$1000 vs $10 DRAWING PROGRAM?

$1000 vs $10 DRAWING PROGRAM?

Hello there so today, I’m in a different location because you know what the sun is shining I didn’t want to sit in a dark corner with my studio lights on so today I’m using natural sunlight on half my face, so I’ve been doing digital art for 8 years now I have a digital art class which I’ll leave a link to if anyone’s interested I know a lot of people like to take it. I’ve got like a 1000 people that have taken the class now Which is really cool, so I will leave a link to that if anyone else is interested in taking it so today I’m going to be comparing $1,000 Adobe Photoshop as a drawing program versus $10 procreate which is a drawing app for the iPad these two were made with procreate right here procreate And this was done with Photoshop and while I’ve got these out I’m actually gonna be giving one of these away over on my Instagram so make sure you go and follow me there and I will be giving one of these away. Now Photoshop, you actually cannot purchase any more. You can only get a monthly Membership in order to access it you used to be able to up until a few years ago Fully purchase the program the extended version around for about $1,000. Which is a lot of money I purchased it back in 2013 for about five six hundred dollars with my student discount But obviously it’s a lot more affordable for people now They never you know you never actually own the software now, but you just have access to it every single month And it’s like twenty dollars a month and you can access it I have Somewhat of a checklist of things that I need my drawing programs to have and I think every digital artist needs in a drawing program Procreate and Photoshop both tick all of these boxes so today I’m gonna be drawing the same drawing in both Photoshop and Procreate to kind of see the difference than just talk through all of the differences so on Photoshop you have the ability to change the size of the canvas the Resolution you can create layers you can change the opacity of the layers you can download your own brushes Which you can also change the size on obviously you can customize your brushes make your own brushes You can also change the opacity and the flow of your brushes which in Procreate you can only change the opacity you obviously have the color picker You can also have your reference in a separate window which for me is great I personally prefer to have my reference picture in a separate window that I can move around and have set for my actual canvas I’m drawing on This is not an option in procreate you have to have it in the same canvas which can be a bit inconvenient at times But it hasn’t really bothered me too much so in general Photoshop is a pretty flawless program. I really really love Photoshop I can’t really complain about anything. I just Really really love to use it it isn’t actually marketed as a drawing program, and I think if you were to be someone that only uses Photoshop to draw in I think for Photoshop to spend $20.00 a month if you’re only gonna be using it for drawing and Drawing say not professionally It’s quite a big investment, so I would not recommend sticking to Photoshop If it’s gonna make you constantly broke because you could easily get similar effects with other drawing programs Photoshop works in both Mac and Windows which is really really helpful fun fact I bought the Windows version of Photoshop in 2013 and when I got a Mac about 3 years later I was no longer able to use it and I was like I am not buying it again, but luckily I contacted Adobe, and they very kindly sent me a serial number for a Mac The Photoshop, so that was really helpful, so of course as well with Photoshop You can use a mouse to draw, which if you don’t have a drawing tablet. It’s fine I do recommend getting a drawing tablet if you can they don’t have to be really expensive. You don’t need a screen tablet I actually use a Wacom Intuos tablet And I’ll leave a link to this serve to this particular tablet in the description or one similar to it and yeah, that’s Kind of very very essential when drawing in Photoshop now something else. That’s very important is pen pressure now This is something you have in both procreate and Photoshop, which is good Pen pressure is basically where you push down harder, and the brush is thicker lift up And it’s it’s thinner so it’s more natural while you are drawing on Photoshop. You can actually colorize and change around the colors You’re working on this is not something that you can do with procreate unfortunately But if you want someone like myself that really uses those features in the first place it’s not really a big deal, so this is what I’ve made on Photoshop so far and It’s just I love Photoshop. It’s such a good program, so let’s talk