드로잉배틀 렛츠기릿! (Drawing Battle) | 천지의 이것저것 Ep.7

드로잉배틀 렛츠기릿! (Drawing Battle) | 천지의 이것저것 Ep.7

hey y’all subtitle by (…), kinderellalight and Luna-Mia CL: Everyone, this is ChenJi’s This and That once again. JS: Ji! CL: ChenJi’s This and That. JS: What will happen today? CL: I’ll see it first. JS: It looks like nothing’s in there. JS: What? CL: Take a look. *Gasp* THAT WAS SO CUTE PLEASE JS: Everyone, this is amazing. This is it. It’s amazing, right? Waa, it’s so amazing. CL: You thought there’s really nothing there? You really thought like that? But… I was really obvious about it though I thought this was it! CL: You didn’t see what I did? What? 4x JS: Ah what are you doing JS: I guessed right, didn’t I? JS: Because we’re both wearing these hats JS: You surprised me! What was that? CL: That’s why I was like “what is this?” JS: I really didn’t know! JS: What was that? JS: Let’s head to the next thing CL: Ok let’s go *beautiful performance of Want by Jisung* CL: Should we draw eachother? CL: I’ll draw you perfectly! Believe me CL: I know exactly what to do CL: Ok sit down JS: Don’t draw my eyes like.. don’t do it! JS: Hello? JS: Oi it’s the other side, idiot XD CL: Like this? JS: Try drawing me like this! CL: Hey you gotta stay still JS: I know 3x CL: Ok choose your pose first CL: This one? JS: Have you started drawing? CL: Yea bro JS: What part are you drawing first? CL: The chair JS: the chair? JS: I have to do something JS: Wait a sec JS: My hip hurts CL: Ah you can do whatever right now since I’m drawing the chair CL: Ok sit down now CL: I said sit down JS: You already finished drawing the chair? CL: Yep CL: Sit down, I’m gonna draw your legs CL: I’m going to explain it CL: First, I’m going to draw everything that shows CL: And now.. CL: I’m gonna do it perfectly JS: Of course JS: You’re really lucky JS: I wear a lot of white, you have less to color JS: You’re wearing all black? [ black ] JS: I want to stand up right now CL: Don’t 2x CL: I SAID DON’T! CL: I think I’m gonna draw it well JS: May I see it? CL: I’ll take that as a yes CL: I’m doing good? JS: How can you draw this? CL: I can just erase it later CL: I’m gonna draw everything first JS: That’s genius CL: You’re really gonna sit ambiguously like that? CL: Even though drawing that is harder? *tries 13082000 poses to make it harder* JS: Draw me like this JS: You messed up, didn’t you? JS: I know JS: Will it be finished if I sleep? JS: Are you done? CL: No no not yet CL: (to manager ?) Look at this, look at this CL: Not you, don’t come JS: pfft CL: It already shows, now go! CL: It’ll be better than yours! JS: Whatever JS: You have to draw every strand of hair JS: Ah whaat I’m curious [Don’t come!] CL: I haven’t drawn your hair yet! CL: Sit down x3 CL: Don’t see! JS: Why.. why are you drawing without looking at me? JS: Ah really.. what are you drawing… CL: Wait, don’t move! CL: Wait, I’m crying JS: That’s the only reason you’re laughing, let me see JS: I will have to see it later anyway 2x CL: Oh it’s hot JS: Why are you so bad at drawing? JS: What took you so long? JS: Usually, it would only take 5 minutes to draw that JS: I did it when I was at an academy JS: I also went to an art academy JS: May I see it again? CL: No? JS: I’m so curious CL: Where’s the black colour? JS: What is this…this….. CL: Ah.. it’s tiring JS: Chenle… JS: Can’t you do it quickly? CL: Red… *snapping monalisa sunbaenim* CL: Done! JS: Wow… JS: He’s drawing Zola Man instead JS: I’m going to take a picture of it CL: I drew your lips nicely, right? CL: You should draw me holding this drawing JS: Really? CL: Yeah CL: I’ll make it harder to draw JS: Okay, I’ll do it JS: I won’t draw it anyway CL: Don’t draw me smiling CL: Serious face! JS: Then you should show some seriousness on your face [ Serious ] CL: It’s tiring JS: Ah! You should look to the front! JS: Up till now, it’s still perfect CL: I can tell it’s not JS: How can I draw that? JS: I have to draw that again JS: Amazing. JS: Fast 3x JS: Like this… JS: Shoes… JS: I’m sorry CL: It’s okay I know you’re bad at this CL: This time CL: We’re not doing the battle to decide who’s better at drawing CL: But who’s worse at drawing CL: And I think you’re gonna win JS: Ah, it’s this colour! JS: Perfect JS: Yas, the sound is nice CL: It’s already weird JS: You can hit me JS: It’s over CL: Let me see JS: It’s not that bad CL: My nose is pig’s? JS: It’s not that bad, right? JS: Honestly, I draw better than you! CL: What are you talking about.. CL: Mine is definitely better JS: Mine is definitely better though? JS: How much more do you want me to… CL: Just see it once, who did worse JS: Really, mine’s no joke JS: What is this really? CL: What is this then!? JS: Honestly this one is better CL: What are you talking about? JS: You didn’t even draw my ear! CL: I did, here! CL: This, right here! JS: Why is my ear white then!? JS: Let’s make our fans vote later CL: Let’s make a voting in NCT chatroom JS: You’re gonna pose like in the drawing of you and I’m gonna do it like mine CL: Done CL: I’m sending these to NCT chatroom! CL: This is No. 1 CL: And this is No. 2 CL: Which one is more so-so? CL: Y’all have to vote CL: Vote for the more so-so one JS: This has been ChenJi’s.. JiChen’s! CL: ChenJi’s This and That JS: JiChen’s That and This CL: This has been ChenJi’s This and That~ JS: This is No. 2 CL: This has been ChenJi’s This and That JS: Goodbye (^v^) CL: bye-bye (^w^) sub by (…), kinderellalight and Luna-Mia

