(1/2) Subtitled: #GoslingGate: Fake Ryan Gosling Prank | Goldene Kamera 2017 | Circus HalliGalli

(1/2) Subtitled: #GoslingGate: Fake Ryan Gosling Prank | Goldene Kamera 2017 | Circus HalliGalli

If someone would have told us six weeks ago, that we would succeed with this we would have thought that he is crazy. Actually we were certain, that this wouldn’t work. Not at the most glamorous awar ds ceremony in the country. Not on ZDF. Not live. Actually. But when Ryan Gosling walked on the ZDF stage Saturday night we asked ourselves: How on earth could THAT happen? Klaas: It all began almost 6 weeks ago. We sat down with our team and thought about, what we still wanted to achieve. At Circus HalliGalli, for the last season. What are the things we still have to do? Then one question arose among our team. Did we ever win a Goldene Kamera with Circus HalliGalli? The international award winners were actors like: For years, only the silly Duo Joko and Klaas has been denied a “Goldene Kamera” and we wanted to get this annoying misunderstanding out of the way as fast as possible. So we asked ourselves: How to win the Golden Kamera before the end of Circus HalliGalli? Let’s start from the beginning. Who is going to get a Goldene Kamera? People who have archived something. That’s not us. People with great skills. Not us. Hollywood stars. Not us. Damn. We realised very quickly, that we wouldn’t succeed the traditional way. We had to come up with an idea. What if a Hollywood star would win the Goldene Kamera and gives it to us? Than we would have the Goldene Kamera. Which Hollywood stars deserve a Goldene Kamera this year? Hollywood stars that are already in town. What do you mean? If you are from Hollywood and you happen to be in the city during an award ceremony, you will win a price. True. That’s a fact! And which Hollywood star would be perfect for the Goldene Kamera this year? Ryan Gosling. Why him? He is young, successful, sexiest man alive, Oscar nominiee, he’s the hot shit! Sounds perfect. Does he happen to be in Germany while the Golden Kamera is taking place? Definitely not. Assuming he would be? In that case the organisers would do anything to get him into the show. Really everything? Everything! 100 Percent. It was really easy. We just needed Ryan Gosling to be in the city, for him to win Goldene Kamera. He would give us the price and tadada Golden Kamera winner. Super easy. Of course we encountered also pessimists. Ok, do you know Ryan Gosling? No! Is there the possibility that he will be in town during the day of the ceremony? No! Is Ryan Gosling nominated for the Golden Kamera? No! So, assuming Ryan Gosling would be nominated for the Goldene Kamera, would be – by chance – in the town, would win the Goldene Kamera and would hand over the price to you? No! That really pisses me off! They kill every good idea with their endless talking! Don’t get mad now Klaas. Whatever! In these kind of situations we develop a sense of
“Now more than ever!”-Mentality! We had already agreed on Ryan Gosling being the perfect choice. and that, by chance, he will be in town that night. We only had to find a way to notify the organisers of the Goldene Kamera. So we asked our Guestbooking department of
Circus Halligalli. how this usually works with TV Shows and guest booking. Most of the time it works over personal cotacts to records labels, film rentals and PR-Agency. HalliGalli for instance get’s their guests also through different mailing lists, in which guests are being offered to make an appearance. IIt’s not going to be that much different at the Goldene Kamera. And usually it’s the big record companies and distributors that send these emails? Not always. Sometimes it’s just a small PR-Agency. But which PR-Agency would be up for such bullshit? For example, our own PR-Agency that we will establish. Yes this one: Conrad Hertz und Gravemann And the good thing about
Conrad Hertz und Gravemann is that the initals are the same as Circus HalliGalli. CHG. Exactly. And the good thing is, that we not only have Ryan Gosling in our portfolio but also to many more. We have: Glamour, Respectability and competence paired with celebrities. What more does one need? We also have a big web presence. This is really good, look at that. Conrad Hertz und Gravemann.
This looks really classy, with the gold. The colours are perfect. Because of all the glamour. All the celebs that we represent.
The a really elegant website. We have many so celebrities, some from the A-list and here … … a little bit of shitty ones. But also the english text, for all the international clients. That it looks like, we worked together with many people. Here is the contact sheet. You can fill everything in. And if someone calls this number, who do you reach? This prepaid phone. I didn’t know, you had so much criminal energy. I think, if we get caught, it won’t be because of this website. And then we wrote a promotional email, with our new agency on the letter head with a similar wording as all the promo emails we had received ourselves a thousand times. Dear Madame and Sir… It was a mash up of press wordings, asking if they would be interested in Ryan Gosling Who happens to be in Hamburg that day, shooting a commercial and would be up for receiving an award. To top this off, we added that he wouldn’t need wardrobe, Make-Up or Security. It’s almost to good to be true, right? No, it is to good to be true! This email was written by a certain Mrs. Dolus. Latin for Prank! The person to contact, if they were interested. If I hit this button, the email will be send. Did you think about what will happen if they accept? They have to take the bait first. Don’t take the third step before the first. That’s is the first step. How big is the chance that it will ruin the company? 90 percent! They will just sue us … What for? Arrested because of funny, or what? Fraud… Hm yeah. true. Oh God, you didn’t even ask again! I thought we will talk this through again. Than the website went online, and we sent the email. We bought a prepaid phone, and activated the number of our agency. And than we only had to wait