about Procreate now now just like Photoshop You have the ability to change the layers the opacity of the layers use pen pressure Change the resolution the canvas size all that good stuff You can also color pick Even though for me color picking is a bit inconvenient and procreate because when I when I press down to get the color When I lift up it seems to move it slightly so it gets the wrong color That’s the only complaint really that I have with procreate what I personally really love about procreate is the fact that it Automatically records what you’re drawing so by the time you’re finished with your drawing You can actually create a time-lapse video, and then rewatch it, which is really really good And obviously with procreate it’s on the iPad so you need to have an actual iPad you also need to buy An Apple pencil I have the twelve point nine or twelve point six I forget inch iPad pro You cannot if you purchase an Apple pencil you cannot just draw on any iPad it has to be either an iPad pro that has the features of being able to Have the pencil work on it or one of the brand new iPads they just pull out which are around $300 Those are the only iPads that will work with an Apple pencil So don’t go buying one think it’ll work on any of them because unfortunately they’re not really made to have those features in them it has the ability to Pretty much do everything that you want to do in Photoshop as well. It just is It’s like Photoshop minus the bulk of all the photo editing features So it’s really really helpful in that regard. Again the only other issue I suppose that I have is having the reference picture in the same canvas this is something that’s kind of a little bit inconvenient to me because I tend to like to have it separate but Overall it’s not really something that’s affected me too much I won’t complain and obviously procreate isn’t just ten dollars if you’re going to be purchasing the iPad and the Apple pencil IPads you can now get for say three hundred dollars, but the Apple pencil is about a hundred dollars Which is a lot of money So you’re essentially buying an entire iPad and a pencil in order to use procreate So if you think it’s gonna be worth it for you I definitely recommend them because they are very very good so traveling is obviously really really Useful with procreate it’s not something that you can do with Photoshop, but you can obviously do it with procreate So it’s you know. It’s very very useful like that I actually drew this entire piece on a plane so You know it’s great to travel with so procreate Also has the ability like Photoshop to blur the background of certain pieces for example sometimes It’s nice to have the focus on the subject and then when you’ve drawn the background in maybe blur it out You can do that with the selection tool in Procreate it has selection tool too. Which is really cool You can also customize your brushes in procreate, and you can download brushes too. Unfortunately these file extensions are different so my beautiful wonderful favorite brushes that I use in Photoshop all the time I Could unfortunately not use in procreate because they’re dot ABR file types for Photoshop they’re dot brush I think for procreate so they’re not the same file types, and it’s a bit of a hassle actually It’s a bit of a hassle to install brushes on procreate It’s not impossible, but it’s a bit more of a hassle than it is on Photoshop, and yes you It’s good. It’s good. I am very impressed with procreate. I love it so much. I’ve actually made a lot of my Most recent digital art pieces on procreate because it’s just so convenient to be able to just sit on the couch and draw yeah It’s excellent. I love it and this is the piece so here. They are by side by side obviously sometimes I draw certain things better than I do others, but overall I use the same features and the same types of brushes in both and You know there’s not really any difference so if you are someone that’s looking for a cheaper alternative to photoshop and you have an iPad Pro or one of the new iPads I Highly recommend procreate it’s really really good, but obviously my ultimate favorite will always be Photoshop It would always win for me. Thank you very much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video Hopefully it was insightful or helpful, but yes. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video Let me know which your favorite is Do you use Photoshop or procreate I’d be interested in hearing I think well I’ll do next time is maybe try a free program out to see how that compares to Photoshop. I really appreciate you watching Thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed the video Make sure you follow me over on Instagram and Twitter take care of yourselves, and I will see you in the next video

