✨Paint With Me ✍🏽|| Jim Ren

✨Paint With Me ✍🏽|| Jim Ren

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “✨Paint With Me ✍🏽|| Jim Ren

  1. Meixue Lin says:

    Is this oil or acrylic paint

  2. cheetochip says:

    This really, caught my eye *wink wink*🥴

    sorry for the bad pun

  3. Noor taehung says:

    Really ilove you😍😘

  4. Kiwi Luma says:

    One year i got so obsessed with eyes. I painted 178 eyes in my homework book (instead of listening to the teacher) and a lot more on every free sheet of paper I could find. Now I feel a lot more comfortable painting eyes. I just love to appreciate the beauty of things.

  5. ꨄ KɪᴛKᴀᴛ ꨄ says:

    Me: see tittle OMG NO HAY
    Also me: see video i dont know what i mean…

  6. alice .p says:

    Siempre he tenido la duda, ¿dónde sueles comprar las tablas para dibujar? . Perdón por las molestias.
    Pd: eres fantástica 💜

  7. Lex Jensen says:

    I LOVE watching your videos, and now I love them even more because you love HP 💕 My ears perked up so fast 😂
    Prisoner of Azkaban is definitely my favorite!

  8. Sonia Garc3 says:


  9. Jess Pedlar says:

    I learn so much from these, I love it! Everything is so aesthetic I just can’t eitherr

  10. Jess Pedlar says:

    What paints does she use? I usually stick to acrylics but these look different (I’m not supper knowledgable on this stuff oops)

  11. sim mi says:

    Love it 💕💕💕

  12. Shaheen Beauty says:

    Omg wow☺☺😱👍👍👍

  13. Yaiza Tauste says:

    antes de empezar a pintar, tus dibujos los calcas o los dibujas a ojo?

  14. ansley hall says:

    wow this is beautiful please make more 💖💖

  15. Olivia Hill says:

    Who knew such a beautiful person can create beautiful art. You have a spark in you that can create universes. I aspire to be you❤️

  16. 林奕汝 says:

    I don’t actually good at this field. But I think your arts are really beautiful . No matter the paints or the videos.

  17. SARVESH PATEL says:

    Well done lovely

  18. Liddia Alvarado says:

    What materials do you use to paint? Acrylics?

  19. Liddia Alvarado says:

    Beautiful art

  20. Sam Parker says:

    What did u use to transfer your sketch onto ur canvas? I want to get more into oil painting but i always put a pencil sketch and it ruins the colors

  21. Crazy Young says:

    What kind of paints do u use?

  22. cup of ecka says:

    i love ur arts so much ♥ also i wuv u 2 😭❤

  23. i want milk. says:

    Is this gouache?

  24. hinsil says:

    Is this oil or acrylic?

  25. Ella Wilcock says:

    Hi! Do you trace your pictures using crayon?? Would love to know x

  26. Ada Morales says:

    Acabo de hacer una semi maratón de Harry Potter con una amiga (vimos de la 1 a la 4) y realmente no podría elegir una favorita, porque cada vez que empezaba la película decía: "Ésta me encanta!" jaja
    De pequeña me gustaba La cámara de los secretos, pero ahora creo que no puedo decidir 😂😂😂

  27. I throw rocks at old peoples says:


  28. Island c Yang says:

    Your voice and accent is so satisfying like I'm literally obsessed I watch your videos for your cute voice and paintings its sooo satisfying

  29. melina 123 says:

    You're left-handed omg!!M2 and I really love drawing!!!KEEP DRAW

    P.S.also I love SOOOOO much harry potter

  30. gacha lilly says:

    I recommend signing your pieces as it will help to prevent art theft and plagiarism.

  31. Sheikha Al Arifi says:

    U should’ve drawn a brush in ur mouth instead of a cigarette, I think it represents u more! 😊 🎨

  32. Julia Van Kirk says:

    How. Could. Anyone. Dislike. This?!

  33. Emmer 0319 says:

    This is the first video I’ve seen of hers and lowkey I’m in love 😍 does anybody know what her accent is?

  34. lella kalakar Art says:

    https://youtu.be/KU81TT2iuJI ffolomw me

  35. нαиαмι кυяσgαиє says:

    pintas hermoso es el primer vídeo tuyo que veo pero me encanto gracias!!!

  36. Keryn Fernandez says:

    Is it just me or the painting 🖼 looks kind of like Bella Hadid????? 💕❤️ i loved so talented 🥇💙

  37. Jenika Cervin says:

    wish i was this good at painting

  38. ugly asf says:

    H-wha- how??

  39. Hussein Ali says:

    you are beautiful and talented

  40. fiiore serrano says:

    Bájale un poco el subtítulo es muy grande no me permite ver mucho como vas pintando que es lo más interesante :3 !

  41. Ella Higgins says:

    What kind of paint do you use?

  42. Maya Essa says:

    what paints do u use?!

