10 Unusual Pets You’ll See For the First Time in Your Life…

It’s pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t
like animals. After all, pets are some of the most loyal
and loving partners the world has to offer. But while most people have dogs, cats or some
other small domesticated animal, there are in-fact some very unusual people out there
who’ve managed to form relationships with some animals that, in any other circumstance,
would be insanely terrifying and even deadly to some extent. Still, somehow the power of friendship has
prevailed and these odd couples have formed some of the most endearing, but unusual relationships
on the planet. Today we’re going to look at some incredible
people who have made some very unique animals their best friends. All set? Lets get it on! The Lion Whisperer! Lions, the king of the jungle, Apex predator
of the Savannah, and… cuddly best friends with humans? While that might sound like an insane way
to get your arms ripped off, for South African sanctuary owner Kevin Richardson, cuddling
with lions is one of his favorite parts of his day to day life. Kevin was born in Johannesburg, South Africa,
a country where lions roam freely. Ever since he was a child, he had a fascination
with lions, and as he got older he began to raise lion cubs from birth, in the process
forming a loving bond as a member of the pride. Eventually, he started his own wildlife sanctuary
for lions, hyenas, leopards and other big African predators. There he sleeps with, feeds, and even lives
among lions that he’s known since they were just little Simbas. While Kevin’s able to get up close and personal
with these big cats, he assures people that there are dangers involved, and that the surreal
images online of him cuddling with a family of 400 pound carnivores aren’t anywhere near
the full story. During his career he’s been scratched, punctured
and even bitten by lions, but despite the risks, he loves the majestic predators and
wouldn’t trade his job for the world. Casey & Brutus! Grizzly bears, the gigantic north american
predators that strike terror into the hearts of campers and hikers the continent over. These seemingly monstrous animals have gotten
a bad reputation, and that’s something Casey Anderson is working to fix. Over a decade ago, the American man found
an abandoned grizzly bear cub in Montana, and began a journey to open the Montana Grizzly
Encounter, a sanctuary for grizzly bears. Since then he’s raised and formed relationships
with dozens of Grizzlies, but none as close as Brutus his first cub. The now over 700 pound adult bear regularly
plays, cuddles and even wrestles with Casey, and spends the rest of his time roaming free
in the Montana Grizzly Encounter, alongside several other bears Casey has saved and formed
loving bonds with. Really goes to show that you can’t judge a
bear by its claws. The Wolfman! If you were to believe most stories of old
like Little Red Riding Hood, you might think wolves are some of the most fearsome and vicious
animals on the planet. And while that may be true, Shaun Ellis however,
didn’t believe the hype, and actually decided to try and join a wild wolf pack himself. The British wolf enthusiast set out into the
wilds of Idaho and found a pack of Grey Wolves who were caring for their young. By staying nearby and doing nothing but observing
their ways and not bothering them, the wolves came to trust him over time, and treated him
like one of their own, to the extent of even giving him the incredibly important job of
caring for the pups while the rest of the pack hunted. During this time, the pack treated him as
one of their own, not just playing with and feeding him, but occasionally even fighting
with him if he ever broke the rules of the pack. After the year he went back to society, which
he claims was a massive culture shock, but ever since he’s worked with wild and captive
wolves, he’s earned himself the well deserved title of The Real Life Wolfman. Joao & Dindim! In media penguins are usually portrayed as
friendly and cute creatures, and as it actually turns out, they’re a lot like that in real
life too. For proof, you don’t need to look any further
than the incredible story of João Pereira and his feathered friend Dindim. Dindim is a Magellanic penguin, native to
the waters on the coasts of South America. One day Pereira found Dindim stranded on the
beach, covered in oil from a nearby spill. The man took the suffering animal home, cleaned
his feathers and fed him fish everyday until the penguin regained his strength. A few weeks later João dropped him off on
the nearest island but to his surprise, just a couple of hours later he found Dindim once
again in his backyard. The penguin decided to return to his saviour
and stayed with him for another 11 months. Since then Dindim swims 5000km every year
just to reconnect with his friend and hero. If that isn’t true friendship, I don’t
know what is. Bear Family! Many families struggle to maintain order and
discipline in their homes, and this runs especially true for Jim and Susan Kowalczik of Otisville,
New York. The couple run a 100 acre bear orphanage where
they raise and care for baby bears who have lost their mothers until they’re old enough
to be released out into the wild on their own. They’re currently in charge of caring for
11 gigantic Kodiak bears, some of whom weigh as much as 14 hundred pounds! One of their most beloved bears, Jimmy, has
been with the couple for 21 years, ever since he was just a cub. By raising the bears from such a young age,
Jim and Susan are seen by the bears as parents, and get to play with, cuddle and even wrestle
with the gigantic predators as if they were just little puppies. The couple have taken some accidental scratches
and punctures over the years, but that comes with the territory of living with half-ton
predators. Still, in the end it’s all more than worth
it for this big bear family. Salinda & Namal! They say elephants never forget, and when
it comes to acts of kindness, Namal the elephant definitely proves that old saying to be true. The cute baby elephant unfortunately lost
both his parents and ended up in a poacher’s trap. The local sanctuary keeper, Salinda, however
was able to free little Namal from the trap, but unfortunately without one of his legs. Due to having only 3 legs, Namal has had difficulty
with daily tasks and the other baby elephants in the sanctuary even wouldn’t play with him! Lucky for him, Salinda worked tirelessly to
help the young animal adjust, even making him a little baby elephant prosthetic leg
so he could walk more normally. Namal remains incredibly grateful, and shows
it by cuddling and playing with his good pal Salinda everyday. Mark & Agee! Polar bears are the largest and most dangerous
bears on the planet, weighing over 1500 pounds when fully grown. Still, despite their massive stature, to Mark
Dumas a polar bear is his best friend. Mark is the only human in the world to have
a close relationship with a polar bear, his furry friend Agee, who he hand raised since
she was just a cub. Surprisingly enough, the gigantic bear actually
purrs when she cuddles with Mark, just like a little kitten. However she isn’t always so sweet, with Mark
saying that Agee actually gets pretty jealous of anyone but his wife who tries to get close
to him, and that can of course lead to some aggressive behavior. Still, when it comes to Mark and his wife,
Agee is still like a thousand pound bear, rolling over for belly rubs, wanting to be
petted and played with and happily looking forward to her daily cuddles. Let’s just not get too close- for our own
safety of course. Survivor Bear! It’s pretty common knowledge that you shouldn’t
mess with bears. With an average weight of 440 pounds, plus
crazy strength and resilience… these animals aren’t exactly renowned for their friendliness…
but unlike some bears, Stepan doesn’t exactly live up to these stereotypes, in-fact it’s
quite the opposite. Stephan is a domesticated Russian bear who
lives with his hero’s and owners Svetlana and Yuriy in a small town in Moscow. When Stepan was just a 3-month old cub, a
hunter found him orphaned in the woods, and rather than leaving him to the mercy of the
wilderness, this kind couple brought the baby bear in as a member of the family. 23 years later and Stepan’s grown into a gigantic,
but quite frankly very cute bear. He even helps out around the house by watering
plants, and has taken a liking for watching tv with his mom and dad. The Russian bear’s diet includes 25kg of fish,
vegetables and eggs everyday, but even with that monstrous diet, Stephan manages to stay
in shape thanks to his love for acting in films and posing in photo shoots. Regardless of how cuddly he may seem though,
Stepan is no teddy bear, and housing a wild animal like a bear will always have its risks. With that in mind, It’s pretty fair to say
that Svetlana and Yuriy are a pretty brave couple, with hearts big enough to house a
whole bear. Jeffrey and the Pelican! We’ve definitely seen some wild relationships
today, but a man taking a bird under his wing is still pretty unorthodox. Jeffrey Condon, a seasoned fisher and ocean
lover, was in for quite a surprise when a young pelican began hanging out at his campsite
regularly. Jeffrey and the bird began to bond, and he
soon came to realize that the bird had adopted him and his coworkers as part of its flock. Unfortunately, that meant the pelican had
never learned to fish for himself, but that was no problem for Jeffrey. He frequently takes Mike the pelican out on
his kayak with him, with the bird even perching on his shoulders and cuddling with him while
he catches food for the two of them. At a point Mike even started trying to catch
fish on his own, as Jeffrey often tried to show him, but unfortunately to not much avail. Nevertheless, the Australian man won’t give
up on his feathered friend, and the two spend most days bonding, fishing or even just hanging
out. I’m sure Mike isn’t too bird brained to figure
out how to feed himself, he’s probably just trying to spend as much time with his best
friend as possible. Beeman! Most people run away when they come across
even one bee, let alone a whole hive. But for Norman Gary, the gene for that fear
seems to missing entirely. Today he’s what’s known as a bee wrangler,
bringing bees any time they’re needed for hollywood projects like movies or commercials. Norman has such a connection with his bees
that he can actually cover himself in over one hundred thousand bees with little more
than a flick of his wrist. Although he assures us that bees aren’t naturally
aggressive and would prefer to not sting people when given the chance. Usually just one sting is enough to keep people
far away, but Norman just keeps coming back for more.

Dereck Turner

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