115 Years of H-D | Harley-Davidson Museum

115 Years of H-D | Harley-Davidson Museum

A hundred and fifteen years ago two friends, William and Arthur came together to create Harley-Davidson. We are going to show you a little bit of the history, culture, and most importantly the bikes here at the Harley-Davidson Museum. Behind us is the bike that started at all. Yep, which is gorgeous the oldest Harley-Davidson in existence. Both Bill Harley and Arthur Davidson were really avid bicyclist and Bill Harley actually worked for a bicycle company here in Milwaukee and their first project was to build a motor to literally put in a bicycle. You can see how they they kind of shaped the frame so that it would embrace the engine and that kind of set the standard for what we still do now. Can I ride it out of here? Well, first of all you’d have to gas it up. This is actually dated July 20th 1901.This is original. So this is the original drawing from Bill Harley or a bicycle. The Harley family saved it. They had the foresight to save stuff from from almost the very beginning. Over there is the book from 1907 when they incorporated and they actually began a program of saving at least one bike new right off the line in 1915 and we do that to the present. When we are back there, you know you look and this looks like a whole motorcycle, right and as you walk in Wow! I didn’t even notice that until now. That’s amazing. See it works So, you know the idea here in this whole room is to give people, you know a sense that the engine from the first bike we built today is the you know, real heart of the motorcycle both, you know obviously from making it go but from a design point of view, we always show that beautiful engine like it’s a jewel in a setting. We want to give people a sense of you know, how these things work and we make it interesting. By 1920 we were the largest motorcycle company in the world and sold over 28,000 in those early decades there were there were dozens – we think as many as 60 different American motorcycle companies. By the time we came out of the depression, There were only two companies left. You know, the major turning point was World War II. Over the course of World War II. We made almost 90,000 military bikes. What kind of jobs in the military were Harley’s actually assigned to? They were mostly they called him dispatch riders. So they were taking messages from one place to another. Our story weaves in and out of the story of American history. This is the bike that this badass cyborg, has to ride. The real Captain America in the comic book, he rides a WLA. The original didn’t come with flamethrowers and stuff like rocket launchers. Like the Terminator one thing that’s great is it’s kind of you know, it’s not just like a car. It’s a character. So Jim we’ve walked around there’s a lot of stuff in this museum. Yeah, when you think about motorcycling, it’s not just the bike it’s black leather jacket all the uniforms and then almost all the things that people do to add to their bikes that we’ve got, you know just an incredible array of things to help tell the story. What do you hope each person that sets foot through this door gets? If you come into this place and you’re a Harley- Davidson enthusiast we’re gonna stoke that passion further. If you got dragged along by somebody and you don’t think you’re gonna like it, you’re gonna leave thinking, you know, that was actually interesting and I’ve never really thought much about motorcycling but there’s that’s an interesting subject. There’s something for everyone here at the Harley-Davidson museum. That’s for sure. That’s the goal.

Dereck Turner

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  1. Klaus Metall says:


  2. Astro Turf says:

    on my bucket list

  3. motorharleydavidsoncycles says:

    Bring back that old school classic version of fatboy with halogen headlights, long fenders, glossy chrome with wide tyres as of now. Give us the option to select between classic or modern fatboy.

  4. Chad Quench says:

    just came back from there. it was cool but i was definitely disappointed not to see the '65 electra glide (first year for the electra glide and the grandfather of ALL the touring bikes following) and the '71 super glide. the first "dyna" and the first split away from the touring/sportster families…

  5. wescobts says:

    On my to do list… 😉

  6. Allen Ramsey says:

    Love her nipples

  7. whiteribbonman1 says:

    Thumbs-UP #128 I am, Monday / Montag 10 September 2018! I REALLY LIKE Harley-Davidson! Their motorclothes, no. Have each motorclothes item made solely in a U.S. state, print the name of the city and state on the tag and I won’t have to buy my clothes from allamericanclothingdotcom and have it customized myself.

  8. Larry Hauser says:

    Going to the museum is on my bucket list.
    I worked hard to finally be able to buy a 09 Ultra Classic. Love the bike

  9. Black Crow625 says:

    This was super cool. Going to this museum is still top of my bucket list

  10. dragon joe says:

    Fuck Harley Davidson! and a special fuck you to Thunderbird Harley Davidson in Albuquerque, N.M! greedy crooks and crap bikes! I pray you go down in flames!

