11. Solid Drawing – 12 Principles of Animation

11. Solid Drawing – 12 Principles of Animation

This video is based on the 12 Principles of Animation, as described by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. So the next principle is called Solid Drawing. This principle is about making sure that forms feel like they’re in three-dimensional space, with volume, weight, and balance. One thing that makes animating a lot easier is being able to draw the figure from all angles. This requires knowledge of three
dimensional drawing. For example, when drawing a line on a sphere, It must follow the contour of the sphere’s surface. A straight line instantly makes the circle look flat. When drawing cubes, avoid making parallel lines. Lines should be bent towards the vanishing point, otherwise it’ll look like a flat symbol or a logo. When doing a rough pass of the character, use basic solid shapes like spheres, cubes, and cylinders, to construct the character, instead of
circles, squares, and rectangles. This’ll help you be mindful of the space they’re in. Another thing you can do is draw perspective lines on the ground, to keep track of their distance from the camera, so you can know when to draw them bigger or smaller. When moving on to the clean line version of your character, be very mindful of overlap and try to include it whenever
possible. Without overlap, everything appears to be on the same plane, but just adding a single line here and there can define where surfaces come out and where they recede. Another thing to note when doing lines
is to avoid symmetry. Symmetrical lines look flat. try to pair a straight line with a curved
line or offset two curved lines, so it looks more natural and dynamic The principle of solid drawing applies to 3D animation as well, in regards to portraying weight and
balance in the pose of a character. For example, avoid what’s called twinning, which happens when the arms and legs and other paired features are doing the exact same thing. This is a known affliction that animators have to make a conscious effort to avoid. Instead, lean it over to one side, or put
one hand on the hips, or give it a slouch, or do something to
show that it has weight, and has to keep its balance in a 3D
environment. So that’s all I’ve got for Solid Drawing, the last and final principle is called Appeal! Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in
the last video!

Dereck Turner

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