09 Myndlist og hönnun TV [Art work and design of TV]

The first half of this video gives an overview of my artwork Artistic activity I consider pivotal … because art is the foundation for all design and planning This picture is a bust, I made of snow, as I was eight Then comes a clay-bust I made from Kristleifsson … as we studied architecture together in West-Berlin 13 years old I started in drawing classes This is my drawing from a Greek torso In high school I made drawings for the school paper … This is one of my covers For the school’s yearbook I made 130 caricatures This one shows rector Arnlaugsson We who led the student Art Union … always organized a spring art show. Here are Karolina Lar and I at our pictures All the next pictures are from these art shows First: A self-portrait then watercolours A model, with coal followed by a portrait of my mother Then four iron sculptures … The first is called “Space Age” … the next “Waves” … the third “Iron Tower” and the fourth “A Woman with a Tear” I designed the sets for the school play in 1967… This is one of the scenes I also designed the cover for the playbill As I started studying architecture in Berlin … art classes were a part of the programme We, for instance, were given the project of drawing cube-compositions of drawing cube-compositions and then redrawing them in a simplified way and finally; a simple play with cubes only To work with colours was trained in a simple way I took an elective sculpture course… Here first a model sculpture made of clay … and then one made out of wood Kristleifsson was my classmate in Berlin and I made his portrait in many gestures … here as a revolutionary … here as a sailor … here as a scholar … here as a thinker … and finally as an Asian The next pictures are two self-portraits first; a psychological study, … … and then a traditional oil portrait During all my carrier I have drawn models … to train sensitivity to form Here first: drawings I made in Berkeley: … A reclining woman A woman stretching a woman reclining on her elbow …a woman in a hat Next drawings from standing models… first a woman … then a man with a stick… and finally a man with his hand behind his back Next a batch of ornamental pictures: …First: a geometric ornament …Then: a grid for a stained window …then: a grid meant for a window opening …and finally: a geometric, stained picture …Next is a tower that I welded out of messing bars… Finally: Box I designed with a geometric ornament Next I present examples from my design work… … First: my first design at the University in Berlin: … A penthouse under influence of Gaudi and Saarinen Next: a completion proposal I made, as a student, for first pedestrian street – Wilmersdorfer – in Berlin … plus the surrounding areas I got a third prize, which covered one year in Berlin This is my street design proposal I researched the application of “Morphology” in design … “field-covering” overviews for alternative solutions… An example on this is bench made of four joint plates … that lifts can change into many types of furnitures The girl demonstraits how position can be changed I made another variant of this: A belt… … that also can be shaped into many types of furnitures This reminds of Barba-daddy I made such a belt out of wood… … here shaped like a reclining chair and another piece… here shaped to become a table I continued with this “wood-stripes-style” and designed, and built, this chair … assembled from four lengths of wooden stripes … only held together with straps! (Similar to IKEA furniture!) I won a 1st prize in a playground competition Here I used the “field covering” method … which meant that the playground was conceived … to represent all aspects of Icelandic society … and all types of landscape forms This picture shows plays linked to ships and harbours I designed a playground in this spirit for Seltjarnarnes … Here a wall that facilitates many types of plays and here a “fortress” that also facilitates many plays… I have designed three buildings … One of them is my own summerhouse in Kjos… This is the floor-plan, including a glass-house… … which has double-doors in three directions In the openings there is calm, and warm, for sunbathing Here we look from a bedroom into the glass-house As all glass panes are low… … people can enjoy the view from their beds The railing has hinges, so it can be lowered… … for not disturbing the view This is a “castle” I designed There follow 5 videos from a good day with my family… My two sons-in-law: Tommi and Oli… Daughter Tinna… Daughter Hrönn and Gudny… Benni… My grandsons Kristofer and Brimar, and a friend… The dinner is ready… Conversations… I designed this one-family house – Stadarsel 5 … … and Kristleifsson did various detail drawings This is a split-level house… The main roof beams go corner to corner… …and the roof is separated from the walls with glass … so it like flows Here a view from the garden… …and finally there are a few video clips First: a view from this cul-de-sack, where Stadarsel 5 sits at the end The high-pitched roof hoovers over the bungalows On the first level there is a garage … living rooms on the top level … bedrooms are on the in-between-level to the left the long windows are in the garage… … the windows above are in kitchen and living rooms …Here the south side of the house The bedroom- and living-room-wing… … create the sheltered out-door place The shades are drawn to keep the sun out …Steps connect the garden and the veranda …And finally we see, how the living-room part… … rises up from the veranda

Dereck Turner

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