for the Goldene Kamera to contact us. It took them exactly 90 sec. We will be arriving late, he has
a commercial shoot before his time window is very short, so he will only make a quick appearance he won’t have time for the red carpet. Ok thank you, we will get back to you. What did she say? They took the bait! They promised us to try their best, to meet his needs, if he would willing make an appearance. Only one thing seemed impossible: There was no way Ryan Gosling would receive an award. Exactly, because it’s not some shady award show, where every random celebrity receives an award only because they happen in town. We want the Golden Kamera. And thats why, the agency chief had
to personally call them. The thing is, I can’t invite Ryan to Germany and send him home without an award. Just to make myself clear: If Ryan doesn’t get a Golden Kamera then the Goldene Kamera won’t get Ryan. And all of a sudden, the Golden Kamera had an award for Ryan Gosling. Of course, this had nothing to do with Ryan being coincidentally in town. I’m sure they planed giving La-La-Land an award anyway. They only forgot about it. They only forgot about it. Good thing that the boss remembered. But we forgot an important detail. Ryan Gosling didn’t know anything about our plans and he also wasn’t accidentely in town. To be really honest: We didn’t have Ryan Gosling. Then, Joko remembered the Umberto Award 2014. I remembered that we invided a few superstar doubles to make our award show a little bit more glamourous. Next to Jonny Depp and Lady Gaga, there was also Ryan Gosling! Do you hear that? What is this beautiful sound? I know this melody, let’s go see. Ladys and Gentlemen, may I introduce:
Mr. Ryan Gosling Welcome, what is your name? Ludwig Lehner Where are you from? I’m from Munich What is your job? I’m a cook. Without a doubt, our Ryan is a nice guy,
but when you take a closer look there is not much similarity. Yes and he doesn’t speak english. This led us to another series of problems. Fans and photographers notice that this is not the real one. Other celebrities backstage notice that he’s not the real one, he gets busted. The promoter welcomes him, notice that he’s not the real one, we get busted. Steven Gätjen the host, want’s to brief Ryan Gosling, we get busted. He sits in the first row, everyone notices that he is not the real one, we get busted. Collin Farell sits in the first row, he is a buddy of Ryan, we get busted. They will take pictures at the press conference, we are fucked. Our only chance, to make this work is that we have to make sure that he doesn’t talk to anyone, doesn’t shake hands and doesn’t appear in any commercial. Excactly Yes, but how should this work? Admittedly, our chances were rather slim. Thats why Mr. Graveman had to call the Goldene Kamera multiple times he had the most ridiculous list of requirements,
that a celebrity ever asked for in Germany. He will not appear on the red carpet, he will not sit in the first row, we need a single wardrobe no briefing from the show host no press text, no trailer, not tweet, no social media. we were sure that we had gone too far. Nobody would make such a big afford, not even for Ryan Gosling. When you agree to everything… … we would agree too. We almost couldn’t believe it. They do everything. We met four days before the award to a final rehearsal. Then we rented a rehearsal space. And this is Fabi, he will be Steven Gätjen for today, he will host the award. This is how we planed it:
Prior to this they will show the La-La-Land trailer. Then they will call your name, that’s the moment you have to go on stage,
you have to shake his hand, then you grab the Kamera and run. First you run slowly and then you go faster as if you need to go to the toilet. Let’s rehearse that. The Show starts, there is a jingle which pretty much goes like this… There was one film which created magial moments one person was particulary brillant. … Yes Ryan Gosling … sexy and cool Just say Ryan Gosling,
we are not practising this for you Fabi Our very special guest, welcome Ryan Gosling! Ludwig you have to take the camera immediately. I see, I thought later. Noooo immediately, thats the most important thing. Come out, grab the Kamera. Thank God we are rehearsing this,
just imagine Ludwig forgetting the Kamera. Thank you for the great award,
I dedicated … to Joko und Klaas. That was amazing, perfect. Just walk off the same side you got on stage. Let’s not over do it, really guys. Joko you truly are the only person that got to where your are with less rehearsals. It won’t work again, everyone else needs to practice. You were just lucky. Okay good. Okay Fabi- fuck it. Just say his name. Perfect! Much better. Very very good. Ludwig, it’s a live show and something unexpected can always happen. Let’s see how we sort this out and get this baby home. That is not Ryan Gosling! Wrong direction, wrong direction! Take the Kamera, take the Kamera with you! WROOOOONG DIRECTION! Okay I would say, now we have a perfect plan in case of emergency. At that moment we had no idea, how much trouble we were in. To be continued…

Dereck Turner

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  4. M. M. says:

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    At least it turned out well in the end.

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