【How To Draw Yourself】as an Anime Character

【How To Draw Yourself】as an Anime Character

Hi guys, in this video I am going to show
you how to draw yourself as a manga character. I have to say it’s quite a challenge but
also it’s just so much fun to work with yourself as a reference. You can vary your outfit, your hairstyle or
just vary the style you use to translate the photo to your paper. That said, what do we need? First you are going to need a photo of yourself,
preferably of your full body, so there is enough detail do make your drawing recognizable. Then you will need some paper, an eraser and
a pencil. I prefer a mechanical one so I don’t have
to sharpen it, but it’s up to you. As you can see I already prepared a circle. Circles are really helpful to keep everything
in proportion and also to place our drawing in the centre of the paper. One circle represents one head size, so depending
on your size choose as many circles as you need. Since I am around 1,80m I add 7 circles underneath
so I come out with a height of 8 heads. Then I divide them in the middle. This is about the area where the legs are
going to be. To make the general posture more dynamic I
add two slightly tilted lines, one for the shoulders and one for the hips, that I can
use as a rough skeleton to draw basic shapes for the body. For the shoulders and joints in general I
use ovals and circles. The elbow should be around the waist, which
you can easily keep in mind with pressing your own elbows against your body. The legs are going all the way down to the
last circle and the knee is around half way between the line we did for the hips and the
bottom of the lowest circle. To prevent the pose from being to stiff don’t
just think about which leg is the “supporting leg” and which is the free leg but also
keep an eye on the overall composition. This way I decide whether an arm looks better
angled or not. Once we are done with our puppet we are going
to transfer it with a light table to another piece of paper to get rid of some guidelines
and circles. You can also use a window for this step, just
make sure your paper is fixed so it doesn’t slip during tracing. After that get your reference ready because
we are going to focus on the details. I start with the face that I drew a cross
on which helps me to draw the eyes on the same line. For more on that check out the info card in
the top right of the video. I also like to vary the facial expression,
so I put a little smile on there. For the hair I need to rely more on my reference
picture and I try to get the basic shape and look of it on the paper by looking out for
the point of growth and direction the hair has. Then I start to transfer the lines of the
clothes following the photo. This by itself is pretty simple, just watch
out for the details and properties of your clothes. Does it have a vneck, or is it round? Is there a particular pattern? Is it leather or fabric? Since my shirt is a bit thinner I add some
flow to the drawing. The pants aren’t particularly skinny fit so
I add some folds here and there, to get that look on my drawing as well and to make the
pattern on the shirt more visible I also shade the dark parts a bit. Pro Tip: This is optional, before we begin
transferring the drawing on watercolor paper I recommend checking if everything is alright
with the drawing one last time. For that I scanned the image and open it in
Photoshop. There I can flip the image. This way it’s easier to track and correct
any oddities with the liquify filter. Just push the parts you don’t like to where
you think it looks better. After that I print out the image, which, using
this method, also allows you to adjust the size of your drawing in case you maybe want
to color it on a larger sheet of paper. Alright, now we can trace the drawing on watercolor
paper. Usually I recommend 300g watercolor paper
but they are usually hard to use for tracing because the light has a hard time shining
through. So for this step we can go for thinner 200g
watercolor paper since we are going to color only a tiny surface on the paper with watercolor
so it shouldn’t be all wavy afterwards. With the final sketch on paper we can finally
draw some outlines. For that I use a copic multiliner 0.03 and
trace the pencil lines. I figured you get the cleanest line art with
the fewest of strokes, So try to draw lines like the hair carefully with one precise stroke
rather than connecting tiny little lines together. It requires some practice but it’s definitely
worth it 🙂 Finally we can use some color. For the next step you will need your lineart,
the reference photo, some clean water, watercolor, brushes and tissues. I like to start with shading the skin. With this drawing I work a lot with the whites
of the paper, so I leave the highlights free from color, focussing only on the darker areas. I use a mixture of naples yellow reddish and
a reddish brown tone. My imaginary light source is on the upper
left side. For this drawing it means that the right side
of the face lies in shadows. I place the color roughly and blend it in
with a clean brush. For more on how to paint smooth skin with
watercolor check out my tutorial that is linked in the upper right corner. I use a light grey shade for the white of
the eyes and while I let that dry I focus on the hair, adding shadows layer by layer,
going deeper with each step,still watching out for the light source. Then I go back to the eyes and since I have
grey blueish eyes I use a diluted indigo for that. Because the T-Shirt I wear on the photo is
black I start with a grey tone, but to make it more vivid I also add some orange and blue
tones. Regarding the pattern: I will focus on that
in the end. The shirt has brown and beige stripes and
in order to not confuse the correct order I start with laying down a first light wash
of browns and paint the beige parts once the first layers dried down completely. This way I prevent them from bleeding into
one another. The eyes have dried down as well and so I
can paint more details like the pupils and highlights. Then I go back to the shirt and deepen both
the brown tones and the tones of the T-Shirt, while already adding some shadows to them. After that I start to paint the pants. The reference photo wasn’t really showing
it but I was wearing muted purple trousers the day I took that picture. So I mix purple with a bit of black. Both tones granulate so they dry down with
a more interesting texture, which is perfect for large and otherwise flat colored pieces
of clothes. Letting that dry I go back to the T shirt
and add hard shadows to it. For that I paint with black on the dry paper
and blend it with a mixture of color and water so I don’t end up with plain cel-shading. If you have watched the do’s and don’ts
you surely remember that watercolors need water to flow 🙂 For the shadows on the shirt I also use hard
shadows that I blend with the rest on certain parts, also adding some more exciting tones
like orange and purple to it. Now I add some highlights to the hair by using
pen white and carefully drawing them on the strands that I believe are exposed to the
light source Once that’s done I go back to the pants, which
compared to the photo are still too light. I use a flat wash of a neutral gray and push
the colors around on the wet paper to illustrated the folds and creases of the fabric. With this pose one leg is more in the front,
while the other has more distance to the viewer. That is why I am going to use a lighter bluish
tone for the sock on this leg to create the illusion of it fading into the background. For the final details of the shirt I use a
white pencil by Faber Castell and roughly sketch the shape of the pattern. Some trivia in case you wondered, I got this
Final Fantasy 15 shirt at GamesCom in Germany last year, after trying the VR Fishing simulator. Once everything is sketched out I use white
paint mixed with some yellow and paint over the colored pencil. And voila, we are done. Our own little selves as manga character. Of course if you notice your colors don’t
accurately match your photo you can adjust them after scanning in Photoshop (or some
similar software) and also retouch the areas where you painted over the lineart. But for now we are done. The best part about it is doing this over
a period of time and comparing the little changes and differences between those drawings. Maybe your hair changed, or maybe even your
drawing style changed. If you cosplay you can also use that to create
unconventional pictures of yourself or even little fanarts. That’s it for today. Please leave a comment, like and subscribe
to my channel. I really helps me a lot if you share this
video with your friends as well. If you want to follow me on instagram, deviantart
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as well as the material. Thank you very much for your support and I
hope to see you next time. Have a great day!

Dereck Turner

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