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  1. exo and nct cured my depression says:

    Me watching at 3AM and adjusting the volume everytime Chenle releases a laugh

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  3. 김규리 says:

    쮜송 왜케 혼자 쫑알쫑알거려 귀엽게ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 러러 이히히힣 꺄하하핫 웃는 거두 넘 귀여워ㅜ.ㅜ 왜 마크가 사람 안 같고 만화 캐릭터처럼 생겼다 했는지 알겠어ㅠㅡㅠ

  4. Panhowells Caratzen says:

    Does that mean If I get into SM I cam do arts and crafts and random fun things with my friends

  5. lena bartl says:

    Am I the only one that would do anything to be able to draw them from life?
    That would be so amazing

  6. DREAM KIM says:

    5:20 The way jisung says palli palli the cutest💖💖💖

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  9. S M says:

    They must just took a picture of each other for the reference so that it's not tiring😂 Anyways that's what they want so support✊

  10. Bangtan Army says:


  11. skyreinn says:

    Taemin must be proud of jisung promoting his song better than sm

  12. kinnie asti says:

    Me gusto más como chenle dibujo a jisung xd, gracias por los sub en español :3

  13. nemesis tinoco says:

    Davin shi se quedo pendejo :v

  14. EXO Honey - LAY says:

    I luv them so much

  15. EXOyeol says:

    I laughed so hard when Jisung called Chenle pabo bwahahaha my savage baby Jisungiee

  16. Kun’s flight attendant Oooo says:

    Every time I watch this chenle laughing kills me cause he really can’t breath

  17. Sahda Nabila says:

    Jisung lah jelas

  18. azkarana khayara allima says:


  19. lauren says:

    Amores 💛💛💛💛

  20. Trazy Nicole Bastro says:

    They draw each other like as they're one of the french girls lol

  21. Ali Ali says:

    Owh they Like baby who Just learn how to drawing 😍😍😍

  22. JIMIN 09 says:

    NO. 1(VOTES)

  23. 워너원쨩 says:

    힐링이다정말 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ내새끼들

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  25. MintyPearls Tan says:

    That's a pug nise jisung omg

  26. Dr Idk says:

    Let's put them in the museum

  27. I Stan Dorks says:

    ”m0NaLIsA sUnbAeNIm” 😂

  28. Al Torres says:


  29. Dhimas Ap says:

    0:58 jisung sing 'Taemin – Want'😋

  30. Leetaevisuar says:

    Wow, jisung did really well tbh and chenle's wasn't far from it

  31. * baileyocco * says:

    Pick 1 or 2


  32. Uto pia says:

    와… 진짜 존나 귀엽다 시발 미쳤나 이 영상

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    우리 애기들 진짜 어디 어린이집 다니는 유딩들도 아니고 어떻게 이렇게 순수하고 귀여울 수가 있어

  34. intan pratama putri says:

    Please more ChenJi this and that

  35. antares jisung says:

    haha this made my day💚💚💚💚

  36. Dana Ortiz says:


  37. Dana Ortiz says:

    6:06 el momento exacto de la tragedia 😂

  38. says:

    i went to an art school my ass park jisung.