  43. Anand Stephen says:

    My daughter loves your art her name is Sophie 👯

  44. Anand Stephen says:

    Hi its Sophie your drawing says something

  45. The Trixter says:

    Do you use acrylic or oil

  46. keelz says:

    new subbie <3

  47. Georgi Ana says:


  48. Nadya imbiri says:

    I love you and your painting so much❤💕
    So you're a potterhead right?😁⚡

  49. Lucy T says:

    Love love the aesthetic and love love your paintings 💗.
    Love the brown eye painting too 👁.
    Thank you for art 💗
    Thank you for blessing us with ya talent 💗
    Much love to ya 💗

  50. Otto Pinillos Salazar Pinillos says:

    Just wondering what type of paint you used

  51. Zimal Warraich says:

    Really peacefull
    Love from Pakistan 👉♥

  52. They call me a freak says:

    What canvases do you use?

  53. Just Call Me Teacup says:

    Your paintings are so beautiful. "Fading" print is just wow amazing 💕

  54. Karol says:

    Orgulho de gente assim, amei seus videos 😍🇧🇷

  55. Karol says:

    I sincerely loved your jobs! Congratulations, very amazing! 🇧🇷😍

  56. bored* says:

    im glad youtube placed this in my reccomendations ❤️

  57. Grace Elizabeth says:

    Now I feel like I may just have not watched the right videos, I plan to begin my binge now but does anyone know what kind of paint she is using?

  58. Anna_Sacy🌺 says:

    I love how soft yet textured your pieces are

  59. marina gaona bueno says:

    En que base pintas en lienzo o en una tabla de madera?

  60. Izan Camps says:

    2:47 and then you can just throw pain on it🤣

  61. Shaira Nicole Catulin says:

    aaaahhhh i really loved your room <3

  62. dalissa reyes almonte says:

    I always asking me what kinda of paint she use?🥺 I actually really want to know how to paint like thAT!✨

  63. valentina says:

    te amo mucho

  64. Althea Arabelle says:

    i quickly subscribed 4 seconds into the video

  65. Losha 20 says:

    Tu dibujo es hermoso y me encanta😿🥺♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️✨

  66. jas says:

    i don't know much about paints but this is oil paint right ?

  67. Ella Whiteley says:

    the prisoner of Azkaban and the half half blood prince too!! xx

  68. Lea Wilson says:

    This is amazing

  69. joey amrl says:

    is it acrylic?

  70. Alice G. Saldeborn says:

    This type of paint is acrylic right?

  71. averi price says:

    did she use oil paints?

  72. yyxy fairy¡ says:

    I really love your art and the video was soo soothing and calming ❤️
    Also, what kind of paint do you use??

  73. malevue ! says:

    Pls don't change when u go viral😥

  74. greentae says:

    how long did this take you to paint ? (: <3

  75. Kermit says:

    *CONFIDENCE has left the chat*

  76. NANA OUI says:

    May I know what medium you use for your oil paints? Btw it looks so gorgeous❤

  77. dnilla Aguilar says:

    How to blend oil paint

  78. Haiko ._ says:

    When I started painting I was like:”It’s so difficult 😔.” But when I watched this it inspired me so so much! This is so good!!! 💖

  79. Kyla Daly says:

    I love watching your videos when I can't sleep, your voice is so calming. It helps me relax and your art is so beautiful. Thank you for doing what you do. I hope you know how absolutely amazing you are 😌

  80. mannat says:

    What are the dimensions of the eye painting?

  81. Isabella Merhi says:

    I loved this video so much!! I would love to see a real time paint with me video, cause I often find painting more enjoyable when there’s background noise or if someone is painting “with me”.

  82. Angie Cortes says:

    You are beautiful Jim ,I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3

  83. saltyNF says:

    please. put. this. on. a. tote. bag.

  84. La familia cambero gil says:

    Prisoner of Azkaban

  85. JUNO'S STORY says:

    I also wanted to try, and i hv tried it. Painting isso relaxing

  86. Gabby De La Cruz says:

    The 2nd Harry potter chamber of secrets

  87. Santana Singha says:

    i literally tried painting this 3 times but couldn't… i do need more practice. but i love your paintings and aesthetic.

  88. kLA VEVO says:

    love your energy so much✨

  89. lps sunshines says:

    When I'M drawing if I don't have music or something my creative juices are like 'bye bye!' like I can't concentrate without it

  90. Юлия Вишневская says:

    Hey guysssss wcatxh my video pleasee🙏 I just downloaded video and have no seeings now((( I will be so happy if u watch it!

  91. Mariana Lorena Hernández Martínez says:

    hi Jim , I fancy a lot your videos ! They’re so inspiring , dainty and aesthetically pleasant to watch ! 😻 Just being curious , how do you regularly trace your sketch into the canvas ? I’m an amateur at painting and I’ve been struggling recently with this issue 😬;; thanks a lot. 🙂

  92. celeste MMLL says:

    Jim a new art vid please

  93. Rose Jane says:

    My favourite Harry Potter movie is the deathly hallows part 2.

  94. Sophie Mendoza says:

    Where did you learn to paint??

  95. douaa douaa says:

    How to draw dimpels ?

  96. He She says:

    I start with oil painting, can you help me with meduim please, what do you use?

  97. Kylie Jacobs says:

    You should do an art supply tour/what art supplies you use bc im obsessed!

  98. Moonflower Tarot says:

    So aesthetic and relaxing to watch 🙂

  99. Martyna Tesluk says:

    pure talent 🙂

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