allahu akbar SURPRISED? HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? wow POP POP *again* but POP AGAIN AND AGAIN *pop sound* HOW TO DO THAT? JUST POP POPER 1 nails POP LOUD MORE nails no pop push BANG Glue dvd move around magic in moment WHAT’S THE SECRET? POP NAIL BOTTLE BLOW Cool Trick’s DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME HOW I DID IT? MUSCLE Put Glass, add water aluminium so COOL FLY HYDROGEN POP FIRE GOODBYE BALLOON THX FOR WATCHING the END

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “10 AWESOME BALLOON TRICKS

  1. Hype Boi says:

    You are the best life hack chanel

  2. Merizs Rosy says:

    It said trikcs in the beginning

  3. Giraffe Man says:

    I legit don't know why I clicked on this

  4. DaFish says:

    Balloon tricks are cool… but this gave me anxiety. I should know better than to click on one of the things i hate most xD

  5. Neko Mari says:

    10 ways to flinch even tho you see it coming

  6. Katrin Steinmüller says:

    Arme Luftballons.😂😂😂

  7. Fwen says:

    Watch at 0.25 and youll see weird thing on the watch 3:51

  8. DD Vlogs says:

    He spelt tricks wrong😂

  9. Dorrian says:

    Я знаю что вы русские)

  10. KennedyxTime says:

    Did anyone notice that “Tricks was spelled wrong at the beginning. “Trikcs”

  11. Adrian’s Brickfilms says:

    10 ballon tricks that my parents will never let me do

  12. M Zahid says:

    What was that powder

  13. Janus Bargo says:

    its not hydrogen its helium

  14. Player of games says:


  15. Vijesh Yadav says:

    Ye phat jata he

  16. Jawad Khan says:

    No comments for 4:25😂😂😂😂

  17. my village food secret raspy says:

    Nice video so good border

  18. БлаБлаМэн says:

    Это же обычная физика, что здесь необычного?

  19. joseluis067dj says:

    Qué mal a mí me dan miedo los globos jajaja sería capaz de atrapar un alacrán con la mano pero me da miedo tocar globos…

  20. Sããntos Marley says:

    Esse primeiro nada a ver mann !!

  21. valentine granado says:

    Hey this ain’t the Russian hacker

  22. Nhung Nguyễn says:

    Giỏi quá đi

  23. oh no bro says:

    This dude had like 14 heart attacks in one vid

  24. Alexandre Drouin says:

    The dude juste fucking polute at the end

  25. Mimi Yuki says:

    Help me please😫

  26. GFti .exe. says:

    Я один боюсь взрывов шарика?

  27. Sabrina Luane says:


  28. Silent Word says:

    2:20 – Maior a área, menor a pressão.
    Quanto menor a área, menor a pressão.

  29. Sarah Rizado says:

    This is giving me anxiety

  30. Darshan Bhattarai says:

    Nice toy for girls😂😂

  31. Andy Liu says:

    it is very dangous

  32. are you choking? says:

    This gives me alot of anxiety than my term exams.

  33. Geneilson Santos Silva Silva Santos says:

    Vamos assistir Netflix lá em casa
    4:21min depois

  34. Vikas Nawal says:

    Only mr. Indian hacker

  35. seriouslyWILD person says:

    The captions had me dying Lmao

  36. John Castillo says:

    2:12 I know you're making that face

  37. vivian brandon says:

    On the nail part on captions it says 1 Nail/s

  38. Bine Berlin says:

    Äh.. Luftballons?!

  39. HAMSA HARSHA says:

    i am feeling bored

  40. HAMSA HARSHA says:

    /i am feeling bored/

  41. HAMSA HARSHA says:

    i am the rock

  42. 6 6 6 says:

    He got scared literally every time he popped the balloon

  43. Аширай Сари says:

    1-reklama .👍👍👍👍👍👍

  44. Blondie and brownie Animations says:

    I've only came here for the nostalgia, who else does??

