11 Totally Free Los Angeles Museums

>>What’s up YouTubers? Get ready, because I’m gonna take you out on a whirlwind tour of all the totally free museums
here in LA. I’m gonna get started right here in the heart of the city on
Wilshire Boulevard LA’s newest free museum the Marciano Art Foundation. Now before you visit you’ve got to go to their website and reserve a free timed
ticket. You absolutely have to have one of those tickets to get inside. I’ve got
mine cameraman David’s got his. So let’s go
check out some Contemporary Art. Located inside a former Scottish Rite Masonic Temple. The Marciano Art Foundation blends the furniture, stage sets, backdrops, and costumes left behind by the building’s previous owners into
their art collection creating a truly unique exhibition. This diverse and compelling collection encourages curiosity and contemplation of art and
the ways it impacts and enriches our lives. Located in Barnsdall Art Park, The Los
Angeles Municipal Art Gallery focuses on the art and artists of Los Angeles. In
particular underrepresented artists whose work may not otherwise have found a platform. Each exhibition is an opportunity for the public to explore new perceptions and develop fresh insights into the contemporary art world. Up next are two free museums in Exposition Park. The California Science Center showcases the wonders of science through interactive hands-on exhibits and live demonstrations. (music) (SFX: water & crickets) (children yelling & laughing) (music) Permanent exhibitions include Air and
Space, World of Life, Creative World, and Ecosystems. With so much to explore it’s easy to spend a few hours here. (music)>>As they get older their shell gets big in length.>>The California African-American museum focuses on enrichment and education on the cultural heritage and history of
African-Americans. Where the focus on California and the western United States. (music) Head down to Angels Gate Park in San Pedro to explore the Fort MacArthur Museum. Housed in the corridors and galleries of historic Battery Osgood Farley, this museum covers the history of
Fort MacArthur a US Army Post which guarded the Los Angeles Harbor from 1914 to 1974. (music) A variety of exhibits and displays
include the history of Los Angeles Harbor defenses, homefront activities
during the world wars and American Pacific Theatre military campaigns. I’m gonna swing through Westwood for the next two museums. Located on campus at UCLA, The Fowler explores global arts and cultures with an emphasis on works from
Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas past and present. (music) Through dynamic exhibitions, publications, and public programs, The Fowler enhances
understanding and appreciation of the diverse peoples, cultures, and religions
of the world. (music) The Hammer Museum champions the art and artists who challenged us to see the world in a new light, experienced the unexpected, ignite our imaginations, and inspire change. (music) Fueled by dynamic exhibitions and
programs including lectures, film series readings and musical performances. There’s always something happening at The Hammer. Oh my god! Get ready for a totally rad history lesson at the Valley Relics Museum. (music) With a vast collection of vintage neon signs, automobiles, art, memorabilia and even video games. This
museum is a big slice of Americana Valley style. (music) The Nethercutt museum features over 250 American and European automobiles dating from 1898 to 1997. Making this spot a
must do for car enthusiasts. Also on display are a vast array of antique
furniture and one of the world’s finest collections of mechanical musical
instruments including a demonstration of the 5000 piped Mighty Wurlitzer theater organ. In just a few years The Broad has become one of the most popular museums in all of Los Angeles. To avoid waiting in the standby line. Go to their website and reserve a free timed ticket before you visit. (music) Download The Broad’s free mobile app for multiple audio tours to enhance your museum experience. (music) With nearly 2,000 works of art and an
active program of rotating exhibitions. Every trip to The Broad is a new adventure. While we were making this video, another free museum opened here in L.A. So our final stop is LA’s current newest free museum, The Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles. Located Downtown, the ICALA’s mission is to support art that sparks the pleasure of discovery and challenges the way we see and experience the world ourselves and each other. (music) Now it’s your turn! All the info for every free museum I visited can be found in the video description below. While you’re down there do me a solid and hit that subscribe button. Follow me on
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest deals and free events in LA. Check out my blog at TheFrugalManLA.com and click on Free Museum Days for a list of museums that waive their admission fees on certain days. Now if
you got all that there’s only one thing left to do… Stay frosty! Wow! (Exhibit: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. launch!)>>That’s creepy, that’s super creepy, that is creepy. (laughs) Look at that! That’s my Irish blood. Why am I so freaking…>>Jason what’s up with you? You’re hot man! Wow, you’re head’s going to blow! (both laughing) Alright, if you set through my outtakes then you obviously want more so check out Free Things To Do in West
LA and #FreeLA Summer 2017. (music)

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