  11. 2003Harleyguy says:

    And then the CEO announces new Harleys will be built overseas, forever destroying the myth, the legend and the customer loyalty.

  12. eric heine says:

    "Iron American Dream" a song about Harley Davidsons on YouTube.
    Take a ride across the Promised Land.
    Buy a Harley and go ride America.
    See the USA from an HD.

  13. Brett Koeshall says:

    The Harley Davidson Museum.

  14. Harleys Rule says:

    Nice bikes and good looking blond… what more could a guy want.  Yes, the company is showing signs of abandoning its American roots now… but maybe we can change that with enough pressure.  And it does not destroy the beautiful past of the company and the men who built and maintained it.  I'll not buy another new Harley until they re-commit to being an American made only company.  But there are enough cool bikes extant that new ones are not necessary anyway.  …you listening Harley?  You care?

  15. James May says:

    115 years and they are still crap, we’ll done 👍

  16. john clark says:

    Best legendary motorcycle in history. None like it in the world.

  17. Captain America says:

    I saw you taping for several days. Please keep your contacts clean "dear", your starting to get a corneal ulcer. Take good care of your eyes. Your very pretty as well. Canon Professional Photographer Peace & Love*

  18. Well Water says:

    Yummy !!

  19. Miguel Angel Jordan says:

    Me encantaría en contrario una pereja,[email protected]

  20. Dirk Stuhl says:

    Happy Birtday Harley davidson from Germany✌nice bikes and nice blond girl😎

  21. Bruce H says:

    Ticked off the Bucket list this year. Came from Australia rode from Vegas to Sturgis then Salt Lake City Chicago to Milwaukee. Got there for Bike night Thursday. Also did the motor plant. So loved America definitely coming back again. Spent 21 days in total.

  22. 1975generallee says:

    Parts come from around the word already, only assembly still in the US. Do not blame HD, blame that idiot of a President, which has been voted to President by the people! You idiot Americans!

  23. Robert Brunston says:

    Awesome! Thank you.

  24. 805gregg says:

    They used to make good motorcycles, then in the 60's they got stuck making the same bike over and over again, enough with the crappy cruisers with the 1930's engine

  25. toben42 says:

    Truly the king of cruisers.

  26. R S says:

    hot blonde in a Harley shirt is always a good thing

  27. R S says:

    either way I'm never gonna be here with new job. oh thank heavens my prayers have be answered

  28. Alexandre Vigo says:

    The upper gallery much nicer that the lower section …

  29. AMERICA#1 TRUMP says:

    Beautiful video thanks you

  30. Robert Allen says:

    Goodbye Harley-Davidson! Will Trump be at the official plant closing and autograph the last bike off the assembly line?

  31. Ron C says:

    Sold the fuck out… fuck You Harley D.

  32. Алексей Д says:

    очень красивая девушка!

  33. Rob R says:

    It's good to see Dianna Dahlgren is still around. I may have to load up and watch some Doonies again now. 🙂

  34. northerniltree says:

    Made in America is great, until your product gets suddenly heavily taxed in a main European market, due to retaliation on a new American trade policy. So, does it make sense to build the European-bound bikes in Europe to offset the profit eating tariff? Or, should the Motor Company abandon this option to soothe the angry enthusiasts here in the U.S.? After 115 years of making tough, but necessary business decisions- indeed, keeping the Motor Company alive as the only survivor from its founding (sorry, Indian) we shall see what path the company takes.

  35. Bob Vila says:

    Did they show the Harley Davidson brain protector? I think they call it a "dew rag"…

  36. A Ninja says:

    Hope he asked her out to dinner later that night so she could get her freak on!

  37. LUKKA2020 says:

    Forget the motorcycles… I want her!! 💋💕😘😘❤️👍😘

  38. John Thomas says:



    What a hottie 😈

  40. dublion7 says:

    Soo Cool 😎

  41. sapto indro says:


  42. THE BIKERZ says:


  43. Last_Stach_Standing ! says:

    It’s on my ‘to-do’ list to get up there and check out that museum

  44. Kenneth Wise says:

    I watched this because I think it started with a GORGEOUS blonde who loves Motorcycles, WHAT COULD BE BETTER??

  45. Brown Green says:

    Yesterday H-D CEO Matt Levatitch stepped down. Better times for the MoCo ahead?

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