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “$1000 vs $10 DRAWING PROGRAM?

  1. Polar Bear Editing says:

    Procreate isn't really $10 if you need to spend at least $500 to buy it…lol

  2. Polar Bear Editing says:

    Also I have cs6 which includes photoshop, indesign, and illustrator. ..all great but I also use a free program called paint.net and I love it.

  3. Polar Bear Editing says:

    It would be nice if you had an option of per month or buying it out right.

  4. Archard Garcia says:

    I used to use procreate then now i am using photoshop…😍😍

  5. AshWii says:

    I have honestly never been interested in getting photoshop [I mean, it's not marketed as a drawing program anyway] but one thing I've always DREAMED about is the INCREDIBLY wide variety of textured brushes! I mean, have you seen ANY speed paint where someone uses photoshop?!?! IF I COULD HAVE EVEN A QUARTER OF THOSE BRUSHES IN CLIP STUDIO PAINT, I WOULD BE SET FOR LIFE, THEY'RE ALL JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  6. Kawaii Acraft says:

    For anyone wondering, you can just use split screen on the iPad for the reference instead of having it in the canvas. i know this is a video from a while ago but anyway.

  7. Kenna XD says:

    Photoshop is now on iPad!!! It’s free and awesome

  8. Genos says:

    Since I only draw as a hobby, I use procreate, it's the best.

  9. KidsAreCheese says:

    yeah but to use procreate you need a 1000 dollar ipad sooo.. depends on what you already have i guess

  10. Dylan Wileman-Burke says:

    You should make an art app 🤷‍♂️

  11. Belle Hussin says:

    Thank you! been looking for latest opinion on this comparison.

  12. Detective Frog says:

    I use a program called ibis paint on my iPad.
    It has like everything that procreat has except its free, and you have to watch adds to get some of the brushes.

  13. Gj Moss says:

    0:16 that picture looks like clara oswald from Doctor Who

  14. Priscilla Balazs says:

    In procreate, I suggest you use the multy task feature if you know what I mean. You open more apps at the same time so just open the gallery and pro create in the same time, if you don't know how to do it just lookat a tutorial😊hope it helped❤

  15. Emily Cooper says:

    For your reference photo problem with Procreate, if you have an iPad Pro, you can split your screen and have your reference photo on one side and your drawing on the other side.

  16. Okami 島田 says:

    the problem is not paying 10 dollars for procreate, the problem is got an actual ipad (300 or more dollars) to use it

  17. Aesthetic Time says:

    You don’t need an apple pencil for procreate I have it and I use a stylus pen for ipad

  18. FBI says:

    What about paint tho, it’s actually decent for cartoon lmaoooooooo

    I know this due to uh…. yeah I draw in class I’m the FBI so screw you

  19. Van Rivier says:

    Ocean looks better on Photoshop but baby Moana looks better in procreate in my opinion.
    But I use krita for my art. It is free and very nice.

  20. Waresforcoin Art says:

    We use the same drawing tablet! Now I know I made a good choice

  21. 민채영 says:

    I use the mouse. Its not difficult to use actually its pretty easy to use. Not everyone can afford a drawing tablet, such as myself. But I do say it was hard getting use to the mouse. It might not be convenient, but it does the job.

  22. Kim McPhail says:

    You don’t need a Apple Pencil for Procreate

  23. Nemo Emo says:

    Apple 🖊 pencil also able to work with 5 gen ipad , videos on youtube

  24. Guinea Pig Grunt says:

    FINALLY! I found an artist that uses a Wacom Intuos tablet! I have one and really like it

  25. PickleKing 23 says:

    Technically procreate is more like 1400$ cause you have to buy an ipad and apple pencil and that could toltal more than a computer which you could get for less than 100$ and then pirate Photoshop and get it for free

  26. Marta Marta says:

    Is there a pen/pencil for Apple Air?

  27. xXkruzoXx says:

    i love you❤️

  28. Deep Elements says:

    I have every painting app for iPad Pro and Paint storm is by far the best. I’m surprise people don’t know about it.

  29. byebyekitty808 says:

    https://youtu.be/nkteFstDeb0 not to be a mean you need to learn more about procreate

  30. SiL says:

    Autodesk Sketchbook is free now. Why spend money ??

  31. Natalie Edits says:

    Stick with ibis paint it’s the literal best and it’s freee

  32. Icy Wolf says:

    you do know you can multi task by bringing up an app in your hot bar.

  33. Dakota_ Myst says:

    Procreate isn’t that hard to get brushes

  34. Dakota_ Myst says:

    Photoshop isn’t 1000$

  35. Richard Addison says:

    Try Krita. $0 and free as in freedom. You'll be surprised.

  36. Pastel Little things says:

    Love the video

    Just one thing you do not need an Apple Pencil for Procreate I just use my finger you do not need to grow broke

  37. HisRoyalCarlness says:

    There are many, many other options beyond Procreate and Photoshop, for mac 'and' windows… And honestly, I've found a few others that are actually 'better' for drawing than photoshop. Personally though, I use Krita, because it's not heavy on UI elements but does all the same things (UI is just smaller and more out of the way), it runs great, and it's free (though I donated $10.)