  39. Laura Park says:

    like the video if you thought jisung did better

    like the video if you thought chenle did better


  40. Anakalia Rodriguez says:

    Jisung won

  41. chicha audi says:

    I am sure that even though their paintings are a little bad, but the nct zen will be willing to spend a lot of money to buy the painting :v

  42. wAfFeL Is fRoM BeLgIuM says:


  43. Uto pia says:

    그냥 결혼하라고 내가 몇번을 말해야 돼

  44. ner kpop says:

    the worst is the first one

  45. Maylin Campos says:

    I honestly think that jisung’s is better no offense

  46. mariam .a says:

    They're so cute 😂🖤🖤🖤

  47. Salta Pioggia says:

    i give at an appraisal of 3000

  48. neocity czennie says:

    im still stressed that jisung is practically painting & drawing with markers with a pure white cardigan

  49. Jaehyun’s_ Dimples says:

    Picasso who??

    I only know Park Jisung and Zhong Chenle

  50. Scarlett Sanchez says:

    jisung won

  51. 엔시민 says:

    So I will chose 1.5

  52. 심지원 says:

    너네 진챠 기여운 거 너네는 알까,,,?

  53. Aurora says:

    Chenles laugh is everything😂😂

  54. Mallory Winters says:

    chenle was CRYING laughing because of HIS OWN JISUNG DRAWING JDSIXDGJKDD

  55. Dear Hwasa says:

    Petition for an official Chenji nct unit

  56. Iseya kimmy says:

    It's jisung

  57. Roro Redpanda says:


  58. 임다은 says:

    둘다 잘그렸는데요?

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    러러가 더 잘그렸네💗

  60. ani Nn says:

    😍I like like that♥️

  61. TY TRACK says:

    I live just to hear chenle laugh

  62. TY TRACK says:

    Jisung making random sounds while drawing is the cutest thing ever

  63. 천러가웃으면우주가된다 says:

    천러가 웃으면,,,,나도 좋아~~~♡
    웃는 천러 너무 좋아
    천러 웃음소리에 마음이 정화돼
    앞으로의 천러의 삶이 그렇게 늘 웃을수있기를!!!

  64. Mahjabeen G says:

    Legend has it they are still in that room arguing over who did better

  65. A girl says:

    Can anyone tell me who win

  66. Lady Mimi says:

    3:50 نوع جديد من ضحكات الدولفين
    4:19 جيسونغ سوو سووفت😍😍
    5:39 تشنلو هنا ينقط كياتة و لطافة😍😍
    6:07 و هذه اللقطة ايضا تضحك
    ياخي والله حموت ضحك😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  69. جاي says:

    omg they are soo cute💙💙

  70. Sofy Dwiyanti says:

    00.00-07.12 chenle ngakak terooosss wakakak

  71. Irma Meliyana says:

    Fanboy taemin nyanyi want dong wkwkwk

  72. Irma Meliyana says:

    1: 47 jisung sing want

  73. 씨리아페앤부쳐 says:

    미안해 얘들아.. 우열을 가릴 수 없어..진짜 너무 박빙이다…..그래 그림은 누가 무엇을 그렸냐가 중요하지 잘 그렸냐가 중요한게 아니야^^

  74. park jimin says:

    6:32 nct chat room? it's that fanclub chat room? how can i participate it sorry i'm confused

  75. Lenie Guelas says:

    I want both of their outfits, but I'm too poor to even afford an NCT lightstick let alone a whole outfit.

  76. PARK JIMIN says:

    بموت من هو الاسواء😂😂😂

  77. Jenny Anne says:

    Chenle and Ten laughs slightly the same.

  78. muhaimin wahab says:


  79. alfira effendi says:

    No 2

  80. Nadisya Rian says:


  81. 真矢 says:

    when chenle's mic is bass boosted, lowkey

  82. 침침 says:

    후…애기들 귀엽게 노네,,흐뭇

  83. kim anh says:

    this is like a child tv programme that I desperately begged my parents to watch but they would not allow me to bc they thought it was promiscuous

  84. Louise Cristie Ranjo says:

    Omg I cant-

  85. Alina says:

    fashion & artist kings

  86. and I oop says:

    Jisung is a die hard Taemint💕

  87. Huang Xuxi says:

    I saw the title and I was like this isnt going to end well

  88. Mimi Chelley says:

    On todays episode of "draw me like one of your French girls"

  89. Min Shooky says:


  90. Crackhead Stanner says:

    Am i the only one to think their drawings are cute? It just looks like a kid’s drawing… and its just cute 🥺

  91. boom'insystemsuhup tytracktytrack says:

    At 0:40 I deadass thought it was a tampon-

  92. boom'insystemsuhup tytracktytrack says:

    Also my humor is so fucked up that at 3:36 I lost it omg

  93. says:

    아니 선생님 누가 이겼나 결과는 보여주기고 가셔야죠;ㅠ

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    천지 넘 귀여워요유ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  95. Roshida Mansor says:


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