[Intro] [Twinkling of magic wand] Hey everyone! So in today’s video, I’m going to cover Ten(10) drawing tips that are geared towards beginners. If you’re not a beginner, you probably know most of this stuff, but it’s always nice to get a little refresher … and speaking of learning new things, today’s video is brought to you by my sponsor Skillshare.com consists of many creatives such as yourselves who are interested in either learning or teaching about various creative subjects. There are over 20,000 classes on Skillshare, so there is so much to discover. If you’re looking to learn more about anatomy, lighting, shading … even things like using editing programs to turn your art into videos, there is everything there, and if you have a skill you want to share with the world, you can even sign up to become a teacher and make money off your videos. With the premium membership, you unlock every single class. You can watch as many of them as you want, and it’s about $10 a month for the annual plan. If you use my link in the video description, you can get your first two months for FREE! And this offer is only for the first 500 people to sign up through my link. So, if this video leaves you thirsting for more art knowledge, be sure to check out Skillshare. So, now let’s move on to the 10 drawing tips. These are kind of random, but they’re things that I think are very helpful for people who are just getting started out. So tip #1 is don’t worry about symmetry. I feel like beginners do stress about symmetry a lot. They’re like, “Oh, I draw one eye, the other one has got to match exactly.” And they feel like it all needs to be perfect. But here’s the truth … Symmetry is boring. Imperfections can actually make your art feel more fluid and alive. So, with this example, I drew this face and then for the second one, I took just this half and I mirrored it over so that it was perfectly symmetrical. And it’s not that this looks bad, it’s just that this one felt more lively in my opinion. See how the top of her hair kind of rises a bit more on this side? Here, one cheek is a little bit wider than the other. It’s not stuff I did intentionally, but it just feels more natural that way. People aren’t perfectly symmetrical in real life anyway, so why try to make your art perfectly symmetrical? Also, symmetry can just make your art look very stiff and boring. Sometimes, it’s a conscious design choice to have the composition very symmetrical, but don’t feel like everything needs to be that way. And don’t feel like you need to draw every character from the front. I feel like that is the default that beginners start with and they draw every single drawing, a character, from the front. If you draw the character from a slight angle, you don’t even have to worry about symmetry. So, try adding more interesting angles to your art, and then you won’t even have to stress about it. And when you do draw a character from the front, again … just draw and don’t worry about everything being perfectly aligned, or like the eyebrows being perfect. Like, even what they say in real life … your eyebrows are sisters, not twins. I do sometimes flip things in Photoshop when I’m working digitally, but I try to avoid that if possible. Sometimes, I just use it to speed things up, but then I’ll do the inking or the coloring separately so that it’s not like the whole thing is mirrored, just the sketch was mirrored, and then everything else is not so that there is some variation. Because you can totally tell when you look at someone’s art, and you’re like, “Oh, they just totally took that eye and mirrored it to the other side. They didn’t even do anything to try to make it look a bit different.” If you’re going to mirror it, try to just like tweak little things here and there, maybe the highlights aren’t quite the same size or one lash line is just slightly thicker, just make it less obvious that you mirrored it, because perfect symmetry looks strange. Tip #2 is that you should try to randomize the elements in your drawing. I have a few different examples for this. Here’s the first one. In the first square, the dots are all roughly the same size and they’re roughly equally spaced. They’re not aligned in a perfect pattern in rows, but they’re still equally spaced out somewhat. It just feels a little boring, whereas with this one, I have some bigger circles, some smaller ones, and they’re also little clusters. Some of them are really close to each other. Some are more spaced out. It’s more random. So this looks a lot better than this. I listed some examples of things this would apply to like … stars, snow, glitter, sand/stone, and pretty much anything that requires stippling. You want to randomize both the placement of the dots and the size of the dots. Here’s another example of randomizing things to make it more interesting. This also relates back to our first point we talked about, about symmetry because this one is very symmetrical, very boring … With this little leafie stem, all the leaves are the same size, the sticks are all straight, they’re all pointing perfectly out and they’re all lined up. It’s just very blah. With this one, I gave it some curve. The leaves are different sizes. I tried curving the branches in different directions. The leaves are curved in different directions. This one you’re seeing it from the side, you’re not even seeing it from straight on. This could apply to so many things. Like let’s say you have some trees in the background of your drawing. They don’t all have to be the same height, even if they’re the same type of tree. Some can be thicker, some can be thinner, and it can be spaced out in a random way. It can apply to a lot. I have one more example for this point and it’s hair. When drawing locks of hair, they don’t all have to be the same size, pointing the same direction. Add some curve to them, make some bigger, some smaller, some are longer, some are shorter. These ones are curling this way, these two are curling this way. The variation makes it a lot more interesting than this one. Even with something like a uniform, or all the characters are wearing the same uniform. Maybe someone wears their tie a little looser than someone else. Maybe one character rolls up their sleeves. Maybe one character wears tall socks with their skirt and one wears short socks. There’s little variations like that you can make in any case. Point #3 is to do studies/learn from reference. Contrary to a lot of peoples’ beliefs (laughs) you’re not born knowing how to draw everything. Think of how a kid draws a tree. They draw something like this … and then a big poofy thing on top like that. It’s like a cotton ball on a stick. They’re drawing a simplified version of a tree or what they think a tree looks like. Take an object you don’t know very well. Try drawing it from memory and then try drawing it while actually looking at that object and you’re going to have two entirely different results. And there’s no shame in referencing. People aren’t born knowing what every detail of every item looks like. Even something like your toothbrush that you see every day, hopefully … (laughs) If you were to draw it from memory right now, you probably would not get all the details right. You think you know what it looks like, but do you really? Now, once you’ve drawn items from reference enough times you definitely can draw it very well from memory, but that’s something you have to work up to, so do not be afraid to use photo reference, even if you’re stylizing the image, it could be a real photo of a real object, but you want to draw a cartoony version of that object, but you’re still using the reference to incorporate those real details, but simplifying it. Your goal is not necessarily to replicate the picture exactly, unless you want to do photo realism, but for me, I do more cartoony stuff, but I still reference real photos, and I still do studies of real people. I’ll just sometimes stylize it a little bit or I won’t worry about capturing that person’s exact likeness because that’s not my goal. I’m just trying to learn facial anatomy or maybe I’m trying to study the lighting in that particular photo. There’s so many things you could be studying. Even if you normally draw cartoony, you can still do studies that are realistic, where you are trying to copy a photo exactly. There’s always a way to learn from reference. Now, moving on to tip number four, I see a lot of comments from people being like. Okay I have my sketch and I really like it, but I’m scared to ink it or color it because I’m scared I’m gonna mess it up. That is a very valid fear to have because there is the very real possibility that you will mess it up. Plus, sketches have a nice charm to them because they’re so loose and sometimes when you ink it it just feels less dynamic. For me I hardly ever ink and color on the same piece of paper that I sketched on. Cause one it’s nice to preserve the sketch. Two, sometimes I don’t know I want to turn my sketch into a fully colored piece and so it’s on a paper that is not suitable for markers or just not ideal and three, I often press too hard to the point where I wouldn’t be fully able to erase the pencil anyway

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