  45. Luke Ferguson says:

    at 1:02 on English captions it says wow

  46. Itscreepercraft explode says:

    I liked the part where he deepthroated the ballon

  47. Dino Terrors says:

    How it possible? Idiot the air from the smaller balloon goes through the pipe and end up in the bigger balloon, so that’s why the bigger ones expanding and the smaller ones deflating

  48. Dorothy Nemeth says:

    Thumbnail 3:00 thank me later

  49. priyanshu Yadav says:

    Uluu ka patha

  50. Left handed Finger boarders says:

    Most of this is just basic physics

  51. Donte Douglas says:

    *0:10*. I think you spelled something wrong

  52. Zahangir Khan says:


  53. Giganath Uday nath says:

    Waww nice job 🙋👌👇👍👍

  54. Aleksandr Kharseev says:

    Брехня. Учи физику Алеша.

  55. Ur moms Dad says:

    2:41 I did that for a Science fair project

  56. Christian Cañamaso says:

    Here we go again

  57. Manjula Ramakrishna says:

    I telling lie

  58. Manjula Ramakrishna says:

    what the ,,🖕🖕🖕

  59. Alexander Storr-Hansen says:

    Allahu Akbar????

  60. sexualstone says:

    The small balloon is harder to blow air inside that's wij that bigger balloon is growiing

  61. Beverly Amarantes says:

    This was stupid.

  62. Uzma Khan says:

    Nice …

  63. crazyday says:

    Вы русские on mr muscle thing there was something in Russian lol

  64. Backpac Man says:

    He can give a nice head hahahah 🤣😂😈

  65. Yuvaraj Yuvaraj says:

    you will hack

  66. Yuvaraj Yuvaraj says:

    hack free fire or pubg

  67. izmirlibambam says:

    2:44 is a real DVD screensaver.

  68. Hector Tovar says:

    This video has 88M views and they couldn’t spell tricks correctly..

  69. Alex Non says:


  70. Alex Non says:

    Дизлайк если русский


    I tought he sucked really deep

  72. Shimul Jahan says:

    4:25 that's the good stuff

  73. Bhavina Jarshaniya says:

    What is mr muscle

  74. Kirill Esipko says:


  75. Victor Gwiazda says:

    I think that the last one is radioactivity alpha

  76. kis fijju says:

    Someone: You can't do that anyway.
    Mia Khalifa: hold my beer

  77. Klaudia nn says:

    Halo polska

  78. UDHAYA KUMAR says:

    Wow 88m views!!!!!!!!!👍👏👏

  79. Astrothunder_ says:

    How does this have 88 MILLION VIEWS



  80. Jedrek Roscoe says:


  81. 4 k says:

    4:20 I can deal harder and bigger things than that.

  82. Jo Moon says:

    I'm still here waiting on the tricks … 😒

  83. Andre Seriliano says:

    This is definitely way better than '5 Minute FUCKING CRAPS' videos.

  84. Nick Wheeler says:

    4:30 Richard Gere has entered the chat….

  85. st indian hacker says:

    Hacker hai facekr

  86. Shelzy HD says:

    0:47 it's just putting air into the other balloon

  87. Harambe Keemstar says:

    4:37 never do this if it pops you will literally die

  88. Максим Котляров says:

    88 миллионов просмотров… Столько в России людей нету

  89. eddi000 says:

    Ist jemand hier deutsch?


    Nice vídeo!!!

  91. Tenten Hatake says:

    The captions tho 😭😭


    MÉXICO ptos

  93. billie0429 says:

    So no ones going to mention the misspelled “trikcs”

  94. maryam chikhi says:

    📲WHATAPPS 00212644626928
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  95. L'intox. Insurgés says:

    2:05 The balloon beats the rythm with the music for 2-3 seconds 😍

  96. General Animal says:

    Wow so very good

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