Hello everyone~ welcome to my channel 👋 Today I’m going to the airport to pick up my brother and my dad We are going to Vegas to celebrate Christmas🎄 Bye-bye Bowser I’ll see you…. Bye-bye We ordered to pick up breakfast from Sage and now we’re here ☀️ how is it? It’s interesting yeah is it bad or…? No I mean there’s flavor That looks different than the ones I had ehmm The food at this location tasted better than the ones at Echo Park – scramble tofu. – oh that is supposed to be eggs… yeah made with tofu why is it green?? Dad!!! then I finally reunited with my father and my older brother We stopped by Robeks for me to get an açaí bowl Whenever I’m in LA, I would come here regularly for their açaí 💜 We checked in to our cute Airbnb located in Alhambra and we clutter the space immediately (we always got so much shitsss) I had Gardein’s orange chicken for dinner and I have to say all the Gardein’s products I’ve tried so far never disappointed me Road trip to Vegas~ My brother and I took turns driving and it took us almost six hours to finally get there 😪 I found this fancy looking hotel room on Airbnb for $80/night insane… I was looking shows playing tonight… and I found Magic Mike Live with one front row seat left I bought it right away My dad wanted to tag along to protect me so he got a seat that was a little further away This was my first male stripper show ever and I did not know what to expect Q_Q I was already shook within the first minute of the show All the guys were so freaking handsome & sexy as hell 🍑👅🙌 Hey uhmm Jackson You are welcome Jackson! u – r – wel – cum – a – ny – time On the way home, I swung by this juice bar inside The Cosmopolitan for their açaí crunch It was really good and refreshing The next day, we went to have lunch at the Wynn Resort This restaurant has a separate vegan menu 🌿 hell yeah 🤟 Look at that sexy vegan butter For main dish, I had the chickpea cake with artichokes and arugula And of course, I had to try their vegan dessert 😋 It was a chocolate cake with almond milk gelato and cherry sorbet ooh la la Afterward, we walk around Vegas and I found this really cute shop selling vegan-friendly soaps 🛁 nope these are not food If you’re craving for vegan cupcake you should check out Sprinkles #redvelvetcupcake Later that night, I met up with an Instagram friend who happened to be staying at the same hotel Poppy~ She’s also Indonesian 🇮🇩 🍰🍩🥧 she was so kind and gave me so many vegan goodies ☺️ Thank you so much Poppy~ I love you 😚 Please come to Bali and let me treat you back On the last day, I went to have lunch by myself at this Chinese vegan place called Veggie House I ordered their orange chicken and holy f*ck!! Literally for a moment I thought this was real chicken 😱 that’s why I looked so confused here Ended the meal perfectly with their green tea soy ice cream 🍵🍨 I highly recommend this place 👍 We were supposed to leave Vegas in the afternoon but I was curious about the Trump Hotel 🇺🇸 so we stayed for an extra night here Trump Hotel~ Disclaimer: we are not Trump supporters We simply just wanted to experience the hotel It costs $200/night hotel I’m at the Trump Hotel suite room it’s pretty nice the view… Mountain View ⛰ What did i do on my last night in Vegas??? I went to watch Thunder from Down Under Their performance isn’t as sophisticated compared to Magic Mike Live However, you do get more physical interactions with the guys…🤪 I was *humped not thrusted* 2x….🙊 It was hands down the best Vegas trip I had so far 💪 I can’t wait to bring my mom here one day… it would be so much fun!!! That’s it for today~ Thank you so much for watching 🙏 if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up 👍 leave a comment 🗣 and hit the subscribe button 👆 Also, turn on the notification alert 🛎 so you’ll know when I upload a new video see you 😘

Dereck Turner


  1. Bliss and Green Virtual Assistance says:

    Now Im jealous! Haha crazily laughing here at the office. I had fun watching! More plss haha

  2. Soyami Vegan says:

    Oh mi universe 🌌
    👏🏻 👏🏻 😍 👍🏻 👍🏻 Those sexy guys 😍 tho 😂 MANTUL!
    I just shared this vlog to my LINE, I'm going to share it to my WHATSAPP, IG AND FB. Yihaaaa 😁 😂 ✌🏻 We want more…

  3. hanie vha says:

    😂😂 cici cici chindo go wild in Vegas

  4. hanie vha says:

    Vegas part 2 Pwleeease lol

  5. Daren D says:

    Oh man, those Lays chips growing up, tho. #childhoodhabits Now, the only chips I usually prefer are Beanfields' variety. I miss renting a motorcycle chopper in Vegas! Lovely video. xd

  6. Asuka Shikome says:

    Your dad is so sweet for coming with you QQ

  7. 徐培航 says:


  8. Anna Li says:


  9. Jordan Karyanto says:

    so many me in the video….

  10. Marlene Katlyn says:

    @7:12 😱😱😱😱😱

  11. Mckayla Seamus says:

    "re-reaction" is so cute xd

  12. Jade Irene Rule says:

    ‘I really wanted to raise my hand but my dad was watching’
    Magic mike live London is my 18th birthday present from my parents. My dads idea!!😂🤦‍♀️

  13. adi liedarmadi says:

    Wah luar biasa mantaaap enaknya bisa jalan2 Ksana

  14. stevenkev says:

    Desperate thumbnail. Why you a YouTuber?

  15. Diane Granville says:

    I would love to gal around with you! Also I think you have mad video editing skills. Loved watching. Must have MORE!!

  16. Jenn Bunny says:

    Dead at the “assortment of men” comment

  17. effervescent_bubbles says:

    omg this is hilarious

  18. Ahlee The Great says:

    Oh damn 😭😭😭

  19. Ahlee The Great says:

    I’m sweating

  20. Ahlee The Great says:

    Aweeeeee hey bro, hey andreas dad

  21. Ahlee The Great says:

    Bruh that açaí look amazing

  22. Ahlee The Great says:

    Wow such a beautiful view in Vegas

  23. Ahlee The Great says:

    Awe your dads face lmao

  24. Ahlee The Great says:

    Daughter gone wild

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