this one so I’m gonna get the big shot and
we’re gonna start with the cherry cobblers scallop circle brook and the
birds are home for Christmas break so I thought this was fitting to have today
okay we’re going to take the classic label punch and we’re going to cut out
the greeting and then we’re gonna cut out a cherry cobbler piece okay I’m
gonna take my guys and put them back in their pocket okay so now we’re gonna
take the greeting and we’re going to snip off a little bit on the right and
the left and then we’re going to take that piece and we’re gonna add it to
this cherry cobbler layer okay so I’m just gonna use my liquid glue not too
much on this layer otherwise it’ll come out the sides right okay so there’s that
and then we’ll turn this over and add some liquid glue as well she’s so cute
or he or it it’s so cute right we’re going to take one of these star element
the name will be on the screen right and on the instruction sheet okay so I want
I’m trying to line up that star with the string on the star there we go okay okay
so I’m going to turn that over and put a couple dimensionals and then I’m going
to put one of the mini dimensionals on the back of the green
right in the middle okay get our box okay so it’s gonna go right there and
then we’re gonna add the greeting and we have one more step we want to get our
ribbon and so that is the cherry cobbler diagonal striped ribbon and I’m just
going to tie a bow and then once I get the bow tied we’ll add it to the front
using a mini glue dot now this ribbon I just love this rib and it’s so beautiful
and I like making the I like making it poofy on the sides hopefully that makes
sense okay so I’m just gonna trim the ends you can get my glue dot okay so one
glue dot should do it and then we’re just going to add it over here now you
could add your ribbon up top up here and add your gradient as well but when you
go to open it it could pop off so I really like adding it down here okay so
that wraps up my twelve days of Christmas you guys have been wonderful
thank you so much and I really look forward to showing you some Valentine
projects next so have a great day happy holidays bye you

Dereck Turner

36 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas 2019 Day 12

  1. Wendy Wilson says:

    So glad you are well this year, too! Being in the hospital is no fun, especially during holidays!
    I LOVE these boxes, and the fact that they self-close! I have been looking for a closing container to put grand nieces' and nephews' gift cards and treats in. Wonder if I have time now?? I need 7, maybe 9 in all, with our two grands. (Just cleaned up that table from making our cards😏) Gifts to wrap yet, and that room to get ready for the kids to sleep in☺️ Better get started! Thanks, and Merry Christmas, Angie!

  2. Blanky Jove Rojas says:

    Oh my gosh, it’s adorable!

  3. stella schellekens says:

    Thank you for all the projects !,
    Happy holidays, Angie🎄🎅🏼🍾

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    Love it !!! and I also love your nail polish Angie xo

  13. Carolyn Manning says:

    Thank you so much! I didn’t order that stamp set so substituted the snowman which fit in the circle. Works. I’ll add some bling. Love all your creations, actually downloaded all the previous years as I still have DSP from then times. Wondered why 2018 had none but didnt want to be nosy. Glad all went well. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and close ones.

  14. jerilee kerr says:

    What a sweet protect. I'm so glad you are well this year for a video to be made.. Merry Christmas and a healthy 2020

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    What a cool box! Angie thank you so much for all the wonderful 12 Days of Christmas projects. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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    A very good vlog but why do you call this series the 12 Days of Christmas? The days before Christmas are Advent. The 12 Days of Christmas are AFTER Christmas, from Boxing Day (the 26th, Saint Stephens Day) until the very last day which is the Epiphany, the 6th of January.

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    These little gift bags are adorable!! So many great uses for these.

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