  38. Zachary Ulman says:


  39. Yuna675 says:

    I really love the program "Clip Studio Paint", you just have to purchase it one time and and you can do many things with it

  40. Salem Crow says:

    I started my digital art and photography with Paint Shop Pro and eventually graduated to Photoshop from "places". I got the entire Adobe suit when I took some classes at the college I work at, and will continue to use that until I no longer can. I refuse to do the stupid subscription cloud service so many programs are switching to.

  41. Lord Ha-Ha says:

    Love the “OIPad”. Love it! You are adorable.

  42. Brooke Tandy says:

    On procreate u can use a stylus pen and a apple pro iPad I got the app and pen for £17 and my iPad for Christmas xx

  43. Yang Xixiah says:

    i am new to procreate. how to show the reffrrence picture on procreate ?

  44. Glam says:

    It's funny how people can use art programs for photo editing and photo editing programs for art.

  45. Mint ice Cream says:

    Does a miny iPad work

  46. E a r l says:

    Here is my list of good drawing programs:
    – Medibang Paint
    -Ibis Paint X
    -Takayuki Sketches
    – Adobe Sketch
    -Sketch (Autodesk)

    -Fire Alpaca
    -Medibang Paint Pro
    -Autodesk Sketchbook
    -Gimp(Not Everyone Will Like Gimp!)

    Hope this helps! xxx

  47. 【P】【i】【p】【p】 【a】 says:

    1000 dollars for a app ?

    e x c u s e m e , w a t.

  48. Beth Pollastri says:

    you can do split screen on ipads especially the newer ones

  49. Miss. froger says:

    Is the class free

  50. vivi jawhar says:

    you don’t need an apple pencil for procreate and procreate lite is compatible with iphones as well

  51. Falling_Shadøw says:

    IbisPaint is what I use on my phone and really enjoy. It's free and works very well

    Does anyone know of anything similar for pc?

  52. Mimi D says:

    That’s the case I have ❤️😂

  53. Margaria Cupcake says:

    While drawing in procreate you can do split screen and have your reference picture there

  54. Joe Blankenship says:

    Sketchbook is a pretty great program for anyone using Windows. It used to cost a few bucks, but it's free now. And you can pretty much do everything you'd need to do for digital drawing.

  55. Melody Altamirano says:

    Can I use my stylus that is like a knockoff Apple Pencil for this app

  56. ༺ Ksyusha Kovaleva ༻ says:

    I don’t see difference … But I live your arts

  57. ivonne bone says:

    procreate 100%

  58. Ananya Chinnu says:


  59. Wafflez And Stuff says:

    Do you work for Disney? Your amazing 😀

  60. Salem Drox says:

    It’s still cheaper than photoshop

  61. Kat Schuessler says:

    I recently bought Procreate. Best $10 ever spent.

  62. Carly Gooding says:

    Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are two great programs as well, I can't afford a monthly based subscription, and even If I could, I hate them, but Affinity Photo and Designer are only about $50 each and it's so great. I've never used photoshop before, but these 2 programs are absolutely amazing in my opinion, and you can even use custom photoshop brushes with Affinity as well, which is amazing.
    Affinity Photo is a photo editing program much like photoshop, and Affinity Designer is a vector-based program like Adobe Illustrator.

    Just thought I would Pop this in for anyone looking for a great program that isn't a subscription-based program, yes there are free ones, but Affinity is honestly so worth it!
    (They also have a new program called Affinity publisher too and it basically likes Microsoft word, it too is $50 and it's amazing. but to have all 3 programs for $150 total, I think its a really great deal)
    here's the link for anyone interested!! 😁 https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/

  63. premaabhi says:

    Btw i don't paid anything for my photoshop cause i download the crack lol☺️

  64. Bloodred Yuki says:

    I just recently started making digital art, and because my art school needs most of the Adobe programs I only tried Photoshop 😂

  65. Lujayn Dabbas says:

    Procreate has secret controls

  66. Alfredo Cervantes says:

    I don’t have a iPad Pro or Apple Pencil also does the 9.7 inch iPad work with the Apple Pencil

  67. Myštēry Gacha says:

    I highly recommend IbisPaint X ! 😃 It is free, but, if you want,you can pay stuff IN the app. Or, if you prefer,you can pay 7$ for full version. Another option, you can watch an ad, to get more brushes! It’s amazing. Be sure to check it ! ( press read more for more details! )

    There’s multi layers, blur, smudge, able to put pictures,and you can save color palettes 🎨!
    And, you can have it on iPhone, iPad, Pc, and laptop! There is also an online gallery with BUNCH of other artists!
    You can also re-watch in time-lapse, normal speed or super speed. Anyways… it’s amazing! Be sure to download it !

  68. Sergio Fusha says:

    You can't campare photoshop to procrate, they aren't the same thing.

  69. goforth115 says:

    Photoshop is good for professionals. But if you are just drawing for fun there are plenty of wonderful drawing programs that you can use for cheap if not free.

  70. bruno lopes says:

    Procreate is great but if you are not anything shorter than a non pro usrr than Photoshop is million times better.

  71. David Ioan says:

    i like the 10$ one

  72. Sed : says:

    Um do you know any computer softwares for drawing that are free ?????

  73. Yuuki Marvell says:

    What about IbisPaintX?

  74. SOPA! YA says:

    Some Universities/Colleges offer free Creative Cloud for Students as well as other programs. But you must be enrolled in that University/College. I got for free from mine, I attend a University in California. If your enrolled in a school look into what they can offer.

  75. Manuel Macaluso says:

    Ahaha really someone who pay photoshop exist?😂

  76. Yasline Gonzalez says:

    I can’t wait until photoshop come on the iPad Pro this fall I’ll definitely buy it

  77. Michi xo says:

    how do you blend in photoshop?

  78. Pea Naughtyy says:

    will u pay every month or just once?

  79. temp temp says:

    uses pirated version of photoshop. It's free.

  80. Tia W. says:

    You can have your reference open in a second screen, also you can change the color of a layer afterwards. Just have to learn the settings a bit more. Great video otherwise.

  81. Mitkoplays says:

    “It’s not the brush or program, it’s the artist” -mitko 2012

  82. Magical girl Tsoy ! says:


  83. zilpa van der Gragt says:

    I stoped my adobe subscriptions when I found Affinity photo and affinity designer. No one mentions them. They actually are a lot closer to photoshop and illustrator than procreate without the continual payments of adobe. These are a one of payment of around $50

  84. emmie943 says:

    My college is now giving every student access to any adobe software for free. Anyone have recombinations on how to get started with photoshop, or is any other adobe software worth learning?

  85. Lamar Andreas says:

    I see how people draw in pro create so realistic…

  86. Universal Soldier says:

    Why do people charge so much money for art programs?

  87. ali saco says:

    Abla Photoshop'ta yarrak gibi çizmişsin. Adil bi kıyaslama olmamış. Seviliyorsun❤️.

  88. Jabari deRoux: More says:

    That procreate picture is actually really impressive compared to photoshop.

  89. Hash BrownYT says:

    You DO NOT need an Apple Pencil for procreate. You can use any stylus whether it has pressure sensitivity or not.

  90. Idrees Saleem says:

    If you're a multi-discipline artist/creative (video, graphics, animation, illustration etc) then Photoshop via the Creative Cloud subscription is an absolute essential. However, if you only paint/draw and not much else, then Procreate or similar is fine tbh

  91. •Floof• says:

    Photoshop and procreate has almost the same things as ibisPaint x

  92. Cady Morton says:

    ipad 6th generation and up for use of apple pen

  93. Daywee Art says:

    You can use split screen in procreate so you have a reference and drawing app 😊

  94. Cotton & Candy Furries says:

    Procreate is like 14.– Usd

  95. Aetheria says:

    I have an ipad air generation 1… I shall stick to photoshop for now

  96. HyugaJoe says:

    I love photoshop x

  97. Maya Luna says:

    You can have your reference in another window of you have the iPad Pro, don’t worry people!!! Idk where she got that she might have an older iPad. 😐 😕

  98. Fanimal Central ~ HD says:

    Do you have to go with Apple or can I get procreate on Windows?

  99. Ramsey Albergotti says:

    I think it’s impor to remember that you can use a small stylus or your finger on the iPad, and if you already own an iPad? Then it only cost ten dollars, baby

  100. Sithuli Jayamuni says:


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