10 Incredible Microbiology Photos

10 Incredible Microbiology Photos

These are the top ten photos from Nikon’s
2013 Photomicrography competition. 10. A Dinosaur bone preserved in volcanic
rock is magnified ten times to give us a clear view of dinosaur fossils like we’ve never
seen. 9. That’s not spider man on a bad hair day
magnified 85 times, it’s an insect tangled in a spider’s web ready to be eaten. Brrr.
That one gave me the shivers. 8. The leaf of Barbilophozia, or commonly
known as a leafy liverwort, and a cyanobacteria, which produces oxygen, are both magnified
50 times. What’s interesting about this photo is the symbolism behind the plant and
bacteria together. Without cyanobacteria oxidizing earth’s early atmosphere, the rich biodiversity
of this world wouldn’t exist. 7. When you think of a ladybug, you don’t
think of the massive horn like claws and the adhesive pads on its legs but this magnification
is proof that they’re there. 6. This chameleon embryo was photographed
using a simple brightfield microscope technique to land in the top ten. The embryo was lit
from below to show the cartilage in blue and the bone in red.
5. Like a photo of a river delta from space, the hippocampal neuron in the temporal lobe
of the brain is magnified 63 times here. The purple spots are excitatory contacts, probably
working to store long term or short term memories in the brain.
4. Magnified 40 times, this is the clearest photo of a paramecium we have, it may look
familiar because paramecium’s are used most commonly to study biological processes in
biology classes. 3. Up close and personal with a marine worm
magnified 20 times, it uses those tentacles to breathe.
2. The retina of a turtle’s eye magnified 400 times
1. First place goes to this image of a colonial plankton organism zoomed in 250 times to highlight
its helix body movement. Which photo was your favorite or surprised
you the most? If you want more photos from the competition, check out the website I’ve
linked below. Thanks for watching.

Dereck Turner

5 thoughts on “10 Incredible Microbiology Photos

  1. clanvvars says:

    spider man lol

  2. Imran Qureshi says:


  3. carefulcarpenter says:

    "Beauty is a river that flows exponentially smaller into the infinite abyss of consciousness"

  4. ziffulmyer says:

    the chameleon embryo
    but i also like the paramecium pic, mainly because it reminds me of a medieval representation of the universe

  5. Burgerbitch. says:

    The chameleon embryo for some reason really caught my eye

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