11 Amazon Prime Hacks That Will CHANGE Your Life!

11 Amazon Prime Hacks That Will CHANGE Your Life!

guys hey it’s Adrienne Finch welcome
back to my channel and welcome to this week’s episode of tech tip day if you
are an Amazon user a frequent Amazon user and if you have an Amazon Prime
membership or even if you don’t maybe this will convince you to get one these
are 11 Amazon hacks benefits to your Prime membership you had no idea that
you had number one is that with any Prime membership you can now get free
alcohol delivery in two hours if you’re 21
don’t even try if you’re not so yes you heard me right
not only just alcohol but a lot of other household items and groceries I have no
idea that there was a prime now free thing cuz I thought it was just prime
pantry which cost I think an extra $4.99 a month and you get like grocery
delivery which is also cool but you pay a delivery fee of like $7.99 each time
but no there’s prime now which is free to our delivery I had no clue but here’s
the catch unfortunately prime now is only in select cities so as you can see
here is the list of cities you can check these by going right to the site or
looking right here so yes this is in my city I’m excited to try if it’s not in
your city don’t fear even though it is an extra
$4.99 a month to add prime pantry the delivery fee is one flat fee for $7.99
no matter how many groceries you get how heavy the bags are how full the bags are
so at least that is a perk with having brand pantry you also get free delivery
on orders over $40 so the good news is if you’re shopping for groceries you’re
probably paying more than $40 so you would get free shipping if you don’t
want to shell out the extra cash but you don’t have prime now in your city you
can also go save in Whole Foods in store by using the app I believe just the
Amazon half or the Amazon Prime app I don’t know I should know that emphasis
being Prime now free to our delivery had no idea next is a little hack to get you
some extra money on Amazon earn you some cash back when you’re purchasing things
if you choose the no rush shipping option at checkout which you often find
and you’re like no why would I do that if they’re both free I’d rather have it
quicker well the little catch is that if you choose no rush shipping you actually
get an Amazon credit so you get money back to your calf through the form of
either an instant discount or they credit your account so it shows up after
you place the order maybe that’s a little bit of incentive
you choose no rush shipping if you don’t need something very quickly another
little secret hidden gem on Amazon is Amazon’s music some of you might know
that this exists but what I don’t think I realize is that you get so many free
songs so you can just stream from Amazon Prime no ads you can skip as many times
as you want so basically for something that you typically would pay like $9.99
or more for IE Spotify or Apple music you can get it bundled right into your
Hamazon primes a que you do have it bundled into your
Amazon Prime if you’re already a member I do pay for Amazon Prime but I also pay
for Spotify I do love Spotify but I’m definitely gonna check out Amazon music
cuz I did not realize that it was completely free and just added to your
Prime membership these are the things that I feel like they need to tell you I
feel like there are so many more benefits to prime than we even know
that’s why I’m making this video next on a similar note to that if you’re paying
for extra storage on Google Drive or iCloud or any other photo storage app
stop doing that because with your Amazon Prime membership you actually have free
unlimited photo storage this is blowing my mind because I have over 20,000
photos on my phone so now I pay $9.99 a month for my iCloud storage just so I
have a terabyte of storage for my phone my computer all of that I don’t need to
be paying an extra $10 a month just for storage if I could just be using that
Prime membership and uploading all my photos and videos there so I’m
definitely gonna need to Marie Kondo that part of my life as in the photo
part which I’m actually gonna be posting a video next week on the decluttering of
my camera roll so look out for that but yes the photo storage you can have
access on any device so computer phone anything next is just a little tip for
you there is a Chrome extension called wiki bye and when you add it to Chrome
it’ll show you if you are getting the best deal when you’re shopping for
something on Amazon so it’ll show you if any other retailers have better deals
than Amazon and it’ll allow you to see a side-by-side comparison of prices right
from the screen I feel like Amazon typically has the lowest prices but
there definitely are times when something seems like it’s a little bit
more expensive than it should be especially because Amazon does carry a
lot of brand-name items now so you don’t really know if you’re actually getting a
discount but this way with this extension you can actually see yes I am
getting a discount or and it’s probably more worth it to just go into the store
even though that’s probably never the case because Amazon delivery is just so
nice and cool okay if you are a student then this one
is for you you probably already knew this but every student with a dot edu
email address gets six months of Amazon Prime for free and then after the six
months if you decide to continue in your membership you get 50% off the
membership price and you can cancel at any time so that’s a pretty sweet deal
kind of makes me wish I was still a student but it’s okay next on the same
note as Prime music and crime photo storage did you know that prime reading
was a thing well I did not know that but on a similar note to prime music you can
actually access several several best-selling publications for absolutely
free on line and the best part about it is you don’t need a Kindle to read these
publications so things that you might pay for magazine subscriptions newspaper
subscriptions hardcover books an audible membership which is funny because that
is through Amazon and you can actually listen to audible channels for free with
Prime but just not the actual audiobooks but I had no idea there’s an entire
library that you can just read online for absolutely free why don’t they tell
us these things this video is just like making me frustrated cuz I don’t realize
how many perks I get for paying what I pay every month the next little tip is
to utilize your Amazon wishlist the reason why I think you should utilize
this is because Amazon definitely wants you to purchase the things on the list
meaning they will alert you when things go on sale from that list or if there
are any promotions going on to try to entice you to buy it so that’s actually
good news for us because if there’s something you really want but you want
to wait and see if there’s a price drop just add it to your wish list and then
you notified when the price drops the next tip is for if you want to reap the
benefits of an Amazon Prime card but you don’t want to actually get the card well
if you reload an Amazon gift card online you actually get two percent cashback
for doing so so let’s say you’re gonna spend a hundred dollars on the Amazon
anyway if you just load an Amazon card online
and then use that you get two percent cashback so that’s actually kind of
worth it if you use Amazon a lot and it’s a very easy process you’ve
literally just digitally input your payment method the same way you would
normally but for an amazon gift card and then you use that and last but not least
is that Amazon Prime allows you to donate to charity without even thinking
about it so if you want to donate to charity purchasing something that you
would already be purchasing anyway next time you’re going to your amazon
homepage go to smile Emmas on dog instead and shop from there there are
nearly a million Charities on there to choose from and 0.5% of that sale of
that purchase will go towards that charity so without you even paying any
extra money you are automatically donating to charity so I just think
that’s really cool for something you’re gonna purchase anyway may as well add a
little good cause to it so those are my Amazon tips tricks hacks things you
didn’t know benefits you didn’t know for tech tip Tuesday this week sorry that
these haven’t been that consistent I sometimes don’t have a tip and I don’t
want to force it okay you guys are probably like you don’t stick with
anything ever you’re right but it’s all for a reason I swear so thanks for
watching subscribe if you haven’t already give it a thumbs up if you want
to see more videos like this and I’ll see you my next video hey love you so so
so much happy Amazon shopping I’ll leave